Red Feather Fan should always be activated like the Fishing Line Stabilizer. No cooldown, but requires a movement button to be held while gliding for a certain duration to activate.

  1. At a minimum we should have a passive item slot (like the fan should just always work if you have it equipped) and an active item slot for things you have to use, like the treasure compass.

  2. Hate that my bad gameplay forces me to run a healer since “MY BOYSSS!!!!” Team isn’t strong enough and Bennett doesn’t full party heal

  3. It wouldn't be that bad if switching gadgets would be fast, but I get 3-seconds long stutter every time I open inventory. Nope, I'll rather glide slower.

  4. It's definitely a shame that you effectively can't use your compass in the Chasm due to the Lumenstone Adjuvant being a near requirement.

  5. I have it equipped permanently, because even though I only use it ocassionally, I don't use the other gadgets at all lmao.

  6. And can't even be used mid-air. For me, it was fine, but I had muscle memory and just instinctively jumped off before activating, and then realised I can't use it anymore.

  7. It’s still useful when you do repetitive things like farming. But it’s just limited and annoyingly so.

  8. Gadgets are an ever hot item, some more valuable than others. (Gadget wheel, when Hoyoverse?) However with the introduction of the Fishing Line Stabilizer allowing a gadget to be always active, excluding pets, it allows new interactions to be made. Fan always active would feel like a true exploration upgrade from Inazuma since we didn't really get any permanent account upgrades in the same power level as stamina increase.

  9. Agree 100%. It's just a tedious annoyance every single day to swap between lyre/lumenspar/whatever, seed box, feather, and then I don't have the MRE food equipped when I happen to do a co-op domain with no healer.

  10. or if thats somehow too much work for them, allow us to use at least 2-4 gadgets in the same time, certainly wont be up since almost none of them work together anyway, it just saves like 5-10s of useless menu opening.

  11. Agree with all except the compass. Some people don't want to have the compass active all the time. They like to discover chests naturally sometimes. Also, having it on the minimap is quite different from seeing the correct direction

  12. I absolutely agree! Or at the very least be usable while flying heck I'd even reduce the cool down. Or as you suggested make it perminantly active.

  13. It's in your special items tab, like fragile resins and oculi. Not consumable, permanent upgrade. You use rocks to speed up the creation time of food items. (Like turning caught fish into fillets, wheat into flour, sweet flowers into sugar, etc) You only get the option to speed up after you set the order for them to be created.

  14. The way they made the fan always confused me. What, they're scared we're gonna glide too fast? What's with the CD? Just let us choose when to activate it.

  15. The issue with the red feather fan is that it wastes more time putting it on for a long glide than it saves on that glide.

  16. One of the few things that I liked Tower of Fantasy better than Genshin is that you can have multiple gadgets (up to 3 i think) and you can change them effortlessly.

  17. I don't agree at keeping it active all the time, since it's a buff for exploration, while the stabilizer is a fix for a kinda required minigame most don't even want to do, but have to for the weapons.

  18. The fishing gadget is designed that way mainly because you have to enter Fishing mode UI anyways. So, if you just equipped it, then activate it, then enter Fishing mode UI and then you fish, that is already tedious to click through.

  19. Man I wish our pets would have a permanent slot for equipping. Why would they even give it for free if 99% of the time we either have the seed box or the lyre for sumeru equipped with us...

  20. And yet they are making more money, and players are increasing, than ever before every year. They know exactly what they are doing are it is working because they have filled an untapped market niche no one has thought of yet.

  21. I still say seedbox should always work, no matter what. And the area specific stuff, should just always be on or available.

  22. just let them be activated while gliding and all is well with me. it's annoying how kazuha can use his skill mid air but can't with a gadget specifically made for gliding.

  23. I do think it could be used on the sprint button while you're flying, since it doesn't do anything iirc.

  24. been saying this since day 1 of it being released. the feather fan should bea passive item that does not need to be activated or equipped (and thus taking up the spot of the activatable item)

  25. I wish I could use it plus wind catcher will together, would make glide distance a lot further. But maybe that's the reason this doesn't happen.

  26. id rather the system be changed as a whole, so we dont look dumb trying to go down by opening and closing the gliders.

  27. I had the thought that instead of it being passive we should get separate ground, gliding, climbing and swimming gadget slots. The red feather fan would be better suited as a gliding gadget slot. This would also open up more ideas for gadgets. Also I'd really like the seed box to be passive though.

  28. the opt-in mechanic of having to keep the button/ direction held reduces the need for a cool down. And if it really is that big a deal, make it so it can only activate once per glide. (Meaning you have to touch solid enough ground, enough to change characters, in order to reset the charge)

  29. Most of the gadgets should be 24/7. You can only use the harp thing in the right spots, so why not make it like a “conversation” button? The seed thing should always be on, the glider, etc.

  30. Mean while the seed box is not always active and doesnt deactivate when full up on seeds so it forces you to pick up berries one at a time when you have 20 seeds

  31. Being a devil's advocate, the fan SHOULD NOT be active all the time. It would screw with all the gliding activity. It would be for people who has it and people who don't. If you look at the white circle that boost you while gliding, there are times when you go over the circle. This is because you are moving too fast(basically pressing w or forward). If you have the fan active all the time, it would make that problem worse.

  32. I use the red feather fan A LOT. You know what would make me use it more? Less/no CD. 90 seconds is already crazy.

  33. Sumeru fishing lady near port ormos. Other people in thread have said the other fishing vendors also sell it, but I haven't checked myself.

  34. They listen, but it takes time for the to compile and analyze all the feedback. It's also their decision at the end of the day. They aren't obligated to do what any of us say.

  35. Yup. What they said. Gadget wheel. Fixes other bunch of issues where areas require certain gadgets for exploration like the chasm with the light stone, and the lyre in Sumeru.

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