Daily Questions Megathread (November 21, 2020)

  1. So I'm already AR 41 and I think this commission never appeared to me and this quest contains a recipe. How do I do this commission? Should I just wait for it? It is said that this appears when you reached AR 12 but not for me. Help is I can use right now, thanks.

  2. Hi guys, i have a question. Does the gambler 2-piece set works on childe's E normal attacks? Or it just increases the damage on his E transformation? Thx in advance.

  3. Hi. Want to ask. Regarding greedy member inside fatui hideout in retrieve lyre del himmel mission, there is an option to give him 500000 mora. Does my mora got deducted for 500k if i choose that?

  4. I need help, my game is stuck on "preparing for load data" on 80.52%. I've erased cache, restarted my phone yet same thing.

  5. Hey all - I’m running the game on ps5, and as of this morning after starting the last phase of the event and running the challenge once, I can no longer interact with any of the boss domains (stormterror, childe & andrius) or talk to Katheryne, blacksmiths, jewelers, etc.

  6. So Ive got Chongyum, Kaeya and Diona as Cryo characters and I want to level one of them to help me against electro slimes and so mostly, which one should I level? (My main is Razor)

  7. Guys, a noob question, and sorry for bad english.. If i activate a constelation that elevate one talent power. I loose the upgrades with simple books? Don't know how to explain..

  8. No, you should use those constellations right away. Once one of your talents levels up with constellations, it'll still require the amount needed to upgrade it before that constellation. For example, say one of your talents are level 1 and you have a constellation that brings it up to level 4. When you want to upgrade that talent, you'll only need materials to level it up from 1 to 2.

  9. Two questions - are artifact domains doable as an f2p at ar45 while playing solo without grinding the hp buffs? I tried doing the archaic petra domain currently at ar42 and got my butt whooped in 30 secs coz I ignored the melt and vapourize warnings.

  10. I started doing the nobless domain which is apparently the hardest one right when I hit ar 45 and I'm fine

  11. Still early game at AR22. I’ve got fischl, Bennett, barbara, beidou in my team. Who should I focus on for main DPS? Or who would be a good main DPS to add (I want to get rid of beidou)?

  12. Try to finish floor 3 in spiral abyss, that will net you Xiangling, craft crescent pike for her and she'll be a good dps for you. Until then fishl works well

  13. Fischl will always be good as either main or sub DPS so focus on her. If and when you pull a 5 star character you'll probably want to make them a main DPS unless you get a healer

  14. Best elemental supports for Diluc? Have xingqiu C6 - Fischl C6 - Chong C4 - Mona C0 My healer is Qiqi. Actually i use Diluc for psycal damage - Klee - Fischl for OZ overload.

  15. To coax people who didn't start on the Battle Pass until the later weeks into spending gems on levels. You can get to a reasonable level just playing the game if you start from the beginning of the period but not if you start near the middle.

  16. Hi i begin game today my ar is 6 my team have lvl 18 traveler lvl 12 diluc lvl 7 kaeya and lvl 8 keqing what must i do to make this team strong or what character must i add ? (I am f2p) also i have lvl 6 noelle but i dont use it .

  17. Focus raising Diluc and Keqing. They will be carrying you in abyss. Try to hit ar20 within the next few days and try doing the event to get the Fischl copy. You will get Barbara at ar18 but she'll be a healer so you don't have to invest in her urgently.

  18. what good team comp can i use with my characters? (mc, amber, kaeya, lisa, noelle, barbara, bennett, ningguang, beidou) i havent invested in any of them since im pretty new (AR 11 and all my characters are ranging from untouched - level) and i dont know who to build they all seem pretty good to use

  19. you're too early to worry about that. Just use who you enjoy for now. Bennett is a good character to level in general because of his flexibility. Ning and Beidou can be fun

  20. AR45 here and I just started artifact farming, are you guys upgrading your artifacts to lvl 20 even though they don’t have the optimal/good sub stats? I know I can always feed them after for like 80% exp transfer but that’s still a decent loss in exp if I’m upgrading all my artifacts for 4-5 chars as I prepare abyss

  21. Not all the way to 20 unless you really need the main stat on that character, but its absolutely worth getting them some levels (i personally find +5 to be a good starting point for supports) even if its just holding the slot for something better. You will get a feel for what will be an upgrade even if its not perfect.

  22. im trying to put together a build for childe with some leftover artifacts i have i found two decent feathers bard arrow feather that gives

  23. Is 2pc Bloodstained and 2 piece thundering fury viable on WL6 razor? Farming gladiator is a pain and while I have a 4 set the stats are not ideal. Farming those other pieces is far easier so I wanted to know if it was worth it.

  24. Yep it’s fine. I’d actually recommend against getting the 2 piece thundering fury as that’s a waste of resin for a small dps increase. Just go for 2 piece bloodstained until you finish getting glad pieces

  25. What constitutes "base stat"? Does "base ATK" only include the character's levelled ATK# or does it also include the currently equipped weapon? Does weapon and specialized substats affect these base stats (say, Barbara's HP% specialization or the Whiteblind greatsword's DEF% for Noelle)? I'm guessing artifacts don't count since you can unequip them.

  26. I don't think so, but think of it this way: If you're done with stage 2, you can immediately focus on the upcoming stage 3. We still don't know how many star essence can we get daily, and that 110 price tag on the crown is rather intimidating. So, the sooner you can finish stage 2, the better, just in case you need to spend a lot of time and resin for stage 3.

  27. something that might not immediately be obvious is often a monster will be lit up by your sight and killing it will progress your bounty clues, so watch out for that.

  28. 70 is high enough imo. Too high even, I suggest leaving your support at level 60/70 until you have excess resources.

  29. Full set, plus there's a bug currently where if you spam your E while using the skill, you somehow get all 3 stacks, despite only having 2 skill charges.

  30. Xiao is going to be 2 patches from now. so you'd be waiting a while. Personally I think Fischl is not the ideal support for Childe, because with Childe out she's the one proccing the reaction so you dont get AC4 activation and if you build her for reactions she's not as good a DPS when Childe's skill is on CD.

  31. Does anyone use C6 Anemo Traveler? I want to know the duration of how long the resistance reduction lasts from Intertwined Winds.

  32. Your team is already pretty good. You can add Xingqiu instead of keaya but if you haven't build your second team yet you can have Chong as dps with Xingqiu for a shatter comp.

  33. Can I ask why only claymore characters have 100%+ output attack while, bow, catalyst and polearm are just around 60-75% atk output.

  34. attack speed. Some characters can get most of the way through a second combo before a claymore users finishes his first combo.

  35. if you're running crescent pike it's 2 piece bloodstained/ 2 piece gladiators. otherwise go with what the other commenter said

  36. Does condensed resin give more artifacts than running the domain twice? or does it only provide the benefit of speedrunning resin/save them

  37. I’m running a Venti - Klee - Barb - Ninguang balanced team at AR 37, have Xingqu Xianling Beidou Sucrose and Fischl outside of the beginner squad.

  38. If Klee is your DPS then I'm not sure what Ning can do to help besides the occasional shield or geo crystal, so you could potentially replace her with either Fischl, Xingqiu, or Xiangling. Fischl's easy to use and strong, Xingqiu can help survivability in addition to doing lots of water damage with his burst (and works with Barbara for more water energy), and Xiangling would resonate with Klee for the attack boost.

  39. Is it worth rolling on the weapons banner if I've got a pretty good character roster already or should I keep rolling on the character banner

  40. If some of the featured 4* weapons would round out your teams, I would roll on the weapon banner. Personally though I wouldn't specifically try go to for 5* weapons unless I'm whaling. The only other thing to consider is if you might want to save up for characters from future banners, like Bennet, Zhongli, Ayaka, Xiao etc., so if you know there's a character you want in the future you may consider saving.

  41. If you can't think of a character you would want in addition to your current team, you can cobble together 2 teams for spiral abyss (meaning a lot of different element characters), and you have like a bunch of characters you want to level up but still haven't, have very few 4star gacha weapons and something you really want to boost your current team is on the rate-up banner, then go for weapons.

  42. The only reason to roll on the character banner is to get a character you like. If there is no character you like, then u can do whatever with your gems.

  43. While playing on mobile, i am often experiencing losing connection to servers, even with good internet connection. Is there any way to fix this ?

  44. Anyone notice the floor fire Dot in Floor 10 of abyss hit stunning like crazy? I keep getting my combos and charge E's cancelled because of it.

  45. What is the difference between crit rate, crit dmg, atk and physical dmg? What of these stats should my dps artifacts include?

  46. Crit Rate - the projected percentage of attacks that will perform Critical Damage. For examle, 25% Crit Rate roughly means that on every 8 attacks you perform, 2 will be Critical Hits. Obviously you can NOT crit 10 times in a row, or you CAN crit 10 times in a row (exaggeration), but basically what you care about is that higher Crit Rate means higher Damage output

  47. She can be your main dps with electro, but otherwise if you've not built her enough she's useless. Like I got her C5, and would use her as a Razor replacement, problem is she's level 1 to Razor's 80 with level 7 talents.

  48. She's actually great. Works as a wonderful support for Childe, and is capable of being a DPS if you really like her counter and build her properly.

  49. Both are pretty bad. You generaly don't want Elemental Mastery as a main stat on your DPSer, you want something that scales much better, like Crit or Crit DMG in the late game. ATK% is fine in early-mid game.

  50. For Intertwined Fates, yes, since you can immediately start using them on a different banner once you've got what you want from the first one. For Acquaint Fates it doesn't really matter since there's always just the one banner

  51. Single pull is really only good if you’re going for a specific character, that way you can stop pulling once you get the desired character.

  52. Pulling 1 vs 10 is the exact same. The benefit of pulling singles is so that you can stop when you get what you want.

  53. Yes, Beidou's talent will stack with double anemo resonance. The in-game info is accurate, in this case. Stamina-reducing food items also stack on top of character talents+double anemo resonance.

  54. for it to be truly legal u need to talk to them officially and get it licensed as an official merch. otherwise it sits in this illegal but grey zone of people selling 'fanart' of copyrighted IP. (kind of like how u see people sell fanart, prints and unofficial merch at conventions etc)

  55. Is there any gimmick that I'm not aware off for speeding up the Geo Hypostasis fight? I'm using Noelle to break the pillars, but it takes her 13-14 chops on them to kill them.

  56. Also make sure to save Noelle's ultimate for the last phase. Her ult absolutely destroys those pillars in 3-4 hits, so you can down them all in one go.

  57. you break the pillar where the hypostasis is. So if you were hitting one and he moved, dont break it. That way, next time he gets there you can break it with 1 or 2 hits.

  58. Make sure you dash cancel her last hit. And when pillar breaks make sure you do element reactions with other characters on it. I think after 3 drops the Geo Hypostasis should ne close to death.

  59. I have 14400 gems saved up and I plan to summon for Zhongli.. As I rerolled and got Qiqi early on from Venti banner, I will be able to 100% guarantee Zhongli.. Unfortunately am 88 wishes away from pity.

  60. Yeah the temptation to summon is tough to beat. We don’t know when xiao is coming out and I’m assuming he won’t be on the 2 banners after zhonglis banner (albedo and ganyu after zhongli prob). So if you do buy the welkin pass u prob won’t have enough to guarantee xiao. The welkin pass is very efficient for primo compared to normal top ups. Worst case is that you need 28800 primo (180 rolls) after zhongli to guarantee xiao. It’s a lot. However u most likely won’t need this much since soft pity tends to give u the 5 star somewhere around 70-80 roll. Events have been ok and primo income is low but it’s still there. Might be a little tough but if you’re willing to spend some money on the game, I’d say buy the battle pass and welkin continuously since it’s the most efficient thing to buy.

  61. Xiao is a one man army kinda hero. He can dish out insane amount of damage without having to rely on elemental reactions. However, he does miss out on elemental DMG multipliers like melt or vaporize, but since he's anemo, he can always trigger swirl with elemental supports.

  62. I don't think so, even if Xiao is 2 banners apart from Zhongli. 90 pulls may be possible for 50% chance to get Xiao. But 180 pulls, I'm afraid not.

  63. We have no idea how Xiao will play. He was so powerful in the closed beta they would be stupid not to nerf him for live.

  64. Is there any character who would benefit from 5☆ Gladi with Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery as the main stat?

  65. Xiangling could use them if you are using her as a sub dps / support. But I think a +80 em set with atk as a main stat is better

  66. Next banner is Zhongli, then maybe Ganyu or Xiao, then probably another 5*, and for the introduction of Inazuma region we may have Ayaka banner, these are just pronotics and mere speculation but you can make a little idea how much time (depends on your region and I will do an average time for each banner)

  67. Disclaimer that the devs had said nothing on Ayaka's release date so this is completely speculation. Ayaka featured prominently in the story preview video for the Inazuma chapter of the main story, this leads me to believe she will come with the update that has that storyline. So far the devs have said that 1.2 (late december) is dragonspine mountain (the region between Liyue and Mondstadt) and we know that is not Inazuma because Inazuma is an island. Then in 1.3 (early February) they said it would be the lantern festival which is in Liyue, again not Inazuma. So I am expecting it in 1.4 (march) or beyond, which gives you that much time to save up. Up to you how much you want to risk it in the meantime.

  68. I'm guessing after Xiao next year on February. Based on the leaks I've seen, the next banners would be Zhongli, Albedo, Ganyu, Xiao. Take it with a grain of salt since these are from leaks.

  69. I forgot the exact word, but I recalled the game will display something like "your account is logged on another device" on your first device, in which you can't do anything until you logged off on the other.

  70. Does pity count transfer through all banners or just specific once's? Like I was rolling between normal and Childe baners for a while, and was rolling even before them so I'm pretty sure I was supposed to hit Pity already but I didn't it.

  71. You're ok unless you decide to quit soon. The game will give you more primos, and you will get more blue fates directly handed to you so it's not something you screwed over long term, it just might feel like if right now because you want your first 5* right this moment.

  72. Pity counter is separated by banner type. Normal banner, limited character banner and weapon banner all have their own pity count.

  73. I was really thinking of building a team like that because of Beidou and Jean's high skill damage. You use Chile for just a few seconds then switch back to anemo built Jean and Electro built Beidou to use their skills as gap fill.

  74. Flute. Sacrificial sword is more of a support sword because of the refresh effect and the energy recharge, though you could also use it to skill/ult spam. If that's not your plan though, absolutely go flute.

  75. Have to use an email, but you can create multiple account with [email protected] and [email protected], both will be redirected to the same account.

  76. Concern on my second account: 1)Does a Diluc+Chongyun team work well? 2) I'm AR27 but haven't finished the Mond story quest due to it being played seldomly because its an alt, is that okay?

  77. Melt weaving should work, but there is a cost - this approach conflicts with Diluc's fire conversion after using Dawn. So whether it's actually better than for example using Xingqiu is something you'd have to test for yourself.

  78. Which element is best paired up with Razor main DPS? I have him paired up with Xiangling, Benett, and Diona but I was thinking of switching out Xiangling for an ice user because of superconduct.

  79. Yes. You get 3-4 frags from normal fights which cost 40 resin. Comparing that to 20 resin fights where you can get roughly 3 fragments alone.

  80. Not any time soon. Maybe one year anniversary for the Klee banner. That's how gacha games typically handle returning banners for limited characters.

  81. Can Beidou c0 be used as a dps? My weapons are sacrificial great sword and rain slasher as well as the three star ones. Also, what artifacts would be used?

  82. does the prototype animus aoe attack get boosted by physical damage bonus? the weapon info says 300% attack damage but its still white dmg so im confused

  83. If you're a whale - well whatever, you probably already do your resin refreshes and wanted all those resources fast. It is your money afterall

  84. I mean, who do you have? Benny or XQ are great with Diluc. Qiqi can replace Barbara outright. Jean is a great support/utility character who brings stout damage as well.

  85. I want some outside input on possible team building from my characters. I'm AR39, so getting close to the "scary" parts of the game lol, and f2p. I want to just get a better idea on utilizing my characters, especially for the abyss as I haven't spent much time with it. Sorry for too much space >.< My characters are:

  86. I would focus on Diluc, Bennett and XL, Qiqi, Fischl as the core team for abyss. Diluc and XL maxed, the rest can be around 60.

  87. All reaction damage. Vaporize and Melt have a separate modifier compared to the rest. Can look at it under the "attributes" tab under your character.

  88. I got R0 Amos and R0 Rust today from free rolls of standard banner. Should I waste my pity on Childe? I only have Amber and Diona for bow users. I'm using C2 Ningguang and Jean as DPS currently.

  89. Only if you want him, your about to get Fischl on monday and she uses both of those bows just as great. Also remember pity is still 50/50, it may be for naught.

  90. For future reference in game go to notices > unreconciled stars then scroll down to where it talks about 'star of destiny' it converts it to your system time so you should be able to calculate from there since the time is different by server.

  91. No, it will say 1 day until the timer is less than 24 hours. Then it will start counting down in smaller units.

  92. When do we move on from the berserker set? Currently have a 2 piece with a crit rate helm, taking it of ill lose like 30% crit rate, its already pretty low at 50% . I just hit ar45 today so I'm curious what to look for. My Klee + Venti (including my healers) got pretty decked out but the thunder domain refuses to drop 5* thundering fury, always soothers. Fishl is my 2nd dps but I don't want her to get stuck with 4*

  93. Whenever you get a 5* crit rate circlet, since they're pretty rare. Like if you're running a 4-set, you just slap on a crit circlet regardless of set (or if you're lucky, with 4-set and you get to pick a different 1 piece with good stats). If you're going with 2 2-sets you can do the same. Cases differ depending on whether weapon has cr/cd, but you get the idea.

  94. Move on from it whenever you’re able to raise your rate and damage through newer artifact substats. It helps if you have a weapon that has crit rate, but those are usually 5 stars or BP weapons

  95. Just whenever you get something that gives you better stats than what you're using. It's always a tradeoff, like if you swap to a 2 pc gladiator set maybe now you're going to use a crit rate main stat artifact on a slot that previously was a atk% one.

  96. Do these events count towards BP weekly limit? I'm capped on 10000 exp before doing stormterror and domain weekly, previously that wasn't possible to do.

  97. They dont. I’m currently level 23 on the BP even tho I should’ve been capped out at 20 (10,000 per 2 weeks)

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