succrose Busrt wont pull klee mines now !

  1. I legit have never seen anyone brag about succrose lmao , venti is still the best unit in the game next to fischl and people still wanted to make him even stronger .

  2. I just tried it out and it still seems to work, when the Q is thrown out it initally sucks in the mines somewaht but after its just leaves them there. I think thats how it used to work beforehand anyway.

  3. I have been testing it for about2 hours now and you might be right I could swear I remember the mines gettin pulled to the center everytime the butterfly would flutter

  4. Uhm, its always only slowly sucked in the mines. They dnt just rush to the center. Easiest way to see this is with the drops since theyre the same type of object as the mines. Sometimes the drops stay slightly off center unless the enemy dies in the middle.

  5. Wow.. i planed to build sucrose just for that.. i guess i will not do that then.. goddamn.. i feel bad for people that already spend exactly for that :/

  6. Pretty sure this was the case since Klee's release (there's that imaqtpie's clip). Still good as an element combo tho.

  7. Is this true? Guess I'm not leveling my Klee anymore :(. I thought this combo was the whole reason they were on the same banner lol

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