Daily Questions Megathread (November 09, 2020)

  1. Anyone has the link to the table that list the probability of rolling character(s) in standard vs permanent banner? I want to compile a beginner's guide to the gacha for my FB feed because I feel pain each time a clueless newbie threw all their primos on the standard banner

  2. ive been waiting a week for customer support to get back to me but still nothing, should i keep waiting or send another email? some other guys told me to wait a week and well, here we are.

  3. hey i know everyone’s saying the chances of getting 5* after 70th pull is higher i wanna ask after my 70th pull should i do it single or 10?

  4. Sub dps isn't really a thing. She's a good main dps, comparable to Diluc. So whichever one you like better should be your main dps and the other can be your second abyss team's dps.

  5. the 1.1 patch update is like 12 giga in total, so either my launcher is wrong, this patch that only adds a few mechincs and characters, no new land mass of whatever, takes half of the total game size before the patch.

  6. First of all, it's a 12 GB for entire duration of 1.1. meaning all the events throughout the 1.1 are included in this uodate. 12 GB is relatively normal for a AAA game. Bosses, characters, events, achievements, animations, etc. It all ads up.

  7. For Android users, does the Jade Chamber lag so heavily that it becomes unplayable? I had incredible lag and stutter precisely when I entered the Jade Chamber. I had just reinstalled the game after it happened and it's still lagging--enough to force restart my phone on its own. It ran smoothly before the Android update and v1.1 update. I could even run 3 simultaneous bursts in coop at 60fps before this.

  8. After updating the app on Android, do we need to download resources again for another 5GB? Or it's just using previous downloaded resources?

  9. Hello im nanang, its about the update today. I was done update 12GB on my pc, But after that im failed to continue, i know it still maintenance now but Its said "game files verification error, select retry to try again". I've try to retry more than 4 times but it still says that. In the other hands, my friends finish the update and success verification the files.. Can u help me to solve this please, thanks.

  10. So what's up with Dentro element? Are there still plans to introduce some characters with it or did the dev gave up the idea to balance the combos reactions?

  11. I do. You can go to the friend request megathread to look for people as well. There's a lot of people who use PS4. But it is cross platform, the PC user base is definitely more widespread. Doesnt matter to me though what platform someone uses.

  12. Dumb question but I wanted to be sure. Attacking with Keqing after using her E twice (so she is doing electro damage) doesn’t count as a normal attack anymore does it? Referring to artifact sets that boost normal/charge attack damage, would they be providing that bonus after E?

  13. so i pulled for klee and lost count but i at least hit 80 pulls and still didnt get her :( does this mean im still guaranteed a 5 star in the next 10 pulls or does it count per banner?

  14. Limited and standard are a separate pity. But if you're about to hit 90 just on the limited banner, then yes, it'll carry over to the next limited banner.

  15. Having a healing bonus artifact is really good for her. It will up how much she heals herself and the entire party. That percentage of healing bonus will be added to her total healing amount. Healing amount+an extra bonus percentage. It's a recommended artifact.

  16. Problem is : I want to redeem a code but I play on mobile and log into automatically with may google account. I registered the email adress on the mihoyo, but if I choose the server it cannot find my Character. Sadly i tried reaching out ti Mihoyo but its been a week and i havent heard of em. Anyone that has the same problem, or maybe evem fixed it ?

  17. If I've already pulled the Beginner's Wish banner, should I use the rest of my Acquaint Fates on the Wanderlust Invocation banner or are there other Acquaint Fate-use banners in the future?

  18. Can I recover the lost reward from Dvalin? Because after I defeated Dvalin yesterday my screen automatically goes to stormterror's lair. It was my first world5 boss battle. Please help me my UID is 803154639 and I'm from Asia server

  19. You're not the first to complain about missing a weekly boss's rewards and losing out.. As far as I'm aware you cannot recover them if you didn't claim them first time around. Everytime you beat him it goes to the lair again? It never spawned the flower whatsoever? Maybe it bugged.

  20. Does the characters appearing in special rate up banners show up in standard banners on a later update or is it a one time appearance and so if latter is the case doesn't it mean i won't get Venti , Klee or the new coming Childe if i missed the opportunity ?

  21. I don't believe it's been said officially but most likely they will be integrated eventually into standard.

  22. I'm currently AR39, I've done all the obvious stuff like the quests, unlocking the statues, opening the depths etc etc... How can I increase my AR further? I can't even find any chests to open anymore!

  23. Can anyone give their opinion on my situation? I wanna pull for Childe or Zhongli because Xiao doesn’t interest me that much but I’m not sure who to pull for. My current team is Klee as main dps, Fischl as secondary dps, Barbara as healer, and Sucrose as support. I’ll end up replacing Fischl with either Zhongli/Childe, and then replace Sucrose with Fischl for support. Any suggestions on who I should roll for? And just to make clear I do have the constellation for Barbara that increases other people’s hydro damage when they’re effected by her e ability. Also open to any suggestions for 4 stars from the new banners. Thanks y’all :)

  24. Whoever you think is more interesting/fun. The only caviat to that is that double hydro isn’t that’s strong of a combo, but Childe banner also has Diona which looks like a great cyro healer

  25. Hi guys. I apologize in advance but I am a super noob and also for my bad English. I wanted to ask for some advice on increasing keqing damage since I've seen people do very high damage in some YouTube videos. I currently do about 400 damage with the normal attack and 700 with the charged one but it seems too little. These are my stats, I have the gladiator set equipped and I use the lion's roar. The talents I have upgraded to the maximum for my level. In the party I have traveler, xiangling and sucrose but they also seem weak enough to be 50/60. Thanks a lot to those who will answer me.

  26. CMIIW, BP is available when AR20, i got AR21 but somehow there is battle pass button on menu? Why? Because of BP reset?

  27. can someone explain why "immune" text appears when i am fighting a cryo slime with electro? how does it affect my damage? example scenario: keqing ES with blink, then hitting the cryo slime

  28. I think it's because attacking a cryo slime with electro produces the superconduct effect, which deals a small amount of (aoe) cryo damage and reduces physical defence. The cryo slime simply takes 0 damage from the superconduct's bonus cryo damage.

  29. Does Fichl and Xiangling actually have bad synergy? Overload blows everything out of Oz's range. Same thing with Keqing's charged attack. Ofc you can switch back to Fichl and resummon and then switch back but still.

  30. Place gouba and oz, then run with Keqing to where the enemies are being blown and charge attack them back lol

  31. It's made to run on mobile devices so it probably will run but some obvious changes need to be made to work with integrated graphics and limited RAM. I'd lower resolution scale/resolution, draw distance if it has a slider for it.

  32. In Dvalin memories is there no safe platform this time? wtf I kept flying and flying but I never reached a safe platform.

  33. If you take too long he'll crack all the platforms. You don't take damage if you stay up in the air, which is pretty easy at that point since there are perma-air currents at that point in the battle.

  34. how does one go about chest hunting without using the chest finder in 1.1? (to save resources)

  35. it has a cooldown. if there's no chest in your area you can use it after 5 seconds if there is it can be used again after 300 seconds. so 5 mins.

  36. The gadget has a cooldown between use I'm pretty sure you can use it as many times as you want after you make one.

  37. you open the genshin interactive map in your second screen and show only chests. then you start marking everyone you open/have already opened.

  38. Hello! I 'm fairly new to the game and downloaded it a few days ago. So far, it's quite enjoyable. However, my ipad had the latest IOS update and ever since then, it completely stopped working. I looked at a few forums online and some people are apparently having the same issue. I couldn't find a solution yet so I was wondering if any of you have any advice. I tried removing widgets, turned off screen lock, and reinstalling it. Nothing works. All I see is a white blank screen or a white screen with the bottom portion black, then it takes me out of the app. Thanks for reading! Any sort of advice is highly appreciated!

  39. I dug through some reddit posts and comment sections, all I can suggest is that three people fixed the white screen to crash bug by launching the game with the iPad in horizontal configuration. I don't have an iPad but I'm hoping it fixes yours.

  40. Start a new account in a different device which is not IOS. I read here that apple made primogems more expensive or something like that, so we shouldn't encourage that.

  41. So i made a reroll account for fun and I ended up getting a 5 star, does this mean that if i dont play it for a day then itll be banned? Its connected to an email account i just made, and i dont really know the criteria mihoyo has for this stuff.

  42. From the sound of what I heard with some people refilling it may get banned if it doesn’t get to AR 10 after a month. But that’s also not a certain thing it’s just the hunch I have after rerolling and see hearing from others

  43. Hi guys. My current team is Jean, Xingqiu, Klee and Xiangling. Should I replace Xiangling with Benett? or is there a better replacement i should look for? thanks!

  44. What is the purpose of the team? Overworld exploration? Abyss? Domain? You can stack it with theoretical synergy but it won't always have a place in actual gameplay.

  45. Hi, is it possible to get 3000 prismogems in a week? I really want to roll for Childe's banner that is coming up for the 1.1 update! So far I have 0 5* characters and I am 30 rolls away from pity but I currently only have 1.4k gems sadly :( I am at AR 28 and just cleared the 3 floors at the abyss!

  46. yh idkabout in a week but i recklessly spent my gems till AR30 and only then did i start saving by AR34 i had about 3.5k so you defo can do it within 3 weeks but probs not 1.

  47. Why a week?? You will have plenty of time to roll on his banner. Considering that you are still AR 28 I believe you should be able to get 3k before his banner ends.

  48. The event banner will be up for 3 weeks. You can get primogems from daily quests (60 per day) and from chests (in case you haven't already explored everything). If you are willing to spend money on it, the welkin blessing is a good option for primogems too.

  49. Childe banner will be here for 3 weeks. You should be able to get that much in 3 weeks, especially if they do more promotional gifts.

  50. using childe as a support means that his skill is completely wasted, since it's just a stance change (from bow to daggers).

  51. Why can't i beat oceanidis or the pyro and cryo flowers i am level 31 and they are 50 should i wait to level up a bit more? I also can't use co op battle it's locked up because of a quest I can't complete

  52. Pyro and cryo flowers I highly suggest looking at a youtube video if you don't know how to dodge their attacks. They have very obvious motions that show what type of attack they'll do next. It'll take you awhile since you're so much lower in level, but you can whittle their health down eventually. Eat attack buff food/potions to help with this.

  53. You mean your characters are level 31? And yeah you need to level up a bit and upgrade your characters. Sounds like you're having a tough time. I'm AR 43 world level 5 and having no problems with either of the bosses.

  54. Hi hi, i’m still confused with the EM build venti. From what i read, EM is only matters for chars that trigger the reaction (correct me if i’m wrong). So building EM venti will only works if i ult when enemies already applied a certain element on them? Because i usually ult first, then applied the element with barbara <- that means venti’s EM didn’t matter in here? And also, is his E scales off atk?

  55. From what I understood, It's better to build venti as DPS even as support meaning go for atk%, anemo dmg%, crit damage%

  56. Don't refine Aminus R2 or craft second one if you ever plan to use Noelle (like for abyss 10). Whiteblind is must for her. The only other DEF claymore is the crappy 3-star White Iron sword. On the other hand, there are plenty of viable 4 star claymores for other characters, you'll probably get one as side effect while rolling for characters.

  57. whats is the first server to update to 1.1 and in how many hours? looking foward to see childe and diona numbers!!

  58. It be unrealistic yes. Noelle and Sucrose are easy now, you have to pull now for them both and Klee before the banner leaves.... other than that Mona and Qiqi will cost you a lot of money.

  59. No. Wait until 1.1 tomorrowish so you can first lock the 4 and 5 star stuff you have with decent stats. Then you can start burning the crap ones safely without accidentally feeding the good ones.

  60. I have Klee, bennet, Lisa, and sucrose right now. I was planning on using the free fischl, but diona’s utility seems nice for Klee too. I guess basically overload or melt for a Klee team?

  61. Urh how is chongyun's basic attack damage calculated after using elemental skill? And how should i build chongyun to maximise his potential?

  62. I think that prototype rancour would be better, but I haven't crunched the numbers so I don't know for sure. I'm thinking the bonus would be better on PR especially since you can more easily craft duplicates for refining. Looking at level 80, PR has 497 attack with 31.5% phys dmg boost, and Lion's roar has 449 attack with 37.7% atk boost. The way physical dmg bonuses are calculated, it considers all of your artifact bonuses while ATK% bonuses only stack from your base attack. At level 80, your base attack would be roughly 650, while your artifact boosted attack would be 1200-1500.

  63. My team consists of Pyro (Main DPS), Anemo, Hydro & Electro. I'm planning to replace Electro with a Cryo. Just wondering if Overload + Electro-charge is better than Melt + Freeze.

  64. Melt is an amping reaction, and is based on the trigger's ATK and EM, with a 1.5/2x multiplier depending how you proc melt. It has the highest ceiling for reaction damage, along with vaporize. There was a 1M vaporize damage video floating around somewhere.

  65. melt and vaporize do less damage (roughly half) compared to electrocharge and overload. There was an infographic on this sub that showed the damage calculations, but I doubt I could find it again.

  66. Needing another healer on the team for second Abyss team. Thinking that Cryo healer is what I need. Should I keep rolling for Qiqi or go for Diona?

  67. Qiqi has super low rates since she's not an event banner character. I would go for Diona, and then if you just happen to pull Qiqi, swap them.

  68. Wait for the next banner, you might get lucky and get Qiqi (I got mine from Venti banner), and if not you have a much better chance of getting Diona from the rate up than Qiqi from the regular banner.

  69. Diona is a heck of a lot easier to obtain than trying to get an off-rate 5* (Qiqi), so if that's your goal definitely Diona.

  70. Some ground animals like boars have really high health regeneration. You will probably want to use either cryo to freeze them with electro for superconduct, or just pyro for increased damage to counteract their high health regeneration. Don't forget you can eat ATK/crit food or use an elemental damage potion too.

  71. I mainly use sucrose (constellation 1), razor, noelle, and amber. In my available usage, I've got barbara, kaeya, lisa, xingqiu and of course, the traveller. Any idea how I should reorganise my team? It's getting harder to kill monsters and complete quests as I'm hitting Adventure Rank 22.

  72. Lesseeee...Razor Pairs super well with xingqiu because their bursts are on the same timer. Using Xingqiu burst then swap cancelling it into Razor burst will give them the same exact duration which is great.

  73. Probably ignore Lisa, you'll get Fish soon as a part of event – more powerful ranged and electro unit. Don't forget to level up your weapons and artifacts too. Overall the game is doable with any characters as long as you have all elements, so really focus on the characters you personally enjoy to play.

  74. Just focusing on Razor will be exceptionally helpful, he's a very good DPS so it's possible you're lacking decent artifacts/weapons/talent books on him.

  75. I don’t think beidou would really do much in that team because you already have dps and dps support so using sucrose is pretty good choice.

  76. As F2P wise, do i really need to clear 9-12 Abyss for gems? because i have to upgrade alot, now i barely have two character with 5* gear & lvl 80.

  77. At some point, yes you need to be able to clear them. You don't have to do it urgently, you can afford to wait and miss out on it because even if you clear floors 9-12 with 6 stars each floor, you are only getting 5 more summons a month. And you're unlikely to be able to get 9 stars on the latter floors for a long time.

  78. You don't have to. It's late game content that most F2P players haven't reached yet. However, it is a steady source of Primo gems for F2Ps that you can focus on later in the game.

  79. Given the new characters and the rate up, how should my party be changed? I currently run Klee Razor Mona Sucrose. I hoping to replace razor with Fischl and sucrose with Diona. Any suggestions?

  80. I think it's better to keep Sucrose. She synergizes with Klee really well, venerer, and swirl to spread elements for wombo combo. Maybe just replace Razor with Diona since you lack healer.

  81. Does anyone know how the pity system works if I got the five star on the sixth summon, during a ten roll. Like does the pity reset with the ten roll, or does it reset with the five star and everything after counts towards the next pity breaker?

  82. it resets the moment you pull the 5*, if you skipped the pulling animation you'll have to wait an hour for the history to update to see your new pity timer.

  83. Hi all, I started playing a couple of days ago and was wondering if there was anything I should try and get done before the 1.1 update tomorrow?

  84. you're not behind at all, and there's nothing in particular you need to do before 1.1. Here are some general beginner tips that might be useful:

  85. Take your time do things slowly, I started a few days ago too. I was confused at first because of all the items in game their stats etc.

  86. Keqing, Jean, and the Xiangling you will receive from clearing Abyss Floor 3. The fourth should be an alternate, based on what you need at the time.

  87. I just beat "Oceanid" for the Cleansing Heart, the material that he drop, once I open the treasure it dropped only artifacts and not the material, is it possible? or it's a bug? I have the video too

  88. this is a bug, sometimes the cleansing heart spawns beneath the stage, has to do with a specific platform being underwater when the plant spawns in i believe.

  89. might be too late but try drowning yourself in the lake nearby, I heard it pulls all the loot onto the platform, it probably stuck inside the floor or fell into the lake

  90. sometimes the drop drowns to the water just teleport to another place and go back it will bem there waiting for you

  91. It can get stuck under the floor sometimes. Drowning yourself can make it re-surface. Teleporting away and back should work too, but I personally didn't want to risk it.

  92. Anyone have links to videos of people clearing Abyss 12 in 30s with Venti? A lot of people say it happens but it seems like a myth.

  93. Envi did not managed to even clear chamber 1 floor 12 yet. If you mean just his attempts, you can see it on his latest stream, at around 3 hours ish iirc

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