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  1. Should I buy the Fenix 6 Pro now or wait for potential Prime Day deals? Not sure if they ever go on sale like that. Currently they’re $100 off everywhere and I want to upgrade my Forerunner 45 to a more capable watch

  2. I'm looking to get some questions answered as well. Hmmm. I just purchased my first Garmin device, Approach S62...it arrived from Amazon yesterday.

  3. Anyone with a Forerunner 945 that just had the new updates having issues with HRV (Rest + Body Battery) both being flat, but HR being fine?

  4. Going into college and wanting a sports watch. I currently have a Fitbit Alta hr, but want something more advanced. It needs to be good for running, biking, hiking, and strength training.

  5. I have the 245 music and it meets a lot of your requirements. However not sure if it shares live GPS location? And 5 days of battery is not possible if you track any activities over that period. Also no nutrition guidance.

  6. Best watch for tracking: trail running, rock climbing, mountaineering, fitness tracking. water proof for surfing or diving up to 30 feet is a plus. will likely go through some abuse. is the instinct the way to go?

  7. Just got a notification I can get a New Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire for $350. This would be my first Garmin watch. Should I pull the trigger or is it worth the upgrade to the 6 Pro (non-sapphire in this case).?

  8. Does anyone else have this problem: ever since my FR945 updated to 7.20 with the new sleep widget, my watch completely stopped tracking deep sleep and awake times. It shows me the sleep score and tracks the sleep time pretty well, but just no deep sleep or awake time :/

  9. How much does the app try to upsell you on a subscription after you've connected your device? I lost my Fitbit. It was really annoying that the software for my device I already paid for kept putting my data under ads for something I would never pay for. Every time I open the Fitbit app, the ad is back, with my content pushed down. If Garmin doesn't do that, it will make it easier choosing which brand to buy.

  10. Garmin does not require any subscriptions to be made for some "extra" functionality, which is good. But I find Garmin apps ecosystem to be rather a mess in some areas (creating, syncing routes and waypoints, for example).

  11. I have a vivosmart HR+ and I'm looking to get a newer Garmin. My friend has recommended the vivoactive 4S, and I am also interested in the Star Wars Legacy Saga series (Rey). Other than aesthetics, is anyone able to give any insight on notable differences between the two? Or, alternatively, if you have the Legacy Saga version have you run into any limits with it that you wouldn't have with a different model?

  12. I'm a bit confused by the 945 LTE functionality. On the website, it says that I need a subscription to the Garmin LTE plan in order to send notifications for emergencies (via IERCC), but MANY times I don't need an ambulance if I'm eight miles out and just need to contact my partner to pick me up.

  13. My Garmin keeps setting my resting heart rate at my best 5 min average, but I don't wear it to sleep. Is there a way to reset this?

  14. Selling a forerunner 745 that’s several months old, it’s listed over on watchexchange if anyone is looking to pick up a discounted Forerunner 745.

  15. Hello people! I've been starting to ride a bike(to get in somewhat decent shape) and I need a smartwatch. I currently have Amazfit Bip S (which is a Xiaomi sub-brand) and more often that not it spazzes out and ruins all the data I record on Strava. I wanted to ask, is Garmin Forerunner 55 a good smart watch? I was looking at Apple Watch 5 or SE in the beginning, but Forerunner 55 just got released.

  16. Hi, what us the best entry level Garmin for someone getting back into running after several years off? Or is there another brand that I should check out? Thank you!

  17. Hi! Just got my venu sq music today and im slowly getting in. One question i have so far is: is it possible to change the screen settings so whenever i lift my arm it doesn't lit up the screen? I've read something about that thats how the screens of Garmin watches work (always on) and it doesnt affect the battery?

  18. I'm thinking of getting a Descent Mk2S to use as a dive computer. I already have a Forerunner 945, and I like all the sports watch features a lot, so I don't want to lose them.

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