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  1. Does anybody had battery issues lately with Garmin Forerunner 945 after the update with better sleep tracking and sleep score? Battery lasted for around 10 days before this, now only 5-7... :(

  2. I am in Australia so take this with a grain of salt, but it might be worth holding off, the Fenix 6 has just dropped at a major retailer from

  3. A cashier from Garmin store told me that we need to wait at least one year for the new Fenix 7 .. nothing at the horizon

  4. Just ordered my HRM Pro, any tips for a guy who never used a strap? (I own also a Fenix 6 sapphire)

  5. Wet it with cold water (not warm, not hot as it may degrade adhesives) and be sure to rinse after every run. Wear it tight but not too tight where you can't breathe.

  6. I’ve been looking at purchasing a Garmin watch, specifically the Fenix 6 or the Tactix. One of the features I’m really looking for is the ability to play music though the watch so I don’t have to bring my phone with me.

  7. I've had my 245 for 9 months now but in the last couple of weeks, it stopped vibrating for my alarm. I still get it with workout alerts. I've dug through the settings but not seen anything relevant.

  8. Same problem, had it for 2 months though. Usually restart helps me to get it back on track for a week or so.

  9. Anyone else in Canada tired of waiting for the Venu 2 to come back in stock? It doesn't even say 3-5 weeks or whatever like it does for most other countries

  10. Hi, i live in Eu but i was also waiting for the watch. It kept saying 5-8 weeks but suddenly it changed to 5 days! Ordered it may 22 and im wearing it right now. Keep checking daily

  11. Is there any way to make garmin forerunner 935 gps more accurate? As i run neighborhood streets it seema to shortchange a few spots (i.e. the gps map shows me cutting corners i didnt).

  12. Does anyone happen to know what time Garmin typically releases products? Let’s hope today is the the day of the FR 55 and FR 955 instead of a FR 945 LTE…

  13. I'm looking for a watch for casual running (without phone) and to get some insights on my day to day life and sleep. The Venu SQ Music ticks a lot of boxed and is pretty affordable. It seems that people are more positive about the Garmin devices than the Fitbits. Any thoughts about the Venu SQ?

  14. Garmin devices in general are far better than Fitbit devices in almost every respect for the exact same price point. Hell, the Fitbit Surge from 2015 was like $300 and there was a better offer from Garmin for the same price called the Forerunner 225.

  15. I chose the Venu over the Venu SQ bc the Venu counted stairs climbed. The SQ did not. Unless Garmin changed features offered, the SQ does not have an altimeter/barometer. Something to think about if you use the stairs often.

  16. Is it working fine without altimeter/barometer if I mainly just plan to run? And does it work fine with Strava? Also do you feel the VO2/MAX and HR stats are accurate enough?

  17. What you guys thinking between the Forerunner 945 LTE vs the Fenix 6 Pro? I have an IPhone, so I’m not sure how much the I’ll benefit from LTE? The new sensors are appealing though.

  18. Hoping someone can help. I have a Venu and had issues with widgets. I powered it off to see if cycling could reset it. Since I don't normally power it off, I forgot how to power it back on. In an attempt, I pushed both A and B buttons together. It brought me to a screen that looked like a bunch of data and when I tried to swipe past that I saw grid and then triangles with lines and other weird stuff. I finally got out of wherever I was and now it won't turn on. I looked it up - push A for a second - isn't working. What did I do?

  19. Hey guys, I am picking up a Garmin Instinct Solar today. I have done a fair whack of research on these things and my understanding is the difference between the standard and the "tactical" model is purely software. Has anyone successfully flashed the tactical software to a standard watch before? I cant justify the extra au$200 to get the tactical but the features would be pretty cool to have.

  20. Hey peoples, I'm looking to get my first Garmin. I'm at the beginning of my weight loss/improve lifestyle journey and trying to decide what's the best option. I'm planning to get an iPhone 13 in the Fall after being with Android for a while and I'm likely to get an Apple Watch (probably 7 by that point).

  21. I posted this above; The Venu SQ lacks a gyroscope and altimeter. If stairs are something you climb often, or start as part of an exercise plan, you may want to consider the Venu.

  22. hello, I was wondering on when the Garmin sale is going to end, bc I want to buy one when they're on sale but I want to compare more of them bc I'm just looking at the Fenix 6 standard with premium features. I'm looking for a watch that has a wrist based heart rate, and the Fenix does one that's underwater which is really cool, underwater, and backtracking available for cycling.

  23. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a garmin as an upgrade from Apple Watch. I will exclusively use it for running and switch to my AW when I am not exercising. I have a heavy running load consisting of track workouts, intervals, long runs etc. and I am interested in getting a model which gives me the most data. I will neither listen to music, nor use any smart watch functions. I also want something which has buttons and preferably no touch screen. Which model would you recommend for me? My brief search yielded the forerunner 245, but am I missing out on anything by not getting the higher end models? Thank you

  24. So I'm in the market for a new tracker. I'm currently a Fitbit user (Charge 2 HR). I'm mainly interested in a good GPS/running tracker (especially not connected to a phone/data) and things like HR/VO max.

  25. has anyone tracked hiking with an Edge? i'm going for a multi day hike and would like to have a simple log of the route. my old Forerunner's battery is weak, but i could use the little Edge130, just tossed on the backpack top pocket. (i'm ok to recharge at night with a battery pack)

  26. Hey, I currently own Fr945 but had to send it to repair twice in 6m - first time were mushy buttons and i got new unit. 2nd time mushy buttons + charging port issues - currently waiting for repair/deny.

  27. I've got a Garmin gpsmap 64sx that I'm trying to import custom trail maps and whatnot, and I'm having one heck of a time finding a guide that bridges using Basecamp, or Garmin express...

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