what's up with this succulent? got this off the father in law and within 2 weeks it took off, suddenly chucked a 90⁰ turn and has done this... what to do now?

  1. It's fine leave it be. Cut the flower off when it dries up, but the flower is still in bloom so leave it. It's just grown sideways, they do that sometimes. I get wattle birds on mine.

  2. Yes above who said kalanchoe is correct I have these that is just the flower spike the weight is just pulling it down leave it be all good👍

  3. It's a flowering stem. Just cut it off, right below where it curves. The weight of the flowers has pulled the scape horizontal.

  4. Agree with other poster. Is not the same, it doesnt drops little plants. If you pop a leaf off, or get it really stressed, you can grow a half dozen new plants that grow very similarly from the leaf, but its not as crazy.

  5. It’s totally fine, I have heaps of them ☺️ you’re safe to leave and enjoy the flowers then prune in once they’re done or let it do it’s own thing. they’re pretty self sufficient plants.

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