this is pathetic

  1. Uj/ unrelated but I’m glad the internet is around to stop Musk from becoming the next Steve Jobs tbh. Jobs has way too much undeserved praise even though he was only a glorified salesman who stole other people’s ideas. I’m glad that there’s a good amount of people who see Elon for what he really is. Unfortunately there’s still a large amount of teenagers who still think he’s the second coming of Jesus Christ

  2. most embarassing fandom is the Memey Millionaire fandom. least FNAF, MLP, and Homestuck made their own OCs

  3. Anytime i post a long list of shit wrong with musk always at least one person says “you are just jealous you wish you could get away with it”

  4. It's so wild just how effectively they've made the "dyed hair screaming woman" the ultimate villain and not these giant soulless corporate husks that are the ones... you know.. making all the decisions they hate?

  5. Pretty obviously too, he made a visual novel called “My Waifu is the Fuhrer” as a “parody,” while defending Nazis every chance he gets.

  6. /uj so like, one of the things the tweet is complaining about is a lack of originality, but like, the last of us part 2 was honestly very original? like, they could've gone the easy, expected way of joel and ellie having to travel america again for some reason, but instead, they went with something i don't think many other games would've attempted.

  7. Yeah I think TLOU2 is too different for them. Seeing all their fan made story outlines for the sequel the game would've been much more standard and safe if they had their way.

  8. Same dudes who complain that Star Wars went woke and then did a standing ovation after Rise of Skywalker

  9. TLOU2 is a million times more original then the first. The only part of the first game that threw me for a loop was Joel killing everyone at the end. Everything else was by the numbers sad old guy adopts edgy daughter, still love the game but I just don’t get it

  10. I feel the same the anime nowadays look the same not all but some like How many times we need isekai harem or Long running shonen jump shows

  11. Remember that Gamers™ do not have media literacy and usually want games to be art only in the superficial aspects such as visuals and plot. Not to discount those mediums but themes and messaging is routinely lost

  12. Japanese media is only original in the lenses of a western consumer, because both sides have drastically different story telling tropes and techniques

  13. I feel like they are original anime Out there but sadly they always get buried down with Heavy Fan service shows or Oh no I am in another world with my cell phone

  14. Omg it's relatable funny meme guy Elon Musk!!! Based Elon he plays elden ring epic😍 he's definitely not just trying to appeal to gamers this is just him being epic and cool and he said last of us 2 woke and bad XD

  15. My favorite thing was seeing someone post in the cyberpunk 2077 reddit,a pic of a tweet exchange between Musk and the Cyberpunk social media.

  16. I got to ask why do people like that guy you look like one of those snobby assholes type They only care for themselves

  17. The JRPG formula - You are an average femboy living in either a futuristic distopia or medieval fantasy world. Some maniac decides mankind doesn't deserve to exist. You team up with a ragtag group of adventurers after some bad stuff happens with the goal of beating this dude. You all have your own reasons for going on the adventure. At least one of the women in the group has giant booba. There's a section where you need to escape from prison and a scene where the women have to take their clothes off (probably at a bath house). You become ridiculously powerful and beat the bad guy, but shock twist, that wasn't really the last boss. The bad guy transforms 3-4 times into increasingly more ridiculous forms. 5 minute CGI scene, credits roll.

  18. Because it takes no effort to find bad-looking screenshots from scenes out of context to make lizard brains think you’re making an intelligent point.

  19. The outrage over the sex scene continues to confuse me. Its not even that akward looking, and even if it was, its short, and real sex outside of porn usually looks kindof awkward right? like you make weird facial expressions and your movements can be jerky.

  20. Whenever I see people saying things like “Everything is WOKE garbage!” I have to question their own autonomy. Set aside the notion that the mere presence of someone who is gay or black or a woman is like some sort of punishment just by proxy of making the viewer aware that they exist, but L M F A O, like DUDE THERE ARE 9000000000 OTHER FUCKING PROGRAMS TO WATCH AND GAMES TO PLAY THAT AREN’T LIKE THAT. We LITERALLY have the most selection of probably anyone in the history of our fucking species and these fucking donkeys only feel like they’re allowed to watch or play or experience something that some advertisement machine feeds them.

  21. No better way to hammer your unhinged manifesto home than to end it with a grammatically incorrect exclamation

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