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  1. Jokes aside, it's a brilliant idea. Hopefully editor who came up with the idea to start this series got some financial bonuses.

  2. Also, what are they proving? The poll is a Yes/No question about whether it's a 10. That's still tons of people that voted No that still think it's a 8 or 9.

  3. This is what blows my mind lol like I really didn't like the game either, but 7 days after release I completely stopped thinking about it and it hasn't come to mind a single time without it being mentioned. Like imagine still sitting on a subreddit dedicated to rehashing hating a 2 year old game. Definition of touch grass

  4. Its fascinating. I really dislike the game for non insane reasons and my solution was to not play it and forget about it. I can't imagine posting and raging about it for years.

  5. Why do they hate this game again? All i remember from TLOU2 is that if you shoot someone they’ll call out for their mother or somethibg

  6. Woman lead, strong woman, transgenderism, lesbian that we know she’s since 10 years and woke strong woman looking like a man is killing the "saint" hero from the first game 😡

  7. Killing one of the dogs makes someone yell “omg they killed Bear” then when you rewind/swap characters you play fetch with a dog named Bear

  8. Before I continue, I want to preface that I am completely neutral in this debate as I’ve never played a single Last of Us game. All I’m doing is just saying what I’ve heard to answer the question. These are not my beliefs. I see all the comments talking about people being “They don’t like women.” or “Transgender haters.” While yes, there are those who do hate it because “women bad”. However, it is foolish to say that that is what most people thought as most of the criticism I’ve heard had nothing to do with that. I’m just pointing it out because while I’ve never played a Last of Us game, I’ve seen this same thing in other series. No, you are not sexist for thinking that Rey from Star Wars is a bad character. I’ve seen the same argument applied to her. Anyways, back on topic. The criticisms I’ve heard about mainly boil down to these things. This one’s the most minor, but people were generally looking for an upgrade in gameplay whereas most people said it was the same gameplay from the last game (yet again, not my belief. Don’t attack me in the comments). The others do contain spoilers so stop reading here if you care about that at all. The other criticisms I’ve heard is they pull the same plot points to make the story edgier. From what I’ve heard, they pulled the “They were pregnant” card multiple times. Another complaint I had was for one scene in particular and this is one thing even I think is just weird. That is the Druckmann self-insert sex scene with the main character. I don’t think it’s a super big deal since it’s just one scene, that is still just weird. Finally, there‘s the ending. I know many people thought the ending was unsatisfying. Killing all those people only to have the message of “violence isn’t the answer” and sparing the final boss. This one goes into the final main criticism I’ve heard and that’s just Abby’s character as a whole. People didn’t like how she killed Joel, a fan favorite character, and the game made you play as her and try to sympathize with her right after she killed their favorite character. That brings this to an end. Yet again, none of these (besides maybe the sex scene) are my views. I do not care about the series and the only reason I’m really writing this is I didn’t see anyone else answer the question like this. I just wanted to point out it’s more then just “women bad” people and as I’ve said it annoys me when people say that about stuff like The Last Jedi. You can like what you like, but don’t brush off other people’s criticism and opinions as just sexism or similar stuff just because you disagree.

  9. Why has seething hatred from nerd culture gotten so bad in the last few years? I know it's always been a problem, but I mean it's gotten REALLY bad.

  10. I voted for Celeste and saw that a majority of people said it wasn't a 10. I got annoyed and closed the page. Already a bad poll.

  11. I would have given it about a 6/10, but I care so little about it now that I've finished it that I can't understand why people are so salty.

  12. It's not about the ending lmao. They review bombed it when they learned the story would revolve around 2 lead female characters. One LGBT, the other muscular. Not something the incel gamergate community was ready for no matter how it ended.

  13. “You know what to do boys” sending death threats to the devs, VA and pretend Youtube Channels who praise the game have fans who send you death threats?

  14. To be fair, they're just asking about all the 10s the gave. They're not specifically talking about TLOU Part II.

  15. when the game you hate is so obviously, naturally, undeniably objectively terrible you need to round up an entire subreddit to convince people it's bad

  16. /uj I know it's a joke, but... it's more like a incel/homophobic squad who chooses to also be toxic. Poor virgins don't need to be also affiliated with literal basement-dweller-hatemongers just for not having sex lol

  17. UJ- The worst thing about IncelMania is that genuine discussion about TLOUII is hard to have, I do think that you could make the argument that it's not a game worthy of the maximum score, but you know

  18. Sorry but the phrase “IncelMania” is way too reminiscent of “WrestleMania”. Now I wanna see WrestleMania but it’s just incels trying to imitate anime moves that they look at and think "I can do that".

  19. Not only would it be so nice to talk about the possible flaws and nuance, but no one got to bring up the overworking of employees issue without it immediately getting followed by incels drowning it out. I adore the game, I know so many employees poured so much into it, I know every story deserves critique, but we couldn't do as much of that because the incels picked it up for their hate campaign.

  20. UJ - I loved TLoU2, but I would probably give it a 9/10. There are some pacing issues, like things are very fast-paced about one third of the way in, then the story down-shifts suddenly which is sort of jarring. The final few hours of the game feel a little tacked on as well, making the whole thing feel overly long. The gameplay is a noticeable step up from the first though.

  21. use the tried and true “No I don’t hate it because women woke, look just watch the NakeyJakey video please stop downvoting me”

  22. It's happening even in this thread. Some people are saying they liked it but don't think it deserves a 10/10, and are getting mass downvoted for it. Which is dumb, because while I fucking hate the incels and their reasoning, I personally wouldn't give it a 10/10. Amazing game. Glad I played it. And it is one of the games that will gladly always sit on my shelf. But I would put it more as an 8 or a 9.

  23. I love the TLOU games, but they are far from perfect 10s. In terms of storytelling and presentation? Easily 10, some of the best in all of videogaming. In terms of gameplay? Eeeh maybe an 8. TLOU2 allowed you to be a bit more creative with your combat approach, but overall it's still just a cover shooter with scarcity of ammo.

  24. Uj- thats an honest vibe and it does make it difficult to critique the game on both the good and the bad. For instance i love the accessability options and how inclusive they are but hate how it butchered certain characters for the sake of a shallow plot.

  25. Yeah, like I think it’s got a really poor story but it’s got some fantastic gameplay and visuals, enough so that I played through it twice and wanna do it again haha

  26. I loved it, but hated the shift in the middle to Abby. I hadn’t heard anything about the story really before playing so I wasn’t expecting it, and then for a large chunk of the game suddenly all your progress so far is thrown away and you’re playing as a brand new character from basically the beginning.

  27. One of the most annoying aspects of these people existing is that they have made it impossible to have a conversation about this game. I don’t think it’s 10. I have issues with the story, but they are so far apart from the issues these idiots have that if I attempt to have a conversation, I am lumped in with them. It just stifles any actual thought because they exist and are very loud.

  28. Hades IS a banger. It's a shame it came out the same year as TLOU2, because I would have loved to see it get a GOTY win. Honestly both of them are tied for GOTY in my book and I love both games dearly, but I still would have loved to see the little indie studio have a win over the big AAA First Party powerhouse because that would have just been really exciting.

  29. Hades is so good that I played Returnal soon after and it just couldn't click with me cause the roguelite elements were no where near as good as Hades.

  30. Imagine being this mad two years later...there's plenty of things I've wanted to like and not liked. I then MOVED THE HELL ON and found things I did like instead of making disliking that thing my whole personality. What a sad fucking life these people live

  31. IGN comes back "We have made a mistake rating TLOU2 10/10. We work tirelessly looking at the content, the context, and the market to give you the best information possible. We will now be revising our review score to accurately reflect this."

  32. Eh, I think the Tommy thing is fine. He’s permanently gimped and his face is messed up, if you watch him get shot carefully it does look like it would pass through. Maybe a question of if he could’ve survived that anyway with dubious medical supplies, but Abby didn’t get a great shot off

  33. I still can't believe how controversial this game was. For me it was a fucking masterpiece... Loved it from beginning to end. A lesson in empathy, violence and forgiveness. It was a emotional rollercoaster, I dropped the controller at the end because I couldn't make Ellie kill Abby... And the technical level of the game was absolutely maddening. One of the best games I've ever played being a gamer for more than 20 years. I can only hope naughtydog doesn't get afraid to make very bold, mature and original story lines... Because I'm all in for it.

  34. I just think it could have been writen better, cool mechanics but some missions felt repetitive. Also alot of forgettable side characters but very nice graphics. Killing dogo made me sad :(.

  35. Man they sure think they are the coolest mfs on earth cuz they hate a vibeogame. Also, that subreddit still being so active so long after the game’s release is really sad.

  36. I will never get why people spend their time on stuff they don't like. It's totally fair to not like this game but why not leave at that and start spending time on games you like? Same with the saltierthancrait or free folk subreddit. I get it, you don't like the new stuff but Jesus just move on with your live

  37. Like who fuckin cares anymore though? Majority of people liked the game, I liked the game hated the story, oh well, I’m over it. So weird to keep going off about it after this long.

  38. Personally I think it's should of been an 8 due to the fact the game kinda became boring after they added another 10 hours onto it and also the fact that it was just Misery quest the game

  39. Imagine having so little going on in life that you continue being upset about a game that came out two years ago.

  40. Woke is when a game is girl. Woke is when a game is gay relationship. Woke is when a game is muscle girl. Woke is when I think uggo. Woke is when the man dies. Woke is when I get scared. Woke is when my delicate little weak constitution is threatened by things that challenge my insular and narrow worldview. Woke is when I can't immediately wank to any women in a game because they remain clothed.

  41. Honestly this all just seems really pointless. If whoever played the game happened to rate the game as one of the best experiences of their life, I'm happy for them. I think the LoZ: MM and OoT are both masterpieces and they really have influenced my life significantly for the positive, to the point I've got numerous tattoos involving both on my body. I imagine a great deal of people here would agree, but also a great deal wouldn't. The reasons why aren't relevant, because everyone has their own 10/10. Thats the point of a subjective opinion.

  42. What’s weird to me as someone that didn’t like LoU2 is hating it for this long. Like, I finished it, bitched about it to my friends for a week, and moved on with my life. It’s so weird to be complaining about for this long.

  43. Is also funny that they have a long list of public figures that said they didn't like the game but it's just a long list of misogynistic incels like the critical drinker, Angry Joe, and Moist Critical.

  44. Tell them yes... TLOU2 is a masterpiece you incel. Imaging still crying about this years later and after its broken sales records. Yoj are the literally definition of vocal minority.

  45. Hey, whatever you think of the game, more power to you but can people please stop putting "objective"/"objectively in front of their opinions? You can't make it fact just by peppering that word onto a subjective statement haha

  46. No idea what's going on... lol but, based on the comments, I think I'll not click the link. Too many goofy outages to keep track of now a days. Though it can be entertaining to watch.

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