I have achieved peak laptop cooling

  1. I use the GT300 on my 4900hs/2060mq Asus G14 and CPU idles in the 30s, maxes out under 90c w/o undervolting ...GPU maxes out under 70c most of the time and never hits 75c ...and that's on the medium fan setting as high is a bit too loud. The GT300 actually seems to work a little better when turned around cause the location of bottom vents opposite the fans instead of over them. Plus I haven't needed to open it up to clean the fans after over two years.

  2. This is nothing I live in basement and I have an external monitor so I connect my monitor and put my laptop in the window in Canadian winters temp hits -10 on CPU!

  3. Nice, but you need to funnel the air coming from the fan directly to the bottom of your laptop, so all the air the fan is pulling is directly flowing into your laptop fans

  4. If you did, it's coming cost of more noise since that fan running full bore is going to be louder then if you just ran it normally.

  5. I have an idea - you could build a metal case for that fan that fits the laptop snuggly, maybe even having a fan or two putting air in, and another couple pulling air out. Maybe hook up an external monitor and just have your laptop sit to the side on top of your desk. You could call it a topdesk.

  6. Thats nothing, i had one mining for the past year and had a vornado blasting the bottom with a big heatsink attached to the heatpipes. The speakers often come loose and dangle lol.

  7. I got a 20$ laptop cooling pad on Amazon with 4 fans and I copper shim modded my gpu die also. Msi gp66 3070 / i7 10750h Temps when gaming dropped about 7-8c

  8. it's probly absorbing dust from below, blowing it up to your laptop grill. Would require you to clean your laptop internals more often

  9. Liquid helium is the ultimate answer. Overclocks up to 8 ghz and rtx 3090ti(sorry I meamt DGX100) from 3050 are possible. LOL

  10. On silent mode ๐Ÿ˜‚ bro I just set my laptop to run at max 75c and thatโ€™s it quiet as a whistle. Not this rocket ship ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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