Marvel's Midnight Suns Review Thread

  1. Honestly was expecting more middling reviews since the Abbey relationiship building part of the game didn't exactly look great in the previews, but I guess Jake & Firaxis nailed it again. Hopefully they'll do another WOTC style expansion for this one.

  2. From my personal experience, the Abbey relationship building on the preview (and even further from that) was pretty great! More in-depth than I actually anticipated 😅

  3. I love relationship building mechanics like the persona games. it sounds like they nailed it so this is a must buy for me

  4. I was planning on waiting for sale on this one but I think I might just pick it up on release. I love deck builders, XCOM, and Persona/Fire Emblem games. Considering that almost all deck builders out there are roguelites, I think it will be really interesting to play one that is a fully fledged campaign where you build and upgrade your deck through building character relationships. Sounds like the dialogue might get a bit tedious at times, but the gameplay just looks fantastic.

  5. Really happy this is getting good reviews. Chimera Squad was a fun twist on the formula but I still wanted a more meaty experience. While this isn't XCOM 3 it still has the Jake Solomon/Firaxis DNA and I'm hoping for a very rich tactical experience.

  6. I came in on Chimera Squad, and trying to go back to 2 I genuinely couldn't tell if I didn't enjoy the fact the game was more complex, or just that all of the interactions of abilities were infuriatingly unclear, meaning I had to savescum just to learn how I could use the damn tools the game was throwing at me. Chimera Squad had a few niche interactions you had to noodle out (the precise nature of Bind being a "free action" springs to mind), but for the most part how everything interacted and what would and wouldn't end your turn was very clear. Also, and I'm sure the XCOM nuts will hate me for saying this, but breach mode is a lot more fun than "try to stealth through a level half-blind until you get ganked or manage to set up a passable ambush." Not to mention the aliens being cool.

  7. I actually didn't have particularly high hopes for this game so I wasn't really paying much attention to it. I'm glad to hear it looks like it might be a really good game. TRPGs are one of my favorite genres. I'll still probably wait a bit and read some reviews from gamers at large before pulling the trigger though. I've still got some games I bought over Thanksgiving that I really want to play.

  8. So some people say the writing and the characters are absolute dogshit (SkillUp especially gave the game hell due to this) while others claim it's great. Curious.

  9. That sort of thing is super subjective, especially considering all the MCU-fatigue these days. I think it will mainly depend on your tolerance for Whedonisms.

  10. Kinda iffy on that; As he shits on Robbie Reyes for being doubtful and not the usual badass Ghost Rider that most of the people think of. Robbie Reyes being a younger superhero, and much like in his run with the Avengers he was doubtful being part of team, eventhough potentially he was only 2nd to Thor on that team in terms of power.

  11. Most things about games are subjective but nothing more so than characters and writing. Marvel itself is pretty polarising, hugely popular but also a very vocal minority (myself included) can't stand the majority of the writing.

  12. Kinda iffy on that; As he craps on Robbie Reyes for being doubtful and not the usual badass Ghost Rider that most of the people think of. Robbie Reyes being a younger superhero, and much like in his run with the Avengers he was doubtful being part of team, eventhough potentially he was only 2nd to Thor on that team in terms of power

  13. What all is carried over in NG+? Are there any options to it or is it just "this carries over and this doesn't".

  14. Were you able to play through Guardians of The Galaxy? How would you compare the writing/storytelling to that?

  15. I know almost nothing about Marvel, I've watched about 3 of the films a decade ago, but I do absolutely love XCOM. Will I understand what's going on without prior knowledge? Is there enough combat depth to enjoy even if I'm not invested in the universe?

  16. Any feedback on how this runs on Switch? The game sounds like it would be great for handheld downtime. But just worried about the switch’s hardware handling a big game.

  17. How many times did you miss a 99% accuracy then have that character lose then stop turn it off and rethink every choice you made up until this point in life?

  18. Can you give me a non-hedging answer to the question of if this is a tactics game? Evert review, even yours, uses a line like this:

  19. How is the difficulty? XCom could be very rough. One mistake in a mission and basically the whole campaign was unrecoverable on higher difficulties.

  20. From the couple of negative reviews, it looks like some people really don't click with the writing, and specifically that a lot of it is very human "these superheroes aren't great at normal human socialization" stuff. Otherwise, it seems like people are loving it.

  21. I can't wait for one of the characters to tell me "Hunter, the enemy continues to make progress on their doomsday project, if we're going to slow them down we've got to move fast."

  22. The writing is the part that I've been afraid of, particularly hearing just how much time is spent chit-chatting vs actually playing. I'm super intrigued by "XCOM with cards", but I just know that the writing will turn me off.

  23. Maybe I just need to play the game but taking off so many points for the writing seems like hyperbole to me. The game with some of the worst writing I've ever seen is Insomniac's Spider-Man, and it didn't matter at all, because it's a fun Spider-Man game and you forget all the cringe inducing dialogue the second you go back to playing.

  24. I'm very glad this is reviewing well, I want Marvel to do more games like this, with a different tone and more obscure teams.

  25. I mean I dunno about obscure team. When a founding member like Morbius is DLC and the team is packed with mainstream Avengers/X-Men, I can’t exactly say this is a Midnight Sons game.

  26. I’m torn, been checking out reviews and some footage. I definitely understand many of the complaints, especially about the dialogue and social aspect. I could see that getting annoying fast but….

  27. Fans of RPGs that let you create your character are going to get so much love in 2023. Between Midnight Suns and Baldur's Gate III I could be set for games for the entire rest of the year, but then Dragon Age 4 and Starfield are both rumored for 2023 as well.

  28. FYI, only PC, Series X|S, and PS5 versions are releasing on Dec. 2. The other versions have been delayed (with no specific release date).

  29. Firaxis has always been known more for their gameplay than their writing. Kind of a shame they decided to double down on the story with this one. But if the gameplay is good enough, which it seems to be, then I'll probably give it a shot.

  30. holy shit that entire book club part in the game is just... beyond awful, just wat? and then all the examples he showed, the writing and dialogue looks awful and just straight up boring :/

  31. You'd be into yoga too if you had to run around killing vampires all the time. Even super heroes gotta stretch.

  32. If you watch video review - it looks indeed extremely rough and insensitive imho. I will hold up to see how steam reviews roll and what people complain about. I'm not even sold on gameplay either. It seems like extremely watered down from XCOM - with absolutely irrelevant positioning tactics.

  33. Sounds like the gameplay is solid but the writing is pretty meh. I don't have as much interest in the marvel cast anyway, my interest is purely for the gameplay from Firaxis so that sounds okay. I'll probably wait for a sale though, too busy these days anyway!

  34. Ive seen a few gameplay videos and it just doesn't seem very exciting. The missions in the new the XCOM games always felt very intense and that definitely doesn't come across here. It seems very flat. I get it's a different genre/atmosphere, but I think I'll wait for some time to pass and a sale as well.

  35. I'm hoping the dialogue and story doesn't bog it down too much. I love love love XCOM1 and 2 and i hope this is fun. And like, XCOMs story was pretty meh so whatever. I want the gameplay to keep me coming back.

  36. watching Christopher Odd play, and the humor is just bad. Iron Man is a quip bot, Dr. Strange is a quipper as well. if character interactions are a big part of this game then it's going to be grating to get through this game.

  37. Writing was always Firaxis' weakness, but at least in the XCOM games you could mostly ignore it. Can't really be said here unfortunately.

  38. The reinforcements issue you bring up reminds me of Dragon Age 2, an issue that completely ruined that already flawed game.

  39. After watching a couple previews, I’m honestly not sure how anyone came to a different conclusion. The writing and line delivery was awful, and there are HOURS of it, most or all of which is mandatory. This game has some absolutely baffling design decisions in its out-of-combat sequences.

  40. The last few minutes of your review shows uncommented gameplay, cutscenes and voice-acting. Serious, even without your review I lost the interest on that game. Even a deep sale isn't an argument of spending my time on that product!

  41. Good review, thanks. I do think that writing was a weak point of XCOM as well and I still enjoyed it, but XCOM also didn't really made a mechanic out of that part, so I can see it being more annoying here.

  42. A game that is getting mostly positive reception, and this comment is at the top of this thread. Fucking Reddit man. Just a cesspool of negativity.

  43. I'll be honest, everything I've seen of the game made me think it would be 6/10 or 7/10. Probably just from the expectations that 90% of licensed Marvel games are generic, while the few that rise to the top are incredible.

  44. This definitely feels to me like them making a strong case for "let us be experimental with XCOM, we can do so much more." Chimera Squad got raked over the coals, but it was the game that got Firaxis on my radar, and going back to 2, I didn't like it nearly as much for, I discovered, basically all the reasons XCOM fans didn't like Chimera Squad. Whenever they go back to XCOM, I hope they bring at least a bit of Chimera forward with them, I'm not sure I'll be interested otherwise.

  45. Just a general reminder that the last however many XCOM games that Firaxis has released have been buggy AF at launch. If you are interested in this game and that bothers you, you may want to wait a month or so for patches to drop. Otherwise I recommend saving often, and ignoring any kind of Ironman mode this game has for the time being.

  46. Hopefully they've at least improved load times. XCOM 2 took you back to the days of booting up a DOS game on the computer.

  47. XCOM1 still has tons of bugs today. I've started a playthrough a few months ago and ragequit because of some of those bugs (e.g. units being stuck after a certain actions, places not targettable or painful to target).

  48. watching skillup's review on the story, yikes the examples he showed in the game makes me think all the people that reviewed and said the story is good is fucking nuts.

  49. skillup is kinda clickbaity with his content, but wow, some of these clips was godawful. i've read fanfiction with better writing.

  50. Hearing that the Abbey stuff takes up half the game is a big bummer. Combat looks right up my alley but I will not wade through 30 hours of unflavored porridge for it.

  51. I could have sworn they said the character building stuff was completely optional, like something to do if you want, but you don't have to. Granted, this is when they first announced the game, so things are obviously subject to change.

  52. The lack of interesting combat arenas (verticality and cover are just not a thing) and repetitive enemy types really sounds of-putting.

  53. Looking forward to playing it but going to wait till it’s discounted and the complete version with all the DLC is out.

  54. I was turned off when the game was originally revealled, but now it has won me over. I love the balancing of turn-based combat with classic JRPG-style social links with you hanging out with the heroes.

  55. Unfortunately from skillup's review only the gameplay part is well done. He likens the social bits to a badly written jrpg, which is saying a lot considering most jrpgs arent well written at bloody all. The social clips in his review are painful to watch.

  56. I would actually love the "tacked-on, boring, relationship building, "humanization" of heroes," IF it was good, portraying the characters in ways that made sense to their natures from the comics and exploring their relationships in an engaging way. Unfortunately, from the reviews, they seem to have had NO idea what they were doing here, and delivered a bunch of stock footage storylines that have no relevance to the actual characters.

  57. Same. I sat through that shit to get through Persona 5 and at least SOME of that stuff was charming - or at least gave me a little peek into some aspects of Japanese daily life. This stuff looks even worse - why would you ever let me hang out with Ghost Rider and NOT have you go cruising around in the hell car looking for trouble?

  58. I'm surprised by the reviews. I'm happy for them, but it's just not for me. I was turned off from the initial gameplay reveal. I just don't like cards. I find card mechanics are just too random and tedious for me.

  59. Honestly baffling to me how ppl can even like a turned based card system in the first place tbh… gameplay legit stops while taking your turn, a bunch of random shit constantly all over the screen, and (with this game anyway) the graphics are PS3ish imo. But hey, it seems awesome for the ppl that like it so power to them. Diff strokes for diff folks I guess

  60. I adore XCOM so I’ll probably end up getting this, especially since the reviews are mostly good. As others have said it seems that the writing has provoked mixed reactions, but I enjoyed the “banter” in chimera squad so I imagine I won’t mind some “marvel humor” if this game has some of that kind of thing. Especially if the combat is fun

  61. game optimization is horrible, lag, drop fps and slutter everywhere. Microtransaction to buy hero custom lol, what a scum. Character are super cringe, joke every five second like a stupid Marvel movie, you know the deal

  62. Every time I read Marvel Snap, I forget it's a card game and think "Someone made a game about taking pictures of Marvel characters?"

  63. Is Snap worth getting into? I love games like Hearthstone and Magic and I already know the lore. My fear is it’ll be EOS like a year in

  64. God. My kids bought me this because they have witnessed my unhealthy obsession with X Com 2. A game with almost limitless replayability. But this... This... Honestly what the fuck were they thinking. I have fell asleep twice trying to get through the most boring story cutscenes I have ever had the displeasure to sit through. I don't know whats going on. Dude was talking to a ghost in the library for about 10 minutes and the camera never moved and they were just talking buzzword gobbledegook bollocks and I was asleep.

  65. Sorting the comments in here by new has been fun. It's just a string of negativity while the game continues to just rack up great review after great review. It's not all sunshine and rainbows or anything, (graphics for one look very last gen to me, and the dialogue seems spotty for sure but not nearly as insufferable as SkillUp took it), but it's probably the best reviewed major superhero game in a long time. I kind of expect some of this with my massive RPGs, frankly, and it's always felt like sacrifices had to be made here and there to get something this massive out there.

  66. As a super fan of the XCom series reboot with more hours into WotC than I’d want to admit to, I have no desire to play this game and the reviews lead me to believe it will be an unpolished disappointment. But I want other people to buy it in order to keep up hope for XCom 3.

  67. Interestingly from the write-ups the game almost sounds more Into the Breach than XCOM. Which is great by me because Into the Breach is also a strategy masterclass. But its a very different game.

  68. I wanted this game to be good SO BADLY and I'm extremely excited at initial reviews. I've got $50 on an xbox gift card just staring at me, almost spent it on Soul Hackers 2 this week. Might wait until it's out and gets a patch or 2 to pull the trigger but so far this looks amazing.

  69. Holy inflated review scores batman, who bought all these 9 out of 10s for this extremly mediocre game?

  70. So freaking excited for this game regardless of what any of these reviews say. Every single thing I have seen about this game looks great and Firaxis almost always delivers top notch games. Can't wait until Friday!

  71. I don't know why this game is getting the kids gloves treatment but the hype around it feels extremely disingenuous and astro-turfed.

  72. Game is up for purchase... And so is the in-game currency. Purchasable currency is an instant nope for me. It's a shame because I was warming up to the game over time for it to be ruined at the finish line.

  73. I know it isn’t officially supported on the Steam Deck yet, but I’d love to know how it runs. Have any reviews mentioned anything about it?

  74. Any idea how it performs on Switch? I usually stick to PS5 for multi platform games, but Switch is perfect for tactics games.

  75. The marketing was a mixed bag, initially some people seemed to think that the card based gameplay was going to lead to yet another Marvel licensed game filled with micro transactions / lootboxes.

  76. Weird that it's getting such good ratings when half of the game is essentially the social side of Persona but with extreme levels of cringe.

  77. Wow, I didn't expected the reviews to be this good. I was hoping for this to turn good and I'm so glad it seems to be. Gonna buy it at launch.

  78. Reviews on this are much better than expected. I figured the slow conversational aspect of seemingly half the game would throw a lot of people off of it.

  79. I was holding off on this one, I love xcom but am feeling the marvel burn out. Looks like I’m picking it up after all.

  80. Really enjoying the game ,I didn’t think I could love a card game but it’s truly a great piece of work , many heroes , different ways to play , not just a card game at all

  81. The game trailer is a misleading false advertisement claim/claims waiting to happen! I purchased the most expensive version of this game based on what an employee at GameStop told me! He stated that this game was like the Spider-Man games using the same mechanics! Which was a straight up lie! I hate card based games like this where you have to play a card to use powers on someone or something! I give it a 3/10 rating score and that’s only because the graphics and visuals were good! And before someone gets uptight and starts going off and bashing me I have a right to give my opinion of the game! If you like the game then awesome but I don’t and that’s my opinion!

  82. the game looks rushed Pubg 3D movement when running around and wtf is that T-pose falling off a height no basic physics and little to no Facial Expressions when talking and interacting with other NPC; Combat lacks basic stuff like running out of time to make a turn and overall other character's fighting the NPC's with animation until I make a turn not just standing still and watching them it's like they forgot about time in this game and the bugs, of course, it crashes, of course, it has bugs because they can patch it later right because the story is still playable right? to hell with that I say. i hope they can improve on these I know this game was made for the masses but I'm just so disappointed by the titles released from this and last year bf 2042, cyberpunk 2077 , marvel avengers ...... and a lot more this game more or less looks like a mobile game with a pushed microtransaction also like wtf they could have easily made a few millions of dollors or more if they made this on mobile with the same things and mobile graphics lol it already has the graphics from mobile just in higher resolution lmao like (ok dudeeee) It's like they copy pasted Marvel Future revolution graphics into pc , Marvel titles are lacking a lot of things even the movies gotten worse too; only sony's spider-man 2018 is one of the best games I played in a marvel title along with the amazing spider-man 1 and 2 from activision that they removed from steam these dev's think we still live in the past and don't see the lack of development and just want to cash grab us what happend to games released with no bugs play tested by more than 100 people on different systems nowadays it's like release game in buggy messed up state because we can patch it later.

  83. I know it's just alphabetical, but it does my heart good seeing ACG as the first review people will see. Jeremy is one of the last surviving quality game reviewers not picked up by a publication and not just a corpo sellout.

  84. Does anyone know if the bullshit non-mission stuff is skippable at all? There’s a 0% chance I’ll ever play this if it isn’t, based on SkillUps review of the shit like fishing etc, which would be sad because the actual real gameplay looks like stuff I’d love. I can’t believe they’ve fucked the game up so much with all the filler garbage

  85. My biggest issue were the "relationship scenes" seemed like it was out of the Mass Effect 1 standing still talking heads playbook. Did they improve those?

  86. Sorry, but as a real Midnight Son fan, seeing them devolved into an angst teen club called EMOKIDS and having their origin story given to the avengers infuriates me to no end.

  87. Nope, not touching this. I really hoped this would be Marvel Xcom, the special units in WOTC looked like an excellent blueprint for superhero units. This Fire Emblem shit is a big no-no for me and I don’t like how the combat looks.

  88. The IGN review said the game takes about 75 hours to beat which is ridiculous. I guess the developers are okay with 99% of the people playing it never seeing it to the end.

  89. I mean XCOM 2, thier previous game, also took about 70 hours for a full campaign if you did everything, and most fans of that game have put hundreds of hours into it.

  90. It's pointless to take game reviews at face value anymore. You can't tell the truth or that company will black list your review company.

  91. I have no clue why you’re saying that about THIS game when Scarlet Violet literally came out 2 weeks ago were you under a rock or something?

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