Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society - Gameplay Trailer

  1. Can't wait for this game. The first one was surprisingly good for the companies first real step into DRPG's, and is honestly up there with Etrian as some of the best in the genre. I've heard this one improves on most things from the first, so I'm really excited for this one!

  2. I wish we got more Dungeon Crawlers in general, no knock against jrpgs but I'd love something more like Wizardry. It does look interesting though, I'll keep it in mind considering that apparently Atlus has no plans for a new Etrian Odyssey and there aren't many options from other companies afaik.

  3. There was going to be a pc port of Dungeon Travelers 2 on Steam, but Valve banned it. I don't know if Atlus was going to publish it again or if someone else was.

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