Infinity Nikki - Official Announcement Trailer

  1. They are not showing real gameplay, this just animated, HOWEVER, it looks like the idea at the moment is for different open world situations to require different outfits to deal with them, like a glider outfit with the umbrella, a fairy outfit to shrink and fit into smaller passages etc.

  2. The dev interview said that they'll still have customizability and mixing, with some numerical aspect. but also promote full suits which give new abilities. Even with the full suits they allow for some customization through accessories. Also seems like a photo mode and competition will be a big focus? Hard to tell through google translate though unfortunately.

  3. I've never played Love Nikki, but the the combination of an open-world with a dress-up game sounds exactly how my 7-year-old self would describe her dream video game. I chose so many games over others just because I heard that you could customize your characters with pretty outfits rather than being stuck to the default, so this is catnip to me

  4. Both Love Nikki and Shining Nikki are good. They are the third and fourth games in the franchise. Even though they are dress up games the stories don't shy away from more mature content.

  5. It seems like it is primarily a puzzle game, I didn't notice there are many fights or battles. The clothes are truly amazing, will wait for more information.

  6. A big open world puzzle game about traversal with no combat sounds like heaven to me, but I assume it will be a gacha and that will ruin it somehow.

  7. Yes. That's what the article says. And I can't image IGN would overtly lie and make up an interview like that. So yes. In the interview he talks about what attracted him to the game (it's novel concept) along with his experience working with chinese dev team (since paper games is chinese, and he's japanese).

  8. This is honestly nuts. I'm hyped af. Love nikki is great, and seeing a true 3d open world game in the series is absolutely wild. Probably day 1 purchase for me.

  9. Forgive me for bothering you, but ... one moment confuses me. Did I understand correctly that the previous games were some kind of traps - and pain and angst were hidden behind the cute design?

  10. I am excited for it. The Nikki franchise are the only f2p phone games to keep my interest. Getting a full game will be awesome! There is a lack of dressup games with plot in the market.

  11. Am I the only one who saw this and wondered if it was related to Yume Nikki? I'm not really familiar with the Love Nikki games so I didn't think along those lines. Not sure what to think of this so far.

  12. Nikki means "diary", so it's part of the "Diary Cinematic Universe" along with Bridget Jones's Diary and The Vampire Diaries.

  13. Really cute concept, the magical girl changing styles for different abilities to get past different obstacles seems fun.

  14. This seems animated, but still in-engine. Kinda amazing graphics and visual design if they manage to deliver it looking like this.

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