Victoria 3 sold over 500k copies since it's release a little over a month ago, this is one of the most successful Paradox launches ever!

  1. I tried the Sweden tutorial and the people just hate themselves. I tried to pass suffrage (any suffrage) as well as labour laws, healthcare and education, and it was like pushing a mountain up another mountain and they delegitimised my governments and refused to go get qualifications.

  2. The base of the game is great but the game needs way more features and flavor if it wants to be on the level of other paradox games

  3. Despite liking it, its the paradox grand strategy game I have played the least after Imperator. The campaign feels a bit like that game in that all countries feel a like and its rather bland IMO. I can handle jank, if its ambitious and fun.

  4. I agree. I think i already got my moneys worth for the 100 hours i put into it (i know, baby numbers to veterans of the genre), i have played a few campaigns and enjoyed it. But it still needs a lot lot more interesting stuff. More flavor, more events, more reason to do things. And better AI.

  5. That's why I am not buying Paradox games at launch since Stellaris. I own most Paradox games of the recent decade, sans Imperator where waiting really paid off.

  6. It's barely a skeleton of a game with loads of makeup to make it look pretty. I'd rather have a fat, meaty fuck of a game with no makeup.

  7. It's a good game already and I have no doubts it will end up being great. Lots of inspired systems in the game that are just a joy to interact with. Especally the internal politics. Easily the best game system to represent it ever made.

  8. Uh, it’s a lot different. Like it’s about the opposite of CK3 in terms of the game systems being important vs. the role playing and sandbox.

  9. Victoria is possibly the most complex of their main lineup. But generally speaking a lot of skills you learn playing one GSG translate to another, especially looking for information.

  10. Huge change in that the games have almost nothing in common but their style. But in another sense not that difficult since if you've gotten over a Paradox learning curve before and understand how to slowly digest the information, you won't be confused and frustrated this time around.

  11. CK is one of my favorite games but I could only stomach maybe 3 hours of Vic3 so far since launch. I need to try it again but I feel like I should've refunded it.

  12. Can't wait for it to be put in a content drought like CK3 has been even though it was/is the best-selling Paradox title behind HoI4 and Cities: Skylines.

  13. It's honestly really disappointing as a sequal but an alright building manager game. Fairly limited politics and economy (besides queuing the right buildings) and war is so fuckin terrible. Definitely my biggest disappointment this year

  14. The economic simulation in Victoria 3 is incredible. That game will turn both socialista and capitalista into neoliberals

  15. Are you playing the same game as me? communism or at least a labor oriented social democracy seems so OP compared to everything else lol

  16. Honestly it's the exact opposite. Since the player is effectively an objective demigod with the power to see the future and unrivaled systemic knowledge of the meta economy (plus unchecked authority) the simulation paints an incredibly rosy picture of centralized planning as opposed to market systems.

  17. Absolutely not the worst Paradox game lol. March of The Eagles and Sengoku exist. Also Vic 3 isn't even the worst at launch. Imperator Rome is easily worse in that regard.

  18. Surprising. The best move with Paradox gs's is always to wait a few years for them to flesh out the game via DLCs. I thought more people knew this!

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