Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - Launch Trailer

  1. With how rough the PC version is, and fatsharks track record, I would not hold my breath for that big "coming 2022" at the top of that page.

  2. I've seen Vermintide 2, it was a mess at times but it's fun. I think Darktide has the exact same issues but if it's like Vermintide the worst ones will be fixed shortly after release...

  3. Agreed. It's in a rough place. It's a shame because the game is fun, but the systems surrounding that loop need work (per Fatshark tradition). I can only recommend waiting 6-12 months for things to be patched. The game isn't going anywhere.

  4. Darktide doesn't overpromise in the same way like No Man's Sky, nor as horribly buggy like 2077. It's underbaked true but not as drastic as you make it out to be.

  5. This is a ridiculous comparison honestly, those games are so much bigger in scope and so much more expensive to make and also to buy

  6. every thing i've seen about this game is that the bones are good. NMS and 2077 specifically were absolute shit on release and zealously over-sold and under-delivered. this game hasn't done that.

  7. While I agree the game isn’t in a finished state, it’s nowhere near the level of games like NMS or Cyberpunk. Those games were fundamentally flawed and were missing numerous critical features on release in addition to being supremely buggy and unstable.

  8. I don’t understand these comparisons to cyberpunk and the like. I’ve played the pre order beta a good bit (not as much as hardcore players) and the game runs fine on my machine and my friends, and we don’t have cutting edge computers by any means. We play on low and that works and the game still looks great. The performance can chug a little bit at times but there’s no where near the same amount of game breaking bugs seen in those other games. The game just works in general, which is why I’m so confused that people are comparing it to games that fail to run like cyberpunk or have giant game breaking glitches. I have not encountered many bugs, let alone bugs that hamper the actual game. The gameplay loop is working and is not obscured that much at all. Most of the misgivings people have worth the game appear to be design centered, not game-quality centered. I think a lot of the game design decisions are justified as well (for example, I was not a fan of the scoreboard from VT and the shop replacing boxes allows a bit more player choice in what weapons they want, although with the lack of crafting it isn’t completely there yet). The only main issues I see is that the crafting system is not fully implemented, which admittedly is a bit strange, and the lack of endgame. That being said, Fatshark not putting much endgame content yet makes sense considering how much time it takes to get to max level, which I have no problem with because it never feels like you need max level for the game to feel great to play because the game is designed for non-maxed players to have a lot of fun too. I probably play this game as much as (maybe a bit less than) the average player will and both my characters aren’t even level 10 yet. Fatshark probably hadn’t intended many people to reach max level yet.

  9. I've never been as on the fence about recommending a game that I know I am going to sync hundreds of hours into. As others have said, the core game play is truly something special. I have played hours daily since the beta, and I'm missing it while they're patching it for launch as we speak. If servers were live, I'd be playing it.

  10. They implemented a cash shop with FOMO style on their full price game, while core elements like crafting are still not available in game.

  11. I know people are upset about the crafting system not being in at launch, but god damn is this game so much fun. Even if you don’t care about 40k

  12. I'm already addicted to it. I'd prefer if crafting was here at launch but from the looks of it its going to be an endgame system for min-maxing rather than something integral to the early-mid game experience so I'm not too annoyed about it.

  13. It's very clear that they did not have enough time, but spent that limited time focusing on polishing the hell out of the core combat gameplay at the expense of basically having an entirely unfinished gameplay loop. Progression and balance are in a pretty bad state with 3 of the 4 classes having serious design issues at high difficulty.

  14. The game is crazy addicting, even with the possibly bad launch they have coming the future looks bright for Darktide. I'm excited.

  15. I have a group of 3 other friends who love playing GTFO but we find it to be a little slow sometimes for our liking. Is this game anything like it? Judging from the little gameplay I’ve seen, it looks closer to L4D than GTFO. How’s the gameplay pacing and stuff like that?

  16. Gamewise, youll probably all really enjoy it. Performance wise, I dunno how it will run on 1070's. I bet you could check youtube for some videos of it running on similar hardware and see if it works :)

  17. You'll feel the performance suffering - especially if your CPU / rest of kit are from the same era as the 1070.

  18. I have a 1070ti running 1440p on medium just fine, there’s a couple other settings I did turn off though that were big performance eaters

  19. I've had such a damn good time with the game. It's sad that it's gone backwards VS Vermintide in a bunch of ways (Loot system, reward system, scriptures/grimoires)... but the game itself is just so much damn fun. I absolutely love it.

  20. I absolutely loathed the Grimoires and Tomes. The lowered health from having a Grimoire I was fine with, them using up an item slot didn't bother me, but the memory game item hunt every single level I despised.

  21. If your system is weaker than mine ( Ryzen 5 2600/RTX 2060S ) I really would recommend upgrading first or outright skipping. Even with everything on Low I average below 60 FPS per level. This is a PC that was playing Cyberpunk on 1440p/high/60 FPS on launch.

  22. Last two patches improved the performance for me. 1080 Ti here, 60fps no problem on high for 1080p. On my other machine, even RTX performance is good now on a basic 3080.

  23. If your internet is good, give GeforceNow try. Does 60fps at max settings but sometimes latency is noticeable and you do have to wait 10 mins or so if you're not subscribed.

  24. This is something i've read a lot of feedback on in the darktide sub. This game is hard to run. Even my 4090+7700x and 32gb of 6000mhz cl 36 ddr5 has a fucking rough time at 4k dlss balanced with frame generation. Mostly stays at 120 but combat drags it to 90.

  25. Building on this, the engine Fatshark uses is notoriously CPU demanding and the number of enemies with more complex and dynamic pathing doesn't help the demand on the CPU either.

  26. Efficient with hordes yes, but in higher difficulties the guns play a vital role, there are usually squads of ranged enemies that will obliterate your team if you dont take care of them fast, that are usually accompanied with melee horde type enemies so you can't just rush them.

  27. Try saying melee is more efficient when you are getting murdered by a sniper. It's situational, you really need to use both melee and ranged.

  28. I adore this game. Combat is better in every way from vermintide 2. I've put about 55 hours into the preorder beta DESPITE technical issues. However, to echo the sentiments of others, I'd definitely recommend holding off on buying it.

  29. It's so all over the place for everyone but I was crashing multiple times an hour. I turned off all the fancy graphic settings like DLSS and have only had 2 crashes in 15 hours.

  30. So conflicted on this. I had a blast playing the beta (not the pre-order one but before that) but it ran so poorly for me on a 3080/10600k and it doesn't seem feature complete. This is for sure a wait a bit game for me but sure am tempted.

  31. I heard a lot of criticism around this game over the pre-order period. Nonetheless I absolutely loved this game in the ~30h I played. Almost had no crashes (which seems to be the biggest complaint), and it also worked out of the box under linux+proton

  32. Been playing the early access and having a blast! The gunplay and melee are perfect and the atmosphere, graphics, and music are all top notch! Fingers are crossed that we get some better stability with crashes and disconnects for the full release. Also, PLEASE provide more information on weapon stats. Having to watch YouTube guides that are 30+ minutes in length to understand what the stats do for each weapon is a pain, and please remove the bars for stats and let us see raw numbers.

  33. I have an i7 6700k and a 1080ti. In 20 hours of gameplay, I have only crashed once, and never been disconnected from a match. I really can't tell if I'm just really lucky or if I just build god-tier computers.

  34. Hyped! I've already logged around 45 hours in the early access stuff. Looking forward to lots of QoL improvements and performance improvements. Gameplay is just so good already so I'm excited to play it some more.

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