New Games with Gold for December 2022

  1. Their dedication to finding some of the most obscure shit never ceases to amaze me, especially now that they've stopped giving out 360 games. How much longer does this service have left now? How many more times can they continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel before they pull the plug?

  2. At this point, why not just phase it out? Make online play free for everyone again and pivot to Game Pass deals, or have GWG not be reliant on your subscription. Either would at least make more sense.

  3. I haven't heard of either of these, but admittedly they don't look terrible after looking them up. Colt Canyon in particular sounds like it could be fun. Also, like you said, both are rated pretty well.

  4. A question. Have they ever gave away Final Fantasy XIII? I was completely sure they did but when it left gamepass I lost access to it..

  5. On Gold? Doesn't ring a bell. But if they did, and you downloaded it, it should still show up under "Games & Apps" under "Full Library" in one of the tabs.

  6. I doubt it FFXIII is actually good, if you said World of Final Fantasy that's something that would have been on gold

  7. I think I played Bladed Fury at PAX a few times, I remember it being decent but overall just a worse ICEY in terms of gameplay feel

  8. Can any anyone confirm if upgrading from Xbox Live Gold to Gamepass keeps your tenure badge or not? I've never really been able to get a straight answer.

  9. I don't think they will for a long while, mainly because it makes gamepass ultimate more attractive. Without games including gold there's really no reason an average console gamer would get it

  10. i mean i'm happy with games i didn't have and they seem good but still not good enough vs sony. we need 3 minimum

  11. They really should just include gold with regular game pass instead of ultimate. Get rid of whatever the hell this shit is.

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