WILD HEARTS Official Reveal Trailer

  1. There is also a gameplay trailer on Oct. 5th. Really need to see some uncut gameplay and hopefully there will be a demo down the line.

  2. They showed off a lot of the tools you'll use in game. Which look cool. But I'm waiting to see more combat gameplay.

  3. It’s a spiritual successor to Toukiden from what I hear, and that had a shit ton of cool unique weapons so I’m optimistic this will have that too

  4. I mean to be fair - all they showed was ingame & gameplay footage, just not raw gameplay. I expected a CG trailer so I’m positively surprised.

  5. Lol exactly what I thought, took me a few comments to realise "oh wait hang on this isn't a sequel despite the absolutely perfect sequel name"

  6. I find it funny how many people are like "EA BETTER NOT FORCE MICROTRANSACTIONS INTO THIS" in the comments on youtube. And it's like, Guys, it's not EA you really have to worry about in this partnership. It's Koei Tecmo this time, lol.

  7. Exactly. It's a project being released through EA Originals, meaning that EA has no say on the actual game and is just funding, marketing and publishing it. If the game ends up sucking, it's the developer's fault

  8. A Koei Tecmo/EA Collab on a live service game sounds like a perfect storm to me. I'll probably swerve on this one until it's been out for a bit. As someone who bought DOA6 at launch I've learned my lesson.

  9. Lol this is basically what happens on Lost Ark NA servers. Anything good = Smilegate, anything bad = must’ve been Amazon

  10. tbh i don't even register microtransactions as part of the game's content anymore. the ship has sailed. if i'm super deep into a game I love, I might buy something, especially if it's F2P. otherwise, i just ignore it, and usually it isn't a big deal.

  11. Koei's never really had a real moment where they had to pump the breaks on egregious microtransactions the way EA did with the Battlefront 2 launch (and to a lesser extent NFS Payback) right? Maybe having to pay funbux to change hair colors every time you changed them (even to a previously unlocked color) in DOAX6 was close in that they (rightfully) caved into public pressure but mind you, the latter I learned from a Wha Happun vid while the former was the most downvoted comment of all time which puts the scale of and "mainstream visibility" of respective backlashes to scale

  12. It seems like a lot of Toukiden's DNA made it through both in the visuals and in the gameplay, which is all I was hoping for.

  13. I'm glad for more MH clones but kind of wish they went with a different aesthetic than feudral Japan especially when the monsters themselves look pretty unique.

  14. God I hope the crafting mechanic somewhat replaces the boring grindy chases MH uses. Also hopefully they find a way to make the multiplayer easily accessible. Those two changes alone would make this infinitely more playable than MH.

  15. This looked pretty cool, but it was rather short and I wanted to see more of the combat, specifically unscripted sequences so I can get a good feel of what the moment-to-moment gameplay looks like. Also, hoping to get more information on the gameplay loop, like is this a story-focused game with co-op elements or is it all about the gameplay.

  16. Idk, the rat that makes trees grow as attacks seemed like a glimpse into a better creature design philosophy than on the surface

  17. I agree with everything you said except the monster designs. I feel like Monster Hunter leans way too heavily on Wyvern or Wyvern adjacent designs. I haven't seen a single one in this trailer and that's already a positive.

  18. IGN article says its zone based. I wonder if they would really go back to old MH style and make you load between zones, or if that just means where enemies like to dwell/markers on the map are zones like how Rise/World still have "zones". Also its 3 player co-op instead of 4 which seems like an interesting choice.

  19. to me it sounds like it's like World and Rise, it's all one big area on a map but you can only hunt in the eco system you load into and and eco system feels like an open world. So world has something like 5 or 6 zones you hunt in and this seems to be the same.

  20. I don't see the need of anyone to go back to mini zones when now when you can have huge terrains loaded at once. If anything it's gonna be like world/rise maps with multiple areas.

  21. Monster Hunter feels unique because all the animations are weighty and deliberate. I have faith in Wild Hearts, but they could have led with weapons/combat mechanics.

  22. Looks kind of cool but the Japanese/Samurai aesthetic is a bit overplayed at this point, especially considering the existence of Monster Hunter Rise and boss-focused games like Nioh 1 and 2, and Sekiro. Viking/Norse as well. I'd love to see some originality or at least some inspiration or exploration of other less visible cultures.

  23. Very excited for this one. The genre needs series competition and this should be enough distraction until MH6 if it's actually good. They need to do a beta.

  24. The whole weird building utility stuff doesn’t really work for me personally. Looks like a pretty average Monsterhunter clone. Doesn’t have to be bad but we’ll see when we know and see more in depth things I guess.

  25. The building thing could be cool if well implemented. I'm not sure how I felt about it from the trailer. One of the first uses they showed was the player building some scaffolding and then jumping off to glide like 10 feet towards the monster and hit it twice while glancing off the side. Kinda underwhelming. I liked the hammer, very over the top and goofy. If they're not awkward to use and don't feel like too big a part of the gameplay, it could be a cool system.

  26. I'm waiting to see how that stuff works before judging. It does seem pretty major, the trailer focused on that rather than the weapons.

  27. I Lol'd when the hammer came out. Looked like something straight out of Wile E Coyote. Not my thing personally, but if other people like it, go for it!

  28. Yea, it honestly looks like it will hinder the flow of the combat. But I’ll hold off on judging until I see how a full hunt plays out overall. It’s not too different from setting traps or bombs in Monster Hunter.

  29. Agreed on the building, like you have to build something to jump high and glide? Seems like a pain in the ass especially if you miss.

  30. The 'seed of invention' power looks like it's completely customisable. It seems to augment weapons, build bombs, traps, locomotive devices, and, ballista.

  31. Ok, that looked awesome. I couldn't get into Monster Hunter but this looks like the movement and art direction is way more my speed.

  32. The art direction and movement looked very similar to Monster Hunter to me. I am curious what specifically about this trailer you found different and appealing?

  33. Looks interesting enough. Still, pretty smart move to push it out before the next Monster Hunter. Even Dauntless got a few month of popularity like that.

  34. So they reveal a game, it looks cool, AND it doesn't release in the far future when we all have flying cars? Nice. Hopefully the game is at least half as cool as that trailer.

  35. I get that the traps are a selling point but I'm nonplussed by being shown more traps than actual weapon types. I counted 3 weapons (katana, bow, and parasol) but 5 traps (tower, harpoons, hammer, bomb, and helicopter tower) and... I'm drawn to monster hunter by the weapons, not the traps. The grappling hook in world was fun and cool and useful but its not why I played world.

  36. To me they don't look like mutated animals they look like fantasy elemental beasts compared to MH's more grounded ecological focus on making the monsters seem like real animals.

  37. I'm interested in seeing what the weapons are. So far in the trailer we're shown a parasol, a chain-whip katana, and a long bow.

  38. 70 is the new standard for next gen AAA releases. That said it’s EA so I’d expect a lot of other mtx stuff

  39. Any word on whether this will have crossplay? Not being able to play with my PS4 friends because I'm on PC has always been my biggest issue with MH

  40. Looks like it could be alright. I think they’re picking the wrong fight trying to compete with MH though. The only positive I could see coming from this, is the competition makes future MH titles better.

  41. Goddammit another game in February! This trailer definitely racks up my interest, hopefully there are more weapon types to choose from.

  42. While more Monster Hunter competition is always welcome, I hope they don't make the same mistake that all the "clones" make, and that is floaty or weightless combat.

  43. I'm sad that all the armor I saw was so bulky. That was my only problem with Monster Hunter World, almost all the armor was really big and bulky. I was hoping that this game would have more fashion variety or aa different style.

  44. I can't imagine this holding a candle to Monster Hunter. The Japanese theme is leaned into so heavily I doubt we will be a nice variety of weapons.

  45. Fuck bro, I hate how every MH clone either goes completely different, thematically, or leans way too heavily into the East Asian influences.

  46. I think this is gonna be shit on initial release. With many missing features and a meta that breaks the game. It's gonna take an expansion and 2 years of updates to make it good.

  47. It looks like you believe people hated the Rampage because you could place turrets and traps around. That's not the case.

  48. It might just be a stock howl that's in the public domain or very cheap. A lot of games and movies pull from the same basic stock audio for those reasons and once you start to notice it's hard to ignore.

  49. Looks like a cross between Sekiro and Shadow of the Colossus. Maybe it’s just me, though I’m not really getting Monster Hunter vibes from this just yet.

  50. Certainly has my interest though that building thing seems a bit iffy, but I have some concern about the stiff and floaty gameplay that tends to be present in KT titles such as tokuiden.

  51. This looks like an interesting take on the genre. A more magical world filled with elemental beasts instead of the more grounded style of MH. I also dig the far more active and interesting use of items it looks really cool!

  52. ehhh i'm really not interested in the Feudal Japan theme, it's just not that interesting to me. i'll probably skip this, but it could be interesting. it's good for Monster Hunter to have competition

  53. I've been playing MHWI religiously for the past while, and I'd love for a high budget big alternative. I've tried Dauntless, but it didn't really capture the same feeling for me.

  54. I'd like to try it, but with that price I'll probably wait for a deep sale. I still have MH: Sunbreak to tide me over.

  55. It's an EA game so EXPECT at least 3 months of broken gameplay, pretty much all their games have been buggy in the last few years, so the adjusted date for when this game will be fun and playable is May 17, 2023.

  56. EA Originals tend to be an outlier of the catalog, considering Knockout City felt robust at launch and It Takes Two would be one of the most praised games of last year.

  57. I honestly don't see how it's similar to rise other than the japanese style setting. Felt like environmental-wise it's similar to Elden Ring.

  58. An IGN interview says that its apparently zone based, not an open world. Could be similar to how World/Rise handles its maps, no loading screens but each 'zone' is like its own dedicated arena.

  59. They showed two melee weapons and a bow in the trailer. So yes it’s clear you get more than just one sword.

  60. Looks pretty neat so far! I really enjoyed Toukiden and I can tell this is borrowing at least some concepts and ideas from it. The steampunk styled technology seems to be returning, which was one aspect I thought was pretty cool. I hope they have some fun weapons like they did in Toukiden 2 (I think I saw an umbrella weapon potentially?)

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