Gearbox says Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands ‘clearly a new franchise after shattering targets’

  1. Very bizarre to hear them say this given the lackluster post-launch support and DLC they've put out for this game compared to previous Borderlands titles.

  2. Yeah, for weeks after launch I couldn't even play with friends without us both downloading Hamachi and faking a LAN connection - that's not quality support.

  3. the first weekend it was out, you literally couldn't play it. shift server nonsense. it was spotty for a week after that and sometimes you couldn't play with others. rough, but whatever.

  4. It's easy to achieve targets when you're the one deciding what they are, they probably didn't expect much success from the game given the circumstances it was developped in and it did better than "expected"

  5. this is the fastest i have ever put down a borderlands. went hard on BL3 but after four hours of tiny tina i was done, and had no intention of playing further. same crap writing, same missions, same piss poor balancing. over it. series needs a hard reset and a complete overhaul because the shtick of shooting guys while an annoying talking head yells "funny" dialog at you is exhausted.

  6. I get the impression that they didn't plan for a lot of post-launch support because they didn't expect it to be as popular as it was. So they didn't expect the PLCs to net them much profit.

  7. Wonderlands was one of the only games where I'd ever bought the season pass before launch because of the great track record of post-launch Borderlands content. Borderlands 3 had great DLCs that were better done than the main game and I expected similar for Wonderlands. Boy did I learn my lesson.

  8. The game was very good and a huge step up from Borderlands 3. I assume with the next release they will give a proper DLC experience. Whatever happened with this one was probably a higher up who didn’t think this idea would work so they immediately diverted resources to their next game.

  9. Presequel had one DLC right? I remember thinking this is garbage when playing it. It looked lackluster and cheaply designed, like they were able to use very little art pieces because it was in claptraps mind or something

  10. There is a growing divide between us, I see. Some of us can’t stand DLC and refuse to buy any of it, while others criticize a game for not having enough DLC.

  11. Some of that was probably related to low expectations - they didn’t likely think it would do this well so they did t have a ton of resources planned for post launch

  12. It was pretty much made during work at home quarantine, given the situation ofc it won't have all the bells and whistles as previous games, but it's still fun for what it is

  13. Maybe they didn’t have any big plans for dlc based on it being a new franchise? That would kinda make sense as to why they didn’t have a big one ready

  14. I freaking LOVED the base game, but I just couldn't get into the chaos mode stuff. I think I tried it for maybe a couple hours and then gave up. The fighting is okay, but without a story to keep me engaged, I just get bored pretty quickly.

  15. Post launch support and DLC have nothing to do with shattering targets though, especially for a new(ish) IP. They very well could have thought "Okay we'll just hope for even 2 million copies sold" and it did 5, but they didn't expect it so they didn't put as much work/budget into the DLC since that stuff would be done/planned for even before the full launch (and before they knew the reception.)

  16. Gearbox, what it really is, is a Borderlands game with likable characters, a good antagonist and a fairly good story. There's nothing much "new" about it in comparison to Borderlands 3, other than the fantasy setting. I would also say it's worse than Borderlands 3 in terms of end-game content, possibly the worst out of any Borderlands.

  17. While I think you're right about the end-game content, I still played significantly more of Tiny Tina's than 3, primarily because the characters and story were just leagues better. That was a huge impediment for me in getting into BL3.

  18. It’s kinda worse and at the same time, the chaos levels and chaos chamber are some of the best ways to do OP levels imo. Borderlands 3 doesn’t really have content regarding the Mayhem levels.

  19. Makes sense they're gonna milk the fuck out of anything Borderlands-adjacent, it's literally all they have. For me, two misses in a row means I'm out. Hated BL3, found Wonderlands very mediocre with abysmal post-launch support. Can't say I'm interested in anything afterwards.

  20. I loved Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and even the Pre-Sequel (post game was undercooked but it had my favorite playable characters and I loved both lasers and the low grav stuff). Borderlands 3 fell really flat to me, I beat it but didn't like how any of the characters felt and didn't make it far into the True Vault Hunter mode or whatever the second playthrough is called.

  21. The weirdest part of wonderlands is how much praise it has gotten for being better than borderlands 3. Like, first off, that shouldn’t mean anything, and second, I couldn’t help but feel like the game was even more grating than borderlands 3 was. Also, only having one skill tree that you’re stuck with and can’t ever change, seriously?

  22. I didn't exactly hate BL3, but my experience with (and post-) BL2 is that all of your efforts get shit on by GB's constant unnecessary "balance passes."

  23. Hey people are finally coming around? Borderlands 2 was that game for me. It just sucked so bad. Every enemy was a bullet sponge and every line of dialogue was so cringy.

  24. I loved the gameplay of 3 but the story was lack luster and end game was just not there. If they have the same gameplay as 3 but better endgame close to 2 (but not as dragged out) they would have an actual good game. 4 games of shit end content is just not a good look though

  25. I liked BL1 and 2, didn't finish 3, and thought I'd enjoy Wonderlands... but the problem I ran into is that the gunplay of Borderlands feel so shitty now compared to other shooters like Destiny 2 and Gunfire Reborn (weird combo I know, but it's what I've been playing.) Most enemies will just tank 90% of damage instead of staggering or slowing down, run like idiots with their heads and limbs bobbing all over the place, and otherwise just make it a massive pain in the ass to actually shoot anyone from further than 30 feet away, making sniping a fool's dream. Not to mention everything just feels super floaty to me, including things like "you don't immediately come to a complete stop when letting go of the W key," which just drives me insane.

  26. So glad that I rented this and Pitchford didn't get a sale. Charging $70 for a CROSSGEN game is ridiculous and something I'll never support. Doesnt matter if its FromSoft, Sony or Gearbox. And they still haven't offered new game plus. I now have zero expectations from Gearbox which sucks because I love this franchise. The writing in TTW is flat and boring, enemy variety was lacking and this focus on chaos chambers with garbage RNG balancing is representative of poor leadership(Randy P). It's a safe bet that us fans will never see a well written Borderlands game ever again.

  27. I guess I'll go against tbe grain of the current comments and say I think this was the best borderlands yet gamellay-wise. Loved the way they handled the class system. Spells felt refreshing. The included endgame Chaos Trials were fun so slowly progress in. The areas were extremely diverse for Borderlands. In the past DLC is what usually spruced things up. My only critique was certain gun types just being awful, while other felt necessary (looking at you cryo smg with 4 shots). They've done some buffs since then, but most things still feel the same as launch. I out over 100 hours in across 2 characters.

  28. For me I think only the dlc is a problem. I know a lot of people don't like them, but that's really my only issue with the game. I liked the story, I liked the new characters.

  29. Yeah, idk what the other comments are talking about. I had an absolute blast playing this game and getting to chaos level 20. Going after the "hidden" chaos chamber bosses was fun and engaging. The spells really were a great change from the old grenades.

  30. Completely agreed. GF and I are big borderlands fans. Were both bored to death by BL3 but powered through it, enjoyed the DLC and raids a lot more than the base game.

  31. I loved TTW as well, but I'm a D&D nerd, so I'm pretty biased here. I can see how others wouldn't be nearly as excited about it. The end game and DLC have sucked though (IMO anyway).

  32. I really liked the game itself, and if I’d purchased the standard version, I’d be very satisfied. It’s just putting in the extra cash for the season pass expecting expansions like previous games and getting what they made instead was severely disappointing. I’m interested in another game in this spinoff, but won’t be buying anything before it’s released this time.

  33. This was easily my wife's favorite Borderlands. She absolutely LOVED this and she's always been a little lukewarm on all other Borderlands. She is over the moon that this is going to be a franchise. And since I love playing games with her, then it is a big win for me.

  34. The game honestly is neck and neck with BL2, for me. They totally botched everything post-launch, but the base game is amazing. I wish the game ran better on last-gen systems because I play on PS5 but my buddies have PS4's and we basically only play it on my PS5 in local co-op.

  35. the first borderlands game i never finished. awful most things. from any NPC to the people around the table with Tina and their terribly unfunny lines.

  36. Kind of like how Persona was a spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei, but now is its own franchise and no longer includes the SMT name in the titles.

  37. What they mean is that internally not looking at it as a spin off anymore, and they’re gonna be concurrently making Wonderlands 2 while they make Borderlands 4 etc.

  38. It's like Activision claiming that Black Ops is a separate franchise rather than just a different setting for COD.

  39. I really enjoyed Wonderlands overall, but my biggest letdown was the class system. Even accounting for multiclassing, characters end up with fewer options and skill lines than BL3. Each class in BL3 had three full lines of skills and three different active skills (and after updates, four of each), each class in Wonderlands only has a single line with two active skills to pick from. I also found multiclassing to not be very synergistic in most cases and some skills just seemed flat-out useless.

  40. Overall, I liked this game. However, the characters were annoying... as per usual. But even moreso, I was very disappointed that the weapons weren't more "medieval-y"

  41. Wonderlands felt so half assed and was a huge disappointment due to the complete lack of replayability. Tiny tina is my favorite character and I love the d&d style of the game. I love everything about that part of wonderlands and I had a blast playing through the story. The lack of ng+ and the chaos chambers make it seem like they don't want people to play after beating the short main story. Chaos chambers are terrible game design. Boring as fuck arenas that are too small to call arenas that rain legendaries, making everything else in the game pointless as far as loot goes. Nothing about the arenas are fun. There aren't enough enemies in the chambers and they rely on cheap modifiers to make it seem like you're not fighting the same baddies you were fighting at lvl 1. There is no level design to speak of at all. At least grifts in Diablo 3 felt like dungeons. These feel like placeholders for actual content that was never developed. I hate everything about the chambers which is sad because I had a blast playing the main story. Everything felt watered down and rushed. They have a message asking players to go easy on them because of the pandemic, but games like elden ring came out around the same time and are fucking masterpieces so I'm not buying that. I hope that they continue the wonderlands game and I hope they don't half ass it because everything about this game and story is my shit. I have loved BL since the first one in the before times and if I was asked to come up with the idea of the perfect BL game, it would be tiny tina leading us through bunkers and badasses. I fucking love that shit, but I have maybe 20 hours into wonderlands. It just feels unfinished and in the laziest way.

  42. Oh man imagine if they had been working on that, especially with all the Overwatch shit that's been coming out and how people feel about it as a whole. If they came out with Battleborn rebooted let's say 30 days after Overwatch 2, they could possibly do exactly what Overwatch did to them the first time.

  43. It's the same kind of comedy, but works a bit better than in 3. That being said, if you didn't like 3, it will probably put you off.

  44. Have mixed feelings about this, if they take what they did wrong in this game and make it better then the game has potential, but if it’s anything like how this game shipped I really don’t think it’s a good idea, just make more numbered games and focus on making those better/introduce things from wonderlands in there

  45. Funny, Tiny Tina's Wonderland really looks like a one-hit wonder to me and not at all like the foundation of a new franchise.

  46. I definitely feel like a minority in not liking this game compared to regular Borderlands. Grenades were MUCH more fun than the spells we were given. The skill trees didn't change the gameplay at all. They were just passives. And every class just felt like they had one trick. Every character I had ended up with the same weapons and spells.

  47. Is there any franchise that took as big a dip in quality as quickly as borderlands? 2 was basically a perfect iteration of the format, successive games fumbled both the end game stuff and the writing, which has gone from genuinely funny to nausea inducing.

  48. Okay I'm gonna say it, if you're honestly playing BORDERLANDS of all games for a deep and interesting story you really need to play a different game. You don't like borderlands if that's why you're playing it.

  49. My gf and I never played borderlands before or anything. And tbh, we'd never heard of this game before either. We picked up this game out of the blue because it had local co-op and seemed like a funny RPG based on some trailers.

  50. You're a bit spoiled on the actual gameplay then. Tiny Tina is like a refined version of Borderlands 3, which had (in my opinion) the best combat in the series.

  51. I played through it in co-op too and had a good time, but they fucked up the split screen inventory management. In previous games you didn't have to manually inspect each piece of gear to see the stats. Shitty inventory management is a mild nuisance in most games, but it's so much worse in a game that revolves around the loot.

  52. Meh. Wonderlands is one of my top 3 disappointments of the year, alongside Saints Row and the Worldslayer expansion for Outriders. TTWL was a shorter, less funny, less interesting version of Borderlands that didn't break any molds and sanitized itself to get a T rating.

  53. The game seems fun but I can’t stand hearing Tiny Tina so much. Returned the game after an hour and went back to playing BL3

  54. I recently started playing BL3 again and after about 25 hrs into the first play through of a second character I’m really losing focus. But it’s mindless loot and shoot does hit home for me on some nights where I don’t want to think. But I crave something more from this game that’s making it tough for me to even unlock the harder play through. Maybe it’s me but something is lacking. I also don’t consider myself a hardcore gamer but I tend to play more games than watch TV.

  55. Lol I love Reddit’s bewilderment that games they don’t like sell well. Fortnite isn’t slowing down either, guys

  56. TTW was the best Borderlands has been since the magnum opus that was 2 and Tina remains my favorite Borderlands character, but that doesn’t mean I want more of it or her.

  57. Every AAA title with a decent ad budget is smashing targets. It's not the games, it's the market. We need more big games. Anybody capable of putting out a half polished 25+ hour game with decent graphics is going to do well.

  58. No one hates borderlands more than borderlands fans. I found TTW to be extremely refreshing and a blast to play. I love DnD and I found all of the mechanics, maps, spells, class systems, and melee weapons. I'm about halfway through with the game, I will be getting the DLCs.

  59. I thought this died out? Lol. I just remembered people saying how awful it was. Is that successful? Only Tina is what people wanted. She's a likeable character and on top of thats its really only perverts who go after her. Fucking lolli chasers.

  60. Really? I mean, it's just another Borderlands game. You played one, you played them all... They need some serious changes, like Ubi did with Assassins Creed, because it's getting way too repetitive. From B1 it's basically the same game with few changes here and there. Don't get me wrong, I like this series, but lately it generates more yawnig than excitement.

  61. Other Borderlands Tina Edition could’ve been MUCH better if the formula wasn’t guns….it should’ve been more RPGish less Gunsy

  62. This is surprising and slightly depressing. I love Borderlands but Tiny Tina is so fucking irritating that I actually mute the game entirely during her section of BL2. Her dialogue is so bad it’s genuinely painful and the voice actress has a voice like nails down a chalk board.

  63. Hey if you loved it you loved it. Glad some people are enjoying it. I just think I don’t care for the games as much as I used to. Fallen off the fps wagon almost completely.

  64. I was unfortunately disappointed with the game. I set it down today and decided I am done... it's not great. The gunplay is generic and the audio mixing is atrocious. I could barely hear any of the fantastic voice acting.

  65. This seems bizarre to me, given how overwhelmingly negative people's reactions were to the "DLC" *cough*. And personally, I played through one time, did a little bit of grinding in the end-game content, and quickly lost all enthusiasm to continue playing. I opted for the Season Pass cause I was banking on Gearbox being able to deliver and it was a huge let-down.

  66. I think the negative reaction to the DLC proved people wanted more real content. Showing gearbox that a sequel would be wise, as long as it gets real DLC

  67. Does anyone know what folder I have to put my steam save file from my PC and into my steamdeck to transfer my character over?

  68. I imagine this is because the budget was smaller in comparison to full fat Borderlands 3. I bet they learned a lot in the process about the dos and don'ts of banking on procedurally generated content.

  69. Never played it, and I played all the Borderlands games, I didn't have interest when it came out and totally forgot about it...

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