For the first time ever, there appears to be a legitimate, very compelling and extensive GTA 6 leak.

  1. Boy, I bet Rockstar has got to be mighty pissed that their hard work got leaked out before they had the chance to properly introduce GTA VI to the world.

  2. They have long development cycles and I've been amazed at how tight-lipped they've kept their previous games. It appears this was a network security issue and not an employee leak but it's still surprising. I hope it doesn't hurt employees.

  3. At first I didn’t think much of it, but the number of people who don’t know what dev builds are and are calling the graphics bad is shocking. Hopefully this means R* are going to put out an official trailer a bit faster.

  4. This has to be real surely - the voice acting, animation quality and a lot of the general environmental detail (a lot of the signs look REALLY rockstar) looks too good to be some elaborate fake. You can even see what are clearly bespoke internal Rockstar tools in some of the clips.

  5. Didn't we JUST have that whole thing with nier where it turned out to just be a bunch of modders?

  6. What really convinces me of this is the dialogue. The music seems placeholdery because Im pretty sure I've heard the tracks in GTA V, and the graphics are obviously early and incomplete. But the dialogue in the clips sounds exactly like a rockstar game and they definitely aren't in GTA V. I feel like replicating Rockstar's dialogue would be a big pitfall if you were constructing a fake leak, but the clip of the dude spouting off about Jay Norris and Lifeinvader is perfectly Rockstar.

  7. They guy who leaked it claims they are the same person who hacked Uber the other day. Don't know if that claim is true but this GTA leak is very legitimate.

  8. Yep, you can tell it's professional voice actors doing it too. No way that's faked. It's too well done and too Rockstar to not be real.

  9. If someone wanted to make a fake GTA VI leak they'd probably try to make it look like GTA V. But the environment in the leaked footage of the police shootout is much more reminiscent of RDR2, more specifically how the volumetric fog on the streets of Saint Denis looked.

  10. 100% real. Jay Norris was a character in GTAV who was CEO of the combo Facebook-Apple company LifeInvader (they made hardware like Apple but had a social media site that was clearly Facebook). This means that unless they're an absolute wizard of audio editing, like "should do it for a living" level editing skill, they would have needed to pay a professional VA to read this rant about Jay Norris, which is also convincingly like a Rockstar script.

  11. Just watched 30 mins of gameplay it’s 100% real. Very much can see some Red Dead 2 videos influence in the shooting compared to GTA V but largely looks quite familiar.

  12. Over the weekend too. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when this hit the internet and executives started getting calls in the middle of the night.

  13. If this is real, those gun sounds are fantastic. Definitely my biggest gripe with GTA 5 was the weak sounding weapons. These sound actually scary.

  14. Ive read that most of the leaked stuff is from 2019 too. I thought the game was in very early stages of development given the official announcement but the leaks look like a year away from alpha. I assume they borrow the object mechanics like vaulting from earlier games so it could actually come out in a few years

  15. There's is a AMF version number 1.4.18 visible in some of the videos. That version was released on 24 Nov 2020. Idk if that release relates to the hackers or R* software though.

  16. You're seeing a single small level. What takes the most in those games is just making all the content, they've had the systems for two games already.

  17. Not sure if its a place holder but the leaks show there may be a third protagonist as well. Young African American male.

  18. This is what an actual Alpha Build looks like. Not that "two months from launch server test" crap we usually see.

  19. Obviously anything is subject to change, but seeing they seem to be working on a loose cover system is exciting and possibly limiting the weapon carry limit similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 along with carrying bodies. Also I think it's safe to say the character names

  20. I'm so happy that crouching is back...still don't know why they removed it in GTA5...or Mass Effect 2/3.

  21. It's gonna be difficult to get a hard ID on them because Rockstar always casts unknowns as their leads. But I agree, those are basically the final designs right there.

  22. Just mapped out the locations that have appeared in the leak. While this doesn't confirm a 1/1 scale location, it does seem to appear that the map will be pretty big with the Florida locations that have appeared being spread out. Huge thanks to the users at the

  23. I'm excited for the game. But I'm much more excited for the eventual reprieve from "GTA VI take too long" shitposts

  24. The Gigaleak with Nintendo, tons of source codes, developer commentary and betas that had never been seen before like Dinosaur Planet and Spaceworld Pokemon G/S

  25. It's set in alternate planet, Vice City, where the ground cries and it shoots upwards to create coulds.

  26. I really hope the PS4 interface doesn’t mean it’s coming to last gen consoles, that would be really disappointing. Not surprising for obvious reasons, but still disappointing.

  27. Yeah, just compare IV and V. Don’t get me wrong, V was an amazing leap forward… but replaying IV again recently and…

  28. It'll be on PS4. They need it to run on as much hardware as possible so they can have as many people as possible buying rocket cars and yachts for $150 or whatever.

  29. I think it's very likely they are releasing on ps4, I think they will be banking again on the online making loads of money so they will want to maximise it's playerbase. I think this game will feel more like GTA 5.5 rather than the leaps they usually do in GTA games in the past.

  30. I was watching the leaked footage on YouTube and it stopped all of a sudden and said taken down due to copyright claim by take 2. If it was fake they wouldn't care.

  31. Watched all the leak footage in a compilation video. Game looks good! Didn't think I'd be excited for another GTA game given that it's been so long since GTA V. Can't wait!

  32. in a few hours this will have spread like wildfire, every major gaming news outlet will have probably covered it in some form, and if it's somehow fake, whoever faked it is a fucking genius

  33. The pictures had me optimistic but the videos sold me. This has to be legit. What they've leaked has me really excited for the game. I like the look of Florida and two protagonist dynamic.

  34. I can confirm, my grandpa worked for rockstar and said the dev tools and debug stuff are the same as what he used on GTAV.

  35. I showed this to a few friends and I regret it, tried to explain that most of this is likely placeholder or unfinished + overlaid with dev stuff and they weren't having it.

  36. It's interesting to see a game in this kind of early state. The environments and lighting look surprisingly polished while the character models are obviously completely unfinished. Really drives home how piecemeal game development is.

  37. Makes you wonder what kind of options R* has now. Say something ? Say nothing ? What kind of damage overall for the company ...Shit I still cant believe it

  38. I don’t know why everyone is so heavily celebrating this, this whole thing is not just some blip that rockstar shakes their fist at and continues as normal. This is something that will likely heavily affect the planned release of the game. Especially with source code being leaked.

  39. Looks really good, it has all the immersive features of RDR2 but in a GTA sequel, so that's what I'd personally wanted confirmed.

  40. That doesn't confirm anything. It just means they developed with those systems at one point in time. Considering the times scale of gta development nowadays, It entirely reasonable they started development on PS4/XBONE and moved on to current systems later down the line.

  41. I wouldn't be surprised if development started on last gen but they have since dropped it. Past leaks have said 2024 for release and Xbone/PS4 will be dead in the water by then.

  42. Wonder if Rockstar will just say fuck it and get a trailer out the door since so much stuff is out there now anyway. I'm pretty excited though, hopefully going down to two characters makes the story more focused than V's was

  43. The guy said he'll try to leak the whole dev build, if that happens, Rockstar can comfortably close the whole company.

  44. If he actually leaks the source code Rockstar will stop at nothing to fuck this guy's life up, he'd be a fool. Dude's really trying to out-do Axel Gembe.

  45. does this guy have a Twitter or something? curious to follow his updates but man it's 5am in NYC which I believe 2K headquarters are located...I wonder if the CEO of 2K is just peacefully sleeping in his apartment while all this is happening. dude is going to wake up insanely angry lol

  46. LOL source code gets leaked all the time. I don't know of any instances that have resulted in significant damage to the company involved. Some notable examples are Microsoft Windows, Cortana and Bing, Apple iOS, Half Life 2, Fall Guys and lots more. The fact is that source code leaks are mostly interesting to insiders and enthusiasts - the general public doesn't care. No sane company will build a game from leaked/stolen source code as they would be opening themselves up to a huge legal liability.

  47. The graphics on the environments are amazing already on this early build. Look legit lifelike. What is the final build gonna look like with even better graphics?

  48. A couple of the best looking screenshots genuinely look like Google Streetview. This is way more photorealistic in art direction than any previous GTA which all had heavily stylised elements.

  49. I'd imagine RDR2 on somekind of roids. I'd imagine with their infinite budget, it'll look even better than we think it will.

  50. Well, R*’s new ethos seems to be “launch the game, and after that put everything into the micro transaction whale bait”.

  51. With such a huge leak like this, I'm guessing we can probably expect the game to be delayed internally. This happened to Valve with Half Life 2 back in the day.

  52. On the one hand, I feel really bad about this for the people who have been dedicating years of hard work to making this game a reality. On the other Rockstar's pretty much spent the last 10 years milking parents with predatory microtransactions on piecemeal content for V, so maybe they deserve a bit of egg on their face

  53. The reactions around this further proves that leaks are 100% detrimental to games. And people wonder why the industry is shrouded in secrecy.

  54. "OMG an internal alpha build of a game like 3 years away from releasing is using placeholder assets. I knew Rockstar were lazy now."

  55. 100%. That's why the industry is so secret, they know that most of the consumers, even hardcore, aren't ready to see early development footage or anything like that.

  56. Looks good, but concerning that some of the dates on the clips are 2022. I guess they have been doing nothing but GTAO for the last 9 years. Also concerning to see a PS4 menu before launching the debug game build in one of the clips lol. Hope thats just a devkit thing. Do not want this game coming to last gen

  57. Jason Schreier reported that GTA 6 was taking so long because R* are working on a RD1 and GTA IV remaster. It seems that the concerns we had were right - GTA V Online being so successful really did delay GTA 6’s development, as R* were able to focus on the remasters instead of it. However, the report also stated R* are putting more resources back to GTA 6 now.

  58. Well, Red Dead Redemption II also released in that timeframe, alongside the now cancelled RDR and GTA IV remasters. Taking that into account alongside COVID, work from home, and Rockstar changing their management style, the protracted development time begins to make sense.

  59. Wow, huge leak. Amazing, I've been dying for any information on this game for years now, so happy to see something, and it looks really really good too. Loving the whole concept. Looks like we might get two maps too, or one giant one, encompassing Vice City and a South/Central American city. Lots of countryside looking footage too. The environments look so natural and realistic. That Rockstar touch.

  60. I feel so bad for the devs but if it’s any consolation, I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s excitement was intensified by the leaks. The fact that it’s reported to be from a years old model and it’s THIS beautiful is really cool!

  61. Just to remind everyone, this is not a good thing. Source Code was leaked so now they will have to rewrite a lot of it for security reasons, and it will likely delay the release.

  62. Rockstar gets shit on for GTA Online but they've basically set standards for the industry with every GTA/Red Dead going back to GTA3. Until proven otherwise, they are one of the surest things in gaming, if not the surest thing.

  63. What footage are you watching? The stuff I saw just looks like a bunch of early early alpha footage, nothing particularly impressive.

  64. Another generic virtual cityscape is going to set the standard? To be fair, I know it's probably very early footage, and R* usually makes polished games that are fun to play, but I didn't see anything in this leak that looked revolutionary. Not really anything that sets it apart from GTAV other than the cover system, which will be nice. There's also a lot of videos in this leak and I probably haven't seen them all, so maybe you saw something I didn't.

  65. We already know that Rockstar can make good games, the big question about GTA6 is what the business model will be and I guess there's nothing in there about that.

  66. I kind of wonder what the reaction from the gaming community will be if GTA 6 really does suck. Without their creative leads, the new creative direction and the influence of shark cards, there's a possibility that the game will be really, really bad somethindg we haven't seen out of gta in 25 years.

  67. There isn’t a new creative direction. The tone of gta still remains in the online docs and the leaked footage. Shark cards would be the same in my opinion. The single players won’t be affected however houser leaving is bad.

  68. I hope this one is actually fun to play. GTA V was technically impressive, but the single player campaign was incredibly dull and 90% driving across the map during character dialogue.

  69. Wow. I absolutely love GTA V. Pretty much all games no matter how good I at some point start looking forward for it to end but not with GTA V, that one I basically 100%.

  70. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one, GTA 5 has the most fun varied single player in all Rockstar games.

  71. I really dislike how in modern Rockstar games there is basically zero player agency. It feels like I'm an NPC following a script when doing their missions because they are completely on rails.

  72. My problem was the modern day setting, didn't contribute favorably to the game and helped make it dull. I liked the 90s or 80s settings better... plus the radio stations were better.

  73. The main problem with 5 and RDR 2 is that missions almost always end up in a shoot out despite doing everything to plan and they don't let you have the freedom to do them how you would like. Just watch Nakeyjakey if you haven't already as he sums it up perfectly.

  74. All of a sudden GTA 5 was a boring uninteresting game that everyone stopped playing after the 2nd mission cause it was so boring.

  75. You mean slowly turning valves and backing up a tanker at 3 mph wasn't compelling gameplay for you? How about spending what seems like days on a skinning animation.

  76. The only way I would watch this stuff is if I had a terminal disease that would kill me before the game comes out... otherwise, pre-alpha? meh, not interested.

  77. I don't know if the clips you watched just didn't buffer or something but watching those clips at 1080p it looks a lot closer to RDR II than GTA V.

  78. I hope you’re the only one that’s disappointed. This isn’t even an early beta. Hell it probably isn’t even alpha.

  79. Who knows how old this build is, I mean it's running on a PS4 devkit as seen in the vid. Game isn't due for at least 2 more years and I'm almost positive they would've dropped last gen by now. Game will look considerably better by the time you're supposed to see it.

  80. This is why some companies don't reveal stuff too early. Early builds almost never look similar to the final product.

  81. It makes sense that it would look better than GTA 5 but not by a huge margin because this is being primarily developed for last gen consoles due to the long development time.

  82. Tech has not really advanced a lot the last 10 years compared to the 10 years before. 2012 to know has slightly more pretty graphics and fancy tech like rayracing but CPU based tech has not advanced much. Unlike 2002 to 2012.

  83. it's disappointing how early in development the game seems to be, like an early alpha, the world seems to be built, but it's also full of placeholders, considering Rockstar does no more crunch, we are looking at a 2024 release at the earliest, initially, i genuinely expected a late 2022 reveal, but now i'm not so sure

  84. you're assuming this is all the latest up-to-date and not some old unfinished footage pulled out of a slack. some of those models look like crash test dummies so it is very clearly not final or indicative of a final product.

  85. Others are saying that the game looks a lot more fleshed out for what stage they are at, considering we are a few years off release, I’ve no real life experience in game development so idk - I’m just hoping it’s only for current gen (PS5/XBX) and they’re not limited by making this game run on 10 year old hardware.

  86. If there are any games in the world I will ever pre-order, it's the ones from Rockstar. Even if wouldn't enjoy the story, the technological side of their games is always next-level.

  87. Pretty sure heads are going to roll at Rockstar and Take Two. Also, pretty sure those heads will be of low level employees who will be made a scapegoat while the execs will, infact reap benefits from this leak.

  88. I remember when people said this shit about Arthur Morgan and then he went to be one of the best Rockstar protagonists of all time.

  89. Hoping for a revolutionary improvement like GTA4 was compared to GTA3 rather than evolutionary like in case with GTA2 and GTA5.

  90. One thing I don’t see people talking about is that Slack Technologies is absolutely fucked if it wasn’t a disgruntled employee and Slack was actually breached. Take 2 will sue them into the ground for it.

  91. Seen a lot of people saying the NPC chat proves is it real, but isn't it ment to be set in the 70's again? The conversation talks about downloading and stuff that wouldn't exist in the 70's

  92. Jason Schreier's article mentioned it was set in modern Vice City I believe so it's probably set in the year it's released like the previous numbered GTA's.

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