IGN Forspoken Gameplay Preview: A Lot of Magic and a Hint of DMC

  1. The gameplay looks more and more like what I had wanted from FFXV. I’m very excited for the game after seeing this video, but something like a hybrid of FFXV weapons and this games magic would be absolutely perfect to me.

  2. I really like how the magic system looks. Seems diverse and aggressive. Not just "Shoot fireball". I definitely want to wait and see how this pans out. I hope the story and dialogue is...sufficient. lol.

  3. people keep talking about 100spells in the game but isnt that gonna be a nightmare to navigate in 2giant weapon wheels with submenus.... im interested for the combat but I guess we'll see

  4. I have to imagine that some of those 100+ spells are simply higher tier or upgraded versions of early spells. The wheel also looks customizable so you can focus on what spells you want to use vs having to cycle through literally every spell in the game.

  5. There's definitely some goofiness in the presentation and voice acting so can understand the meme-ing but the gameplay itself looks pretty fun and that's what really matters.

  6. As long as they tone back the needless chatter from the protagonist that was in the earlier trailer/preview then I think its a solid looking game. That was the only thing that was off-putting for me.

  7. I think the gameplay and art look great, but I couldn’t get over the Marvel movie-esque goofy main character dialogue they showed in the trailers.

  8. Is it fucked up if the voice acting will ruin it for me? That is main reason I can’t stomach a lot of JRPGS.

  9. Me too lol, it's one more thing I miss about SNES era. I'd play more Valkyrie Profile if you could turn the voices off and not just down to "32" for some reason

  10. My main issue is that now both this and FF16 are being described as like DMC. I don't know why both need to, like you, its not really for me, and now two big SE releases are dropping down my list because of it.

  11. Forspoken does look pretty fun gameplay wise. Everything else looks incredibly uninteresting. I think this game was probably meant to be a tech demo because of all the magic stuff.

  12. This game looks so...... Just jank. For some reason I get this Incredibly strong feeling that it's going to be a pure mediocre game with insanely brain dead combat that looks deep at first but lack of enemy AI or ability will make it all pointless

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