Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Gameplay Trailer I PS5

  1. It's so nostalgic and modern looking at the same time. Ratchet and Clank was one of the first games I ever finished properly (along with scooby doo night of 100 frights). I'm so excited.

  2. I'm torn because I want to watch this stuff, but I think I want to wait to experience it all for the first time when I play it. It's so close!

  3. damn, this game actually looks really impressive. Some of those urban environments look very cool - Jak 2 vibes

  4. You mentioned Jak 2 and deep down I wished Rift Apart would've set up a premise where Rachet and Clank travel different Sony platform games universes and meet Jak&Daxter, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Knack!

  5. Crazy how much graphical fidelity video games can achieve now. I would totally mistake this for a big budget animated film.

  6. Honestly... This has to be the best looking game i've ever seen. Of course art direction helps a lot but this is so freaking close to a pixar movie while also having all the tech behind it (that fur, ray tracing, etc.)

  7. Insomniac got called "the pixar of games" way back in 2007 when Tools of Destruction was released. They're certainly bent on living up to that moniker.

  8. That's a very similar feeling to when I saw the trailer for Kena, it legitimately looked exactly like a Disney film.

  9. Yeah, there are lots of talented artists and animators in the industry but they aren’t also making post effects and shaders and stuff. That is a whole separate career path and skill set. Every CG film studio has these people but in the games industry, good tech artists are rare and highly coveted, and Insomniac seems to have assembled an avengers-tier team of them.

  10. This really is the most "next-gen" looking game I've seen so far. Definitely the most visually impressive game since RDR2 and TLOU2.

  11. If/when you have a ps5, the last Ratchet and Clank game is on plus collection. Really fun game

  12. I think things like explosions and various particle effects have a ways to go before things really start to look like Pixar films.

  13. I'm not interested in Ratchet & Clank, but, this is undeniably gorgeous. They're at the visual fidelity now where .. games look like 'fake video games' that were mocked up in movies. Y'know, where they're just so clean and crisp and you're like 'video games don't actually look that clean and crisp!' .. but .. now they do.

  14. I don't know if you're aware, but it's always a running joke that reviewers always say, "It's like playing a Pixar movie!" when reviewing Ratchet and Clank games. lol.

  15. Returnal looks like it could easily run last gen lol. Nothing about that screams next gen. Demon Souls is much more impressive imo

  16. Microsoft are going to be so far behind now, I'm worried they're going to push Bethesda to just release some real trash just so they can pretend to compete.

  17. I wonder if the the new playable character will have any unique abilities or maybe just subtle differences in handling or something. Ratchet having a Luigi-esque counterpart that mixes the gameplay up slightly could be a really cool addition and help with replayability.

  18. Looks likes she has some new movement mechanics. She was kind of phasing around for a brief time in the trailer.

  19. It looks like the story will dictate what levels you can use each character. Story wise, it looks like a really interesting idea with the second lombax. I just hope the new character isn't too intrusive. Ratchet is my guy. lol.

  20. So I'm guessing Rivet will play like old Ratchet since she has Clank, and Ratchet will either play like he did in Quest for Booty or in Deadlocked

  21. there is room for this style of graphics and stuff like the last of us 2, evident by the fact that they are both games set to be released within a year of each other lmao

  22. The only Ratchet and Clank game I have played was the remake on Ps4, but really enjoyed that one. Will probably pick this up, I hope it will have the same weapon variety that that one did.

  23. Loved that one as well. I expect the new one to have a much more expanded everything, as the PS4 one was a reboot of sorts of the very original R&C, which wasn't an enormous game.

  24. I play Deadlocked back in the day, really enjoyed that. I’ve played a couple of the entries since, but I’m really looking forward to this one.

  25. Gameplay-wise, the PS4 may be the best in the series, but if you have PS Now, you should definitely play A Crack in Time and Into the Nexus.

  26. If you get the chance, I highly recommend that you go back and play any of the other titles in the series. Tools of Destruction on the PS3 is a really good starting point. It's a fantastic series.

  27. This is the first trailer I've seen in a long time where I'm actually jealous for the kids that are about to grow into this generation of games and onward. I say that because the game isn't as appealing to me now but I know that young me would be really excited to play this.

  28. I wouldn't be jealous. If they're growing into this it will seem like standard to them. Meanwhile we can appreciate the visual growth from the classics to this.

  29. This looks downright incredible - a true step up in terms of visual fidelity and I have every reason to believe that they will continue their excellence in terms of gunplay and general feel.

  30. As a big fan of the series since the original, I would go ahead and say the writing for the Remake was terrible. They totally butchered Ratchet & Clank’s relationship growth.

  31. I know everyone is loving how good the game looks graphically but please know if you haven't played a Ratchet & Clank game before they are also FANTASTIC and super fun games!

  32. Same it’s look amazing gonna wait for reviews and a bit after launch to see everyone’s opinion on it. Hopefully the story is good because that really dragged down the 2016 game for me.

  33. you should play it. I didn't think i'd like the ps4 R&C, but I'm so glad i did. Its one of the 3 best games i played last generation.

  34. Real-time graphics are getting to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from pre-rendered CGI. Seems like the limitations are more to do with budget, time and talent than hardware now.

  35. Can't agree. Pixar is so far ahead of the game it's alien. The opening sequence of Toy Story 4 when the toys are trying to save RC is unreal.

  36. Maybe to a layman, but we still have a while go to before that is remotely true. Not that this game doesn't look great, but its still a cherry picked trailer.

  37. Looks like it could be a lot of fun. Kinda wish they'd stop using Nefarious as much and it seems like he's basically retreading his plan from Crack in Time (where he wanted to reverse time to rewrite history so the villain always wins) by travelling to a universe where he won.

  38. The return of the PS2 era tone is all we need. Im glad we will atleast have a complete story this time around, with that i expect a Crack in Time tone/quality from it. Or maybe ToD if its setting up some sort of ps5 trilogy.

  39. PlayStation has a stellar lineup for their first PS5 year. Demon's Souls was a great start, got me into soulsborne. Now Returnal comes out in a few days, and it looks like a mix between soulsborne, roguelite and Alien. Absolutely love it!

  40. I agree 100% , pretty excited at the rest of the year. No way GoW comes this year but even without it the year is going to be good.

  41. I have not played any ratchet and clank games since ps2 times (loved those).. but.. holy fuck. This looks so cool. I fucking want to play that.

  42. The story looks a bit more ambitious than usual and Rivet seems fun to play. Pleasently surprised by the trailer.

  43. When I got my PS5 I figured because I hadn’t played console games in decades that I’d go through some of the collection. I wanted to play Rachet and Clank for a bit just to check out the art. I fell absolutely in love with it. Very excited for this game!

  44. It's nuts to me that Insomniac had both spider man and this releasing inside 9 months with so many other delays going on.

  45. Very excited for this, can’t wait to see the portal mechanics in real time on the big screen. No doubt they will have some fun stuff lined up with the controller too.

  46. I only played Ratchet and Clank on the PS2 way back in the day. I'm glad it's still going! Even though I'll never play it

  47. Normally, I find licensed music in game trailers to be kinda cheesy, but I fucking LOVE DEVO. The game also looks pretty lit, too. Glad to see Sony's not tunnel visioned into only having open world games make up their exclusives.

  48. I am really excited for this. I replayed the 2016 version and I fell in love with the Lombax and robo-bro all over again. I've been playing some of the PS3 titles through PS-now, but the streaming isn't great for me and they seem kinda lame if I am being honest. I missed the PS3 era in college and mostly just played smash bros and Skyrim but can't believe I get what looks to be a very exciting story in really pretty 4k.

  49. Tools of Destruction and Crack in Time were good, but the original 3 PS2 ones are where it was at. Quest for Booty was kinda meh. The PS4 Remake was a fun game, but playing it after the original really makes you notice the flaws.

  50. Where's the inappropriate pun in the name though? Why not Rift 'em a New One or Dimensional Penetration or something.

  51. Gotta say, was not expecting to hear Uncontrollable Urge in a game trailer, though I’m not exactly disappointed.

  52. Ted Price clearly loves L.A. punk. Easy to see how this song would be a big get for him. Easier call when the Sony money is on the table than when going it alone for Sunset Overdrive.