Owners of galaxy books, how many months have you been using and how is the condition of your laptop now?

  1. I bought my Galaxybook2 360 back in June (5 months ago), and I have not been kind to it in the least. This laptop runs my telescope, so it sits outside in the elements several hours every clear night. I've even found it completely covered in frost at the end of imaging run on a cold night. It's never in a case, and is treated entirely as a tool with no real regard to keeping it pristine.

  2. Keep in mind, mostly people who have problems with the product comment on things. Usually someone who's enjoying it wouldn't comment, because there's nothing worng to even think about having a comment. That's why websites aren't that great of a source for information.

  3. 1 year and still goin strong, only issue ive had is some corrosion where i scratched the frame against some aluminium table edges, so id avoid doing that or else it leaves white oxidation marks, but very avoidable tbh

  4. Owned a GBP2 for about 3 months now and use it for 10-15 hours a week mostly with heavy word processing. Great battery life with light tasks and I have had no issues with build quality, it's still in pristine condition even though I've hit my earbuds on the lid a few times. Definitely a finger print magnet if you get the grey model but they come out fairly easily unlike some soft touch matte finishes that are frankly pretty gross imo. I think the pro models especially on the 2nd gen and 13inch have substantially improved sturdiness compared to the 15" or gen 1 models. My only real complaint is that the hinge is just a tad wobbly for my tastes, but almost all 360 degree laptops have less sturdy hinges than a conventional one. If I'm typing on my lap or someone is moving around at a table I'm at I'll get some wobble but it's totally manageable. Also I do baby my devices and love to keep them in great shape so my book lives inside a neoprene case most of the time, so keep that in mind as well. Unless you're particularly rough with the device I can see it lasting for quite a number of years. Also I went for a i5 16gb model and I'd highly recommend that because it already gets quite hot and thermal throttles under heavy load very quickly as it is so I can't imagine the i7 would even be that much faster. The heat isn't an issue for my workloads but if you're doing anything more than content consumption or light office work I might at least consider something else. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. I've had my gen 1 GBP360 15" for a year and a half (pre-ordered Apr 2021) , and have been very happy with it, despite having to have the screen replaced in early 2022 due to cracked screen glass. The screen crack was apparently a fairly common problem. Like many other owners, my glass cracked without any physical impact or other obvious cause. I had to fight Samsung for several weeks to get it repaired under warranty, and they called it a "one-time accomodation" rather than admitting it was a warranty repair. Other than that experience, it's been the best laptop I have ever owned. I use it 3-5 hours a day on average, for everything from web surfing to graphics work to writing/debugging code. I put it to sleep at night, and only reboot about once a week, and have never had an overheating or fan issue. For me the big positives are great display, super-lightweight, very good battery life, and above-average keyboard for a superlight/thin laptop. Also, having power supplied via USB-C/Thunderbolt port rather than a dedicated 12V plug is a plus, as is the full keyboard with numeric keypad. I think this machine will last at least another couple years, though I'm hoping Samsung will add a 16" model with 16:10 display. If they do I may have to take the plunge. My work laptop is a newer Dell with 16:10 and it's a clear improvement over 16:9.

  6. i tried fighting with Samsung too they refused to fix my crack in the screen, I didn’t even physically bumped it too 😒

  7. Using GB2 from 1 month, no issues except sometimes it stops charging at 99% when I am using the laptop with intensive tasks on charging.

  8. Mine worked just until the warranty ran out - then a BIOS update was installed during Windows update and now it's bricked. Samsung doesn't supply the BIOS file either so I can't even try to recover it. Pretty frustrated.

  9. So far, I love mine. I had to have it replaced after my first one wasn't working properly. It might have been in the way we set it up. However, this one is working like a charm since the BIOS update which allowed me to use my fingerprint scanner again.

  10. Currently own GBP2-i716gb alongside a Galaxy tab s7+. No issues at all. I specifically chose the non 360 version as I already own a tablet which pairs extremely well with my laptop. My laptop is a laptop. My tablet is a tablet.

  11. I had a GB2P360. It faced ghost touch issues right out of the box ..was otherwise great. Got it fixed for free as it was under warranty. Otherwise it is a very good lap for all my needs....but it's been only 3 months of use.

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