Discussion Thread 1: September 20 2021

  1. It would be great to look through the Laundrie’s bank accounts now and see if any money has recently been reallocated or taken out. It’s scary that Brian could be out there with their help.

  2. he flew back to florida a few days after those two girls were murdered in the area where they were to help his dad with something. then he went back to gabby, and then he drove her van back to florida

  3. I know BL’s parents haven’t put their faces in the public eye, so it’s hard to really say what their true feelings/thoughts are, but I don’t get the sense they’re concerned about their son. That’s another reason I think they know where he is or they know he’s safe. From what I do see and hear, they don’t appear worried at all.

  4. I feel like eventually a lot of nasty stuff about these people is going to come out. They're way too cool about all this to not have been mixed up in other stuff.

  5. Has anyone confirmed/ heard anything about Brian potentially going live for 2-3 seconds on Instagram this morning. Heard it on a small YouTube channel so I’m aware the validity of this claim is most definitely in question. I’ll post the link here.

  6. How do we know Brian drove the Van from Wyoming to Florida? He flew home in August for 6 days to “clean out a storage unit!?” I don’t know how much that round trip plane ticket was, but a lot more than a storage rental! Did someone else bring the van to Florida and Brian has been gone since long before September 1st?

  7. From what I've read, him going home for the storage unit is accepted. He flew in and out and she was seen at the hotel without him and they were seen together after that. As for when he came home - I've only read that a license plate reader caught the van in North Port on 9/1.

  8. I wanna also add that he was pulled over when he reached florida. And was still allowed to go home in the van.

  9. He flew home I bet to discuss what happened and leaving her there and his parent told him to go back with her .... the alternative makes zero sense. Where was the footage of the search warrant on said storage unit all day? Nothing...that's the second place the FBI would have been at today.

  10. Just heard the 911 call. HE SLAPPED HER????? So why did the cops act as if she was the aggressor when the 911 call clearly said that HE SLAPPED HER!!!!!!

  11. Idk cause on the body cam they said they talked to witness at whatever store and they all said he was just pushing her to create distance.. maybe that’s what this man saw and didn’t see anything else and thought he was slapping her 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Maybe, just maybe, when they arrived on the scene things were not as clear as they seemed from the phone call?

  13. No idea. I wish they would have cleared that up LAST week! I mean it wouldn't have changed anything but still. Her poor family 🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. What the hell did Brian and Gabby (presumably still alive then) do from for 3-4 days between the last call and Brian leaving Grand Teton for his 2-3+ day trip back? So many questions.

  15. Supposedly after the incident with the call, he flew back to FL for about 6 days and moved her stuff into storage.

  16. I saw a bit of the live feed but couldn't discern very much. Is there some indication that they were specifically homicide detectives?

  17. I wish there was this kind of publicity for all of the missing children and young women. We wouldn't have so many missing if there were.

  18. People magazine just did a big piece on 6 cold cases of missing moms, so it seems like this is getting some attention to other cases that aren't national news yet.

  19. I agree. Although on top of the already “odd” story, I think part of the publicity is that GP and BL traveled through so many cities it was easy to gain traction. The multiple cities they were spotted in were easy for the media to pick up the case- therefore it just spread like wildfire.

  20. literally anything to avoid accepting whats glaringly obvious which is that brian is an abuser and murdered gp and then tried to cover it up but did a bad fucking job. brian never went to FL other than to drive the van back after murdering gabby, gabby never met up with her friend in yellowstone because she was murdered before she got there, her friend Rose never saw her in yellowstone because gabby was murdered before they could meet in yellowstone. Brian is the only person who knows what happened on Aug 27th-29th, because he was the only person with + in contact with gabby during the days that Gabby is unaccounted for. Brian hitchhiked to create an alibi so he didn’t have to take accountability for what he’s done. He’s avoiding the feds to do the same. why is this so hard for you to believe? it’s a crime that unfortunately but truthfully happens all the time (very often).

  21. Brian Laundrie’s attorney will have a press conference tomorrow 1pm eastern per Brian Entin

  22. Anyone hear the rumor that Brian Laundrie's Instagram went live for 2-3 seconds this morning? They are saying it showed that he was in a boat in the middle of a body of water. Not sure if it's true or not.

  23. Sounds like BS. People always make rumors, probably to get clicks on their YouTube/tiktok videos. I remember in the Mollie Tibbets case, on the subreddit dedicated to her, someone posted a picture of a girl tied up but the image was darkened to the point you couldn’t make out and claimed it was her.

  24. I heard this and donut believe it. If he has his phone on him I believe he would’ve been found. I mean certainly the FBI has that kind of technology and access to phone providers. I don’t believe BL has any device on him, and if he does he is stupid.

  25. The statement that the laundrie family released in response to finding gabby is just disgusting. The audacity they had to pretend like they care

  26. I’m just so confused why the North Port police department just left a note to move the car from the parking lot instead of running the plates of the mustang in the first place?????

  27. And if they ran the plates, then what? It’s not stolen. The end. He wasn’t a suspect or wanted at that point, either, assuming it was his name on the title. But his friends all said he owned a Lancer and sold it to finance their trip.

  28. He did. Some folks have speculated that he probably had an ipod touch and relied on Gabby’s phone and/or a wifi connection for everything. But again, speculation.

  29. WFLA is doing better with reporting in my opinion. The comments are pretty crazy though. Lots of accusing that this is all fake.

  30. It pisses me off so much how these Laundrie’s parents are acting throughout this entire process. I am so glad the FBI is involved now. This is way too much for local police. I hope they find him but he could be anywhere now

  31. He won’t get far. Even if he made it to somewhere like California or even Mexico. How’s he going to eat and survive? He can’t use his bank account, his cell phone, his car. He most certainly doesn’t have a bed to sleep in (nobody is going to risk hiding this kid out). He’s completely fucked. If he killed her he knows he’s facing a murder charge so there’s a good chance he’s killed himself in my opinion. This kid isn’t ready for prison, let alone for decades.

  32. Wonder if the laundries wake up every morning wondering if this is the day their son will be caught and they’ll be charged with obstruction of justice. It must be hell. But this is only the beginning unfortunately for them.

  33. Obstruction? They’ll likely get more than that. If he killed her and they find out in any way that the parents helped him destroy evidence or escape they’ll be facing much worse than that.

  34. Not really pertinent but you have to feel sorry for the neighbors of BL having a media circus and cops all over the place outside their homes. I mean they still have to live their daily lives; go to work, take kids to school, etc. And it must be extremely hard to maintain normalcy when your street gets blocked off, people screaming outside while your kids try to sleep, helicopters hovering overhead,and all the other mess associated with this...just feel bad for them.

  35. Id probably just get a hotel for the week. Sucks I’d have to shell out the cash but no way I’d deal with that. Large crowds of angry people can get unpredictable in a lot of bad ways….

  36. What Casey Anthony's parents went through was horrible. People threatened their lives daily, and they were the ones leading the search and pointing the blame to Casey.

  37. I haven’t seen this asked yet, so I apologize if this is a repeat question, but do these latest developments debunk the alien theories?

  38. I would love to be a fly on a wall when Brian got back to FL. "So Brian, you're back with Gabbi's van. That's odd. Where is Gabbi?" Brian: "Well, uh, we got in a fight and she decided to stay in Wyoming." Ok. So he had to tell his parents something. At this point you would think if Brian fed his parents some BS, Brian's parents would call Gabbi's parents. It's their future daugther-in-law. Or Brian: "Well, we got in a fight and I accidently killed her." Parents: "Oh wow Brian. Let's make up this elaborate story and say you went missing. Here's 2000 bucks which should get you down to Mexico." You have to be some really f-d up parents to help your child cover up a murder which is what it is looking like more and more.

  39. Unimportant and inappropriate but is anyone else obsessed with that 8-wheel ATV the cops had that they keep showing footage of

  40. This is the first time they are searching the house, right? If so, how come they couldn’t search it earlier, not as the home of BL but as the home of GP? Maybe I am wrong but in a missing persons case isn’t it normal procedure for LE to search the home of the missing person?

  41. It's her legal residence but it's not her house. LE needs a search warrant to enter a house against the owner's wishes. When Gabby was "just" missing there was no evidence of a crime, making it hard to obtain a search warrant. Now that she's been found dead, the search warrant was likely much easier to obtain.

  42. Remind me - when did the text come out about no service in Yosemite? That was 100% not sent by Gabby now that we know she was found in Wyoming, correct?

  43. They previously said that this was in error. I don't know if the family member relaying the text information misspoke, or the original media entity that published it misspoke, but it is believed the text actually said Yellowstone not Yosemite. The two national parks are often confused.

  44. Cell phones, lap tops, potentially stuff of Gabby’s and Brian’s from the trip, since the van was cleaned out by the time police searched it…. Also anything that can give insight into Brian’s relationship with Gabby…. Remember she lived there, so things like old journals of hers, etc, can be huge.

  45. Anything BL brought home? This more likely relating to BL's disappearance though and possible info relating to his parents concealing evidence.

  46. Going West is covering the story but they haven’t been able to update as quickly. This thread has the most up to date information but takes a lot of time to confirm sources. A lot of people on Tik Tok have been providing updates as they come in - @robandhaley on Tik Tok is covering it

  47. Yeah, but there is a chance of BL leading cops on a chase before it's over. Maybe his parents can drive for him, or try to block the police.

  48. I’m trying to make sure I don’t make any duplicate posts so apologies if this has been asked and answered, or is just a dumb question, but would the Laundries have been notified in any way about the search warrant before they showed up or no?

  49. With any common sense they would’ve known this is coming. Especially if he did kill her and he told them.

  50. Why would they warn them? That’s the easiest way to give them a heads up to destroy evidence if there is any.

  51. Doubtful unless they have insiders within law enforcement. But I saw some speculation yesterday that BL’s mom was a former DA. Don’t know if that’s true or not but if so, that could be the reason they’ve been able to avoid questioning.

  52. No they weren't notified. But they were expecting that it was probably only a matter of time when Gabby was found deceased

  53. I really wonder when the gravity of this hit the parents. When the hecklers were outside with megaphones? When the FBI showed up? When there was a helicopter canvassing their freakin' house?

  54. Does anyone really think that she was abandoned and died there? I'm unsure of the location specifics but couldn't she have gone for help off someone at the campsite? Or was the location in the middle of nowhere?

  55. If she was left at the site they were parked, she could have found people easily. All the camp spots were full, if she’d have walked down the road she could have found multiple people. Unsure about if she was left near where her body was found, that area seemed more remote and was across the river.

  56. No because the body was like 800-1000 ft from where the van was located in the YouTube video from the other campers, which was used to help find the body.

  57. I really hope officers will put a lot of pressure on the parents right now to question them and hopefully one of them at least will break and tell something of substance

  58. Leave it to reddit to have an inflated sense of importance. I haven't trusted these types of communities since the Boston Bomber disaster

  59. Brian Entin saying the parents are back in the house, except his stream is down and I haven't seen anything on the 10 Tampa Bay YouTube live stream? Anyone got a link to footage?

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