Removal of the Kd/Kill tracker system

  1. I know. I’m thinking remove the kd stat from the nameplate altogether and remove kill tracker. Because from what i see in public lobbies, tryhards will do crazy things to stay up on that tracker

  2. They should keep the system they have now where you only get K/D in pvp gamemodes. Score should be removed though in freeroam, it's fine in pvp modes though.

  3. I can agree with this. If kd stayed you could at least where your “skill” from activities. But that 1v1 kill tracker has to go. I’d argue it causes more of an issue than the kd

  4. It’s funny to me how you’ll see the “please add detailed stats” into every shooter that doesn’t have them, but then you have games like gta where you have good cases like OP has made to not have it in it. Just a wild thought how it’s not always universal on a subject

  5. I still never learned where one even gets to see a k/d, which makes it even more bizarre for me when people care for it. This game would actually be nice if there weren’t for pvp. Hopefully in Online 2 they introduce separate modes for pvp servers and fun servers.

  6. You’re not wrong😂 But it would at least take all of the gratification out of it. Even if that solved just 10% of the problem I’d be happy. Make being a try hard as unrewarding as it can get👌🏼

  7. I think GTA 6 will be so different in general. It looks like we will not be able to carry 50 weapons anymore. So most people won’t even be able to switch from 50. BMG to rocket launcher

  8. I don't think it really matters. Even after removing k/d from online people still kill a lot just to kill.

  9. Someone mentioned in a previous post about not having your player appear on the radar and only showing up when your shooting i think that would be a decent addition to online and maybe even proxy chat

  10. I like sticky’s, but the ease of use is the problem for me. Instead of a whopping 25, how about just 5. Players will have to actually think how and when to use them instead of “spam until your target is dead”

  11. Keep it. Light it up anytime anyplace in the city of anyone dares tries to Get up on Kd. My shooting is on point niggaz no not to fuck wit me and if they do ……

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