I don't want Gta 6 online to exist.

  1. We need a Ballad of Gay Tony. It was like a secondary story. Yes online was an extension of the story where you played as yourself and you made your own decisions, however it wasn’t fun. I played because it was something to do.

  2. Online has already funded the next 3 GTAs... That's why it's taken so long for 6 to come. No need for it when online is a cash cow.

  3. I remember the entire lobby being scared just because somebody had stolen a tank or jet from the military base. Had great memories from the first year or gta online then stopped playing.

  4. I have some great memories of GTA online. Some of the best were when I managed to get like half the lobby to start roleplaying together. I remember going round trying to recruit players to the epsilon project, spamming kiflom and driving blue cars. That was a great day

  5. I remember a 'hacker' gave me and my cousin like 3 millions in online like the first two three weeks, spend it in properties, cars and shit. It was so fucking fun smoke weed with my cousin then playing online and smoke weed and robbing stores. I'm sure those times will never come back, GTA online changed the entire gig for Rockstar

  6. So many awesome game modes that were birthed in the 1st year or two. rockets vs APCs, Snipers vs Kurumas. Y1 was probably the best year to play, nobody was super over leveled and no OP ass guns or vehicles, and having a Zentorno was the coolest car.

  7. The first years of online were a buggy mess, and player’s accounts kept on getting hacked and play sessions kept on timing out.

  8. I'm still pissed that I didn't log in in the first 2 weeks when the servers were down to get that free $1m

  9. I’m putting all my hopes on them not doing this for GTAVI. To be honest I think the community would be pretty pissed off if they did the same stuff in GTAVI so I doubt they’d do the same thing

  10. I went years without playing GTAO and when I eventually did it and saw flying bikes and cars for the first time, mid-air race tracks, stupid looking guns, etc I was so fucking disappointed...

  11. If the Tom Henderson drawing is real, then the only future tech we know of so far (that will be in the game) is a jet pack that is currently being used and developed right now.

  12. Bro it's all in good fun they added the stuff near the end of its life because they knew people wouldn't love it if they did it early on and on top of that the game is Goofy enough it doesn't really hurt anything. Not a lot of immersion to be had in this older version of GTA. Not to mention original GTA had jetpacks and shit too. So it's not really that much of a stretch. It's always been part of Grand theft auto's character to be a little goofy.

  13. Also more creative or story based missions, the heists were so fun to play with my friends and we genuinely had a good time and felt like we accomplished something massive.

  14. They should just make it where everyone is in passive mode by default, or have sessions where everyone is in a permanent passive mode, as well as sessions for players who don't want to be passive mode.

  15. Maybe you just don’t like online, but first few years of GTAO were amazing. It only started going wrong around late 2017 when the doomsday heist update dropped, and by the end of 2018 the game was damn near unplayable. From there the problem with hackers has only got worse so nowadays you just have a cesspool of hackers and griefers so you’re either getting blown up by oppressor mk2’s and orbital cannons or being put into a cage and submarines dropped on your head by a hacker. As long as GTAO2 doesn’t turn into that, I’m good.

  16. I'd argue it started going to shit in ~mid 2017 with Gunrunning as that's when we got a batch of questionably balanced vehicles, people seem to forget that the MK1 was annoying as fuck when it first came out as it was the first vehicle that allowed instant spawning and basically zero startup time.

  17. GTA online on PS3 was great plus they had armored cars you can drive they didn't have too many properties you could buy at first

  18. This is the reason some of us hate online. Open world PVP is literally pay-to-win or rather pay-to-not-get-blown-up-by-missiles-and-people-on-flying-bikes-every-time-you-try-to-do-a-business-run.

  19. I remember when online first launched I think there was a government shut down it was really a ton of fun. I only really stopped playing because my account was accidentally deleted, and I didn’t feel like putting the effort into getting it back again.

  20. The logical solution is to make online DLCs singleplayer tier in terms of story and keep with the trend of having things be soloable.

  21. I feel exactly the same, I remember the DLC that were rumored to be added to the solo mode to extend the story and change the map a little, etc. Nothing happened and I had such a bitter sweet taste in my mouth and it disgusted me from playing the online mode, on top of it being such a nightmare with cheaters and people spawn-killing you.

  22. I get where you’re coming from, but online does basically fund future releases. While I did get bored of online and the OTT updates I do hope rockstar can develop an online version for gta6 that keeps in line with a more ‘realistic’ tone.

  23. Look I don’t mind online. I just wish they would throw single player a bone. All that content, all those locations, weapons, vehicles and cutscenes made just for online they couldn’t occasionally incorporate it into Singleolayer? That new DLC showing Franklin running his fixer business, i wanna see more of that! I wanna see what are 3 protagonists are up to. Shit at least give us some cars or heists in SP.

  24. I’m just glad I bought a modded account with 7Billion on it which after doing the math if I were to buy shark cards is the equivalent to 80,000+ dollars of real world money to get. It’s more than paid for itself in entertainment and helping other lower levels have fun in game gifting them weapons they aren’t high enough level for or loaning any car I had to joy ride with

  25. I think that if they make a balanced, not so over-the-top unrealistic Online, I could see myself investing time and dedication.

  26. I think for games that are as good as rdr 2 (and probably gta 6 with the leaked 2 billion budget) gta online is a necessary evil that allows rockstar to throw millions and billions into developing games that set the par

  27. Yeah, I find stories to be not very replayable. Updates would have to be VERY frequent. Online works, I still play it 9 years after release. It needs online for the game to survive.

  28. Exactly. The single player ofc people want it but lets be honest, once you beat a game, you don't wanna play again especially an open world game. It just gets exhausting after a while. Online you will always have new updates and things coming out. Keeps a game alive longer.

  29. Yes, the story was amazing but when we booted up Online with friends, a ton of legendary shadowplay clips were a promise. I sank 300 hours into the story and 900 into Online. Bring it.

  30. I loved all the GTA games but V was special for me. So many hours put into it. I’m with you, I messed around in online for a bit but gave it up out of boredom, much like I gave up Destiny for the same reason. I wish game companies would just concentrate on the campaign and add grand DLC’s for it. I’d pay $30-40 per DLC just to get more story.

  31. This is the way. Build the base game, then add new stories. I would love an MMA DLC story that starts out as street fights then underground matches, then amateur and then finally a full fledged pro league. Hell, if the story is really well made and is a full game unto itself, I'd pay $50. You could do similar stories for all kinds of sports. This would allow the mini games to become more than just clunky throw-aways that people do once and never go back to it.

  32. I agree. I hope they just keep GTA Online as a separate entity. They can do a graphics overhaul and add more cities to it or whatever. But if they add an online to GTA6 I just hope it’s very different and with less ridiculously overpowered/expensive vehicles and weapons. They may have gained a lot of new players with GTA Online but they also lost a lot too (GTAV sold 170 million copies but only has 8-10 million monthly players. That says it all.)

  33. I just want GTA Online to exist separately from the main series. Be completely autonomous. Get it's own expansion, it's own maps, everything.

  34. I remember when the best car in online was the adder now we have submarines jet packs flying bikes rail guns you name it in my personal opinion for GTA less is more aslong as they give us certain things from the jump like heists the casino and a cops and robbers mode i would be happy, didn’t even bother starting a business all that work to either die or get paid in rocks just wasn’t worth it.

  35. Only thing about online that pisses me off is that SP DLC was scrapped for Online. That will absolutely happen again in GTA6. We never got a Red Dead 2 DLC. We'll never get a GTA6 one. Hope I'm wrong.

  36. GTA V's online mode was great back when it was more like GTA, with heists and group activities, and less like a bloated Saints Row with flying vehicles and way too much content that people stop caring about mere weeks after its release, making most of the game modes barely playable after a while (even though some of them are really good, such as the Slasher halloween mode).

  37. I cannot wait for gta6o, but I want it to be slow paced like gta5o was when it released. Rob a store, get a few thou, stick up a small bank, get 30k. Save up for a shitty mid range sports car, drive w ur friends, do contact missions, etc. I dont want it to be where you just grind a heist 3 times and buy a hyper car, know what i mean? More down to earth, slower.

  38. Honestly, as long as 6's iteration has an actual vision of what it wants to be and isn't just a totally schizophrenic hodge-podge of half baked ideas like GTA 5 Online is, I think it'll be alright.

  39. Honestly I would like gta 6 to be co-op, because playing with friends adds the potential of hundreds of hours of playtime.

  40. The in game economy is absurdly unbalanced so that you're motivated to spend money on shark cards. They make earning any significant amount of money a major grind. A video game should be fun, not feel like a chore. It's a disgusting cash grab and the idiots that pay for shark cards have proven to Rockstar that their player base will buy in to that strategy.

  41. No single player dlc like what was originally planned for GTA 5 was the games biggest tragedy, I would've taken that over the current state of online any day

  42. 100% agree but I'm just not an online player. It sucks that those who grew up with the single player GTA stories from GTA III to GTA V have had almost a decade of nothing.

  43. I hope they make a good story and online mode. Yesterday I had the time of my life in online with some of my friends so I would quit sad if there wouldn’t be something similar even better. But your point with story mode is also right and some love for singleplayer wouldn’t be wrong

  44. I agree to disagree, I hope that we get a system like FiveM, I stopped playing online as it got trashy, however I'd love to see a RP system especially with what the leaks have shown a lot of the leaked stuff shows things that FiveM developers have created, so it's nice to see that.

  45. I've refused to play online, because it was and still is essentially blackmail. Happy with the choice I made! I wish more people had done the same.

  46. I'll never understand why people complain about GTAO. I've put hundreds of hours into it without ever spending a cent of my own money, and Rockstar has added a lot to it over the years all for no charge. They could've just made GTA5 and do nothing else with the series for years much like Bethesda and TES, but instead they gave us lots of free content.

  47. its crazy how people think gta online is this super anti consumer game when you can have everything by just playing casually, no other game of that size lets you do that, its actually under monetized compared to some other games

  48. I’m saying this with all due respect. Just pick a different game mode. I never understood this argument. Players would rather replay a $60-$70 game over and over hoping to see a different outcome each play-through, alone then shelve it (or negate everyone else’s perpetual playability) to have a few updates to a story everyone might not even be interested in??? I would have dropped V a long time ago if it were still getting story updates. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it personally.

  49. Exactly!!!!Then never play it again once they beat it.The game is complete doo doo running around by yourself on it all the time with nothing else to do on it.That type of GTA gameplay has been outdated since the PS2.It be literally nothing else to do on the game playing it by yourself but acting a complete fool on it all alone until u get bored of it and never play it again after u finish beating it...like seriously,i don't think that guy ever realized how dumb that is or something.I know for a fact PS2 games are better than majority of every video game there is today.But newer games would be even more garbage if they didn't have online servers to make them sort of fun

  50. They have a long history of making enough money for that off their base games. They're a big company with multiple hugely successful games prior to GTA V even being released. It's not like they were ever broke and needed GTAO to get by. It certainly has helped them but they would be doing fine regardless. They were never struggling for money, at least not post GTA 3.

  51. Believe me, us RDR2 players know your sentiment. It’s why I refuse to touch online for GTA 6 and RDR3. They lost that trust already with a lot of us

  52. I hope they delay the online release until a couple of months after the initial release, so that players can't jump into online immediately, but also give time for players to finish the singleplayer first as well as give R* time to cook up some extra goodies for online... maybe a map expansion coupled with the debut of online? Maybe then, 6 months to a year of singleplayer only while they finish up the online mode?

  53. I personally believe that it would be a better business decision for Rockstar to solely designate Online to GTA V. That way they have two games running at the same time with similar popularity because of different appeal. GTAO makes a lot of money. When GTAO dropped, people up and ditched GTA IV multiplayer. I don't believe that would happen if Rockstar declines to make a GTA VI online mode.

  54. Online will never go away, you see how much money rockstar is making. I hate online but rockstar needs to make money or the investors would be upset. Also look HOW MUCH MONEY rockstars making, Online is a HUGE reason why we are still playing gta 5 today. Honestly I agree, more time should be spent on a story expansion like in GTA IV

  55. Online was always fun with friends. Everyone saying it was fun before 2018 doesn’t remember how long they waited for the game to load a lobby back then. Wasn’t even worth playing, damn sure wasn’t worth switching sessions. How many heist payouts did you lose because the session had an infinite load screen after the end of the heist?

  56. As long as they don't cancel singleplayer DLC and move it over to online im fine with there being an online mode, which lets be honest is inevitable

  57. Well they can’t just continue story mode for the next 10 years it has to end sometime and they need the online to pay for the next game and to pay their employees

  58. Well they can’t just continue story mode for the next 10 years it has to end sometime and they need the online to pay for the next game and to pay their employees

  59. I never was a big into the online play. I prefer GTA as a single player game because there’s a story and purpose, while there wasn’t really online. So yeah I agree. But I think it’s unlikely that Rockstar is going to pass up on it, since it was such a money maker for them.

  60. Online is essential these days. I enjoy playing a character that I made and personalized. I also enjoy playing with friends and goofing off. Even to this day GTA Online, albeit a bit dry these days, is still a go-to chill game that all my friends can play especially when there are more than 4 friends. I love being able to come up with the dumbest and/or fun scenarios with them (maybe a chase scene or robbery gone wrong, along those lines). What I would like to change is the tools that people can use to grief like oppressors and what not. It’s too easy and anyone can pick it up and ruin a session. Yeah we can go invite only but still.

  61. I do want it to exist, The entire magic behind gta online in all gta games is that you get to do all this crazy shit… with your friends, I’m VERY looking forward to doing heists with my friend of 10 years who I’ve been doing gta 5 heists with, such a fun time

  62. I disagree completely but the thing is: What we think is irrelevant, GTA 6 will have online and it's coming 100%. Not a single doubt in my mind, GTA Online is what made GTA 5 last 10 years and GTA 6 will last another 10 years and honestly, I hope GTA 6 lasts 10 years. This game will be so detailed and if they take care of it then absolutely should last 10 years

  63. I love the online, and now that we can take care of our businesses in solo sessions I’m glad to play it every night after long work hours ! The fact that it still exist 9 years later makes it a great purchase for me

  64. That's a matter of opinion dude, just because you don't want something in a game doesn't mean other people don't.

  65. I wish online never existed. If they want to do multiplayer it should have been something entirely different. It’s a money grab that is a black mark on the gta franchise.

  66. Honestly, Online is probably going to be their main focus, I hope they deliver a wonderful story but considering what Rockstar has become I could see them half-assing the story just to focus on Online and micro transactions.

  67. GTA online is overall a billion times better than single player... Who cares about single player... Honestly if there was no GTA 6 campaign and only the online, I'd be perfectly fine with that... When GTA 6 comes out I'll probably play through the campaign or whatever and then spend the rest of my time playing the online for however long the game is out until GTA 7 releases

  68. iam a story guy but ur gonna get stomped by downvotes, opinions arent allowed here you cant like both story mode and online it has to be us against them

  69. I care for both as I love GTA stories, but Online is literally the GTA of GTAs in terms of sandbox experience. For me is a dream come true to have so many vehicles and activities in one GTA game, the replayability has no match and ofc the playing with friends factor just adds to it.

  70. U are basically wishing for gta vi to be the last gta , gta vii ,or whatever that would be called, would not exactly be economically sustainable without online income

  71. Skill issue. The numbers don't lie. GTA 6 will just like GTA 5 focus on the online mode. The story isn't what makes money. Neither is it suited for the long-term. No one will buy microtransactions in a story setting.

  72. It’s inevitable at this point. They made so much money with online in V, there’s not a single chance that they would not do it. What worries me is that they will put more focus into online than story mode like in V.

  73. Rockstar will team up with Google Deepmind and implement laMDA to make the npc ai sentient. thus no need for online. problem solved.

  74. I definitely agree on the fact that online got all of R* attention and story mode pretty much got forgotten about and online had a really bad decline after a few years of dlc but I still don’t think thats a reason not to have GTAO. I started playing online around 2020 and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun messing around with my friends. And with a new game I think R* has a clean slate to start from scratch and try not to mess up GTAO too much this time

  75. Maybe Rockstar controls it better. Giving a version of GTAO that is more arcade with the oppressors and nonsense and a version that’s more in depth and those crazy vehicles don’t exist in this cannon.

  76. Respectfully, i have to disagree. I have so many good memories in online. It also basically funds their entire studio as well.

  77. Nah. I have some fond memories of GTA online with friends. Had a fucking blast playing it for years until everyone got bored.

  78. Not OP, but I'd be fine to purchase single player DLC, absolutely. It's too bad it won't be an option

  79. I agree. I’ve hated gta online since 5. I enjoyed gta 4 online but 5 killed it then OVERKILLED it for me

  80. I’ve hated online from the start , I hate micro transactions they suck the joy out of gaming and one of the reasons 6 is taking so long to come out

  81. GTA 6 has been in development since 2014. Lol Online has never interfere with that. It did,however, interfere with the dlc but you can play that in Online( the Doomsday Heists) and we are getting story DLC. It just happens to be locked to online. ( agency , Franklin and Lamar missions)

  82. GTAO only affected SP dlcs and smaller IPs like Bully. On the bright side GTAO made possible fot all R* studios to work on one project at a time and that's how they came with RDR2.

  83. i don’t think you’re a hater for saying this, but i def think it’s best that they didn’t touch the original story. after adding elements and locations the game would have become overloaded, and things like dlc’s would make everyone’s story different. the story with the og trio is the same for everyone, whether you played it when it came out or if you played through the story today.

  84. I loved all the GTA games but V was special for me. So many hours put into it. I’m with you, I messed around in online for a bit but gave it up out of boredom, much like I gave up Destiny for the same reason. I wish game companies would just concentrate on the campaign and add grand DLC’s for it. I’d pay $30-40 per DLC just to get more story.

  85. The more updates they released, the more of GTA online’s foundations they killed. I’ve noticed as years went on, it was harder to find deathmatches or street races. The thing I miss doing were the original contact missions - it was like doing GTA story missions but with other people. Nowadays everyone is always doing heist setups, executive jobs, or transporting goods in freeroam. All with the purpose of grinding for money instead of doing it for fun.

  86. I think GTA V storymode did not give us a proper exploration experience. GTA Online is actually better. I remember playing with my friends all the time completing tasks and doing heists over and over again until we succeed.

  87. "I don't like this so it shouldn't be" maaan get outta here with all that nonsense most of my fond memories are with gta online yea it sucked they didn't update single player but I'm glad I've played it all these years and I hope in 6 online I run into you when we first load in so I can hit you with my faggio lmao

  88. It will, I'm sorry, remember that part on the leak where a black lady is carrying a body? That's the MP player, you can read it on the texts

  89. i think you raise a really good point with the whole boring ass ugly ass mute character you get on online, but imagine an actually good online with good anti cheat, good character customization this time where all characters dont look the same nor look ugly, and like 50 voice options to choose from with different characteristics and whatnot.

  90. ehh.....lets realize that GTA 6 may turn out to be more satisfying gameplay and story wise than GTA 5 AND IV. The online portion could prove to be very entreating if they do it right this time. TBH and fair to you and other single player gamers, I wish that they do put a big focus on single player like they did with GTA 4. I personally cannot see myself as just playing as LUCIA and JASON for the next 15 years.

  91. Didn’t they explicitly say prior to the GTA V release that GTA Online would be its own entity and would continue to add new areas of the GTA world?

  92. I wonder if Gta online will merge to the new online. where wht GTA storyline will be: GTA online will be a plane away, and Be a Great heist. They just have to create a story base on GTA 6 story to make GTA ONLINE Exist As one. I hope it makes sense.

  93. It’s a separate game mode that a lot of people enjoy. It’s not for me, but “I don’t want it” does not invalidate all of the people that do.

  94. When GTA V first came out, I theorized that maybe we would have a GTA V: Episodes From Los Santos. I guess I was wrong...

  95. I couldn’t agree more, I’m hoping they don’t neglect the single player story ect for an awesome ongoing online multiplayer.

  96. This is wild because it’s the exact opposite as the Red Dead sub. They’ve given nothing to Red Dead Online and everything to GTA, while both have great single player campaigns.

  97. Take Two will keep online alive as long as possible. I don’t mind as long as the story mode has at least as much content as the previous games.

  98. If they can make GTA 6 online like RDR2 online I wouldn't mind at all. I just don't want to see unrealistic vehicles and weapons in the game and I hope they maintain the balance in terms of weapons and in-game money.

  99. I’ve never got the hype of enjoying the story over online. I get that it’s different but there’s so much more available in Online and being able to play with friends is great.

  100. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean others don't like it either. They made a ton of bank on online. And that in turn gave us free DLCs for almost a decade. And is being put to good use with RDR and probably the next GTA.

  101. I’m glad somebody understands. I mean how much wasted development time would it be to make the online for the game instead of spending it for storytelling, details, animations and a bunch of other stuff which make gta truly great

  102. I just hope they don't stop developing single player like gta v most of the stuff you can get online can't be accessed on story mode without mods

  103. But it's going to happen. They even have GTA+ with absurd prices, just shameless really on top of the billions in earning from Online.

  104. Well... TBH GTA Online had lots of features we wanted for GTA V and want for GTA VI : Lots of heists, buying properties like candies, making your own drug/gun empire, stealing cargo and cars, being eable to spent millions in luxury things, etc...

  105. I just hope they add some stuff for single player people for once. I'm not asking for much, just something.

  106. I can see where you're coming from, online is a complete shitshow, but let's be honest GTA has become synonymous with the online mode, the story mode is kinda just a bonus thing that comes with the online (which is sad because V's story is amazing) so not getting an Online at all would be very surprising and I imagine the story mode will suffer just like V's story is, unfortunately. We can only hope that the online is not like V's online, with more of a focus on low-level crime and heists that make sense for a criminal to perpetrate for monetary gain, not saving the world from an evil AI.

  107. No i prefer the option to play with my family states away so i hope online is a new consistent. It brings me and my family together

  108. considering how well gta 5 online did, and how about a third of the money made from it covered all of 6, i definitely see gta 6 online being a thing

  109. Yeah, seeing how badly they were againts big mods projects for gta v in the past, and then canceled story dlcs, I worry a lot, not to mention the wait for another R* tittle again after GTAO2, oh god, the reason I loved R* was because their stories and characters, and how conected those stories were, and I don't hate online games, I play a lot of cod or any other online with buds, but sometimes I just want to relax and play some SP games, and Rockstar games has my favorite SP titles, just their online games are not fun, it was a bit in the old gen, but not anymore, is either too grindy, or sweaty losers with MK opressor, unless they add a co op mode for story mode, that would be fucking fun.

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