I know its blurry, but one of the houses CJ can buy in Grand Theft Auto (Hashbury, San Fierro) has this picture of a car. Anyone know what it could be?

  1. Yeah, could be a Virgo and is probably most likely (it's not just my camera, but if only it wasn't so blurry), but the rear headlights always reminded me of the back of a Washington.

  2. Maybe the next time I play SA, I might find a Virgo or a Washington, respray them to the closest color I can to the one in the picture, and post a comparison side by side...

  3. Definitely not a Stallion 'cause it has 2 bigger, square taillights. Also not an Idaho since it has 2 smaller, flat taillights.

  4. You know what? Maybe the next time I'll play GTA I'll go to every safehouse I own and check for any car pictures. Although not a car picture, if I remember correctly, CJ's mom's house has a cat picture upstairs.

  5. Really? I dont remember any taxi models looking like that in SA. There are literally only 2 Taxi Models in SA, the Cabbie which is based on those Checker Cabs, and the Taxi, which is just a remodeled car known as the "Premier".

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