DRS campaign against brokers that don't allow transferring your shares..

  1. But those fucks HAVE been benefitting from your positions. They’ve been collecting interest from lending the shares in your account. Just having shares in etoro (or equivalent) benefits them

  2. Ok got it. I’d bite the bullet sell them then buy what you can from ComputerShare (NFA). Be done with Etoro but get as many shares at CS before liquidity becomes an issue. Don’t get left out in a Shitty Broker get shares in your name 🦍

  3. At this current price. I’d lose about $3000 with exchange rates from the bank in and out again. I’m not sure you get it.

  4. Op I’m not a financial advisor nor do I know the details of EToro’s charges. I’m only reading the comments and your replies. Honesty my heart breaks for all of you outside of the US. This is just my thoughts. Based on what I’ve read over the past two years, it sounds like EToro is not going to allow you to sell at the squeeze even if you wanted to. That’s a lot of shares to be dangling in the hands of a broker that is already ( from what I read) is F__king you all. Would it be worth the transfer fee to IBKR( not worrying about the timeline) and if you so choose sell what you want through CS? Then you would still have your transferred shares as well for your investments. I’m just thinking out-loud. Like I said I really feel for you guys. Just throwing out an idea. The best to you.

  5. Is it possible to initiate a transfer through a different broker instead of Etoro, to have them withdraw your shares from Etoro?

  6. I was also in etoro, but with etoro money, you can sell and the cash is instantly settled in the app, then I personally sent that to Revolut at the time and re bought from there with the same cost average all within about 5 minutes , and then DRS’d

  7. Why wouldn’t you have sold your shares on Etoro and repurchased on a better exchange or directly through computer share? This makes no sense to me.

  8. Hey buddy, if currency conversion fees are the issue, have you considered transfering your money from eToro into a Wise USD account? Then fund your IBKR account from there?

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