One billionaire backer of the insurrection answers me (I am apolitical but because it’s Kenny I am posting this)

  1. I’m not a big fan of the Democrats, but I have yet to find a single Republican candidate that truly supports individual retail investors. It was Republican senators like Pat Toomey that tried to push out PFOF legislation that would seek to legitimize the scandalous practice. There’s a reason Ken Griffin is pumping billions of dollars into Republican candidates. They will be first in line to legislate for and forgive the current crimes being perpetrated on Wall St. Any retail investor still stupid enough to support a party actively working against them needs to ask themselves “why am I investing here?” They are literally working towards killing their own investments.

  2. What people don't understand is that the Republican Party in reality is just another arm of the Democrat Party. It is now all one big Socialist Party. They all work together behind the curtain.

  3. I believe the two parties have been established to serve the rich. Good luck if you aren't already rich and expect politicians to change the system to help the poor and middle class.

  4. There’s not two sides Brotha. That’s what they need everyone to think. As long as people continue siding with Dems or Reps, the more they’ll continue to divide us. It’s one system using its players against each other. Everyone needs to understand this. Unfortunately, majority have no clue they’re being controlled.

  5. Exactly this, republicans play the side of staunch old values “litttle government” “bad guy” democrats play the “good guy” and sometimes they switch who’s playing the villain but in the end they both serve the same masters

  6. Mods must be asleep. This is one of the more clearly "out of bounds" forum discussions I've seen in a long time. No politics on gme subs. There's a place for it after moass, but not before. It just leads to community-splitting behavior.

  7. Left and right are both corrupt AF and both a retail investors worst nightmare. A regular persons worst nightmare as well. Not that we cleared this up, AGAIN, GET THE FUCKING POLITICAL POSTS OUT OF THIS SUB.

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