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  1. No one here gives financial advice, Google investing and choose a broker (not RobbingHood) or better yet open a Computershare account and only invest what you are willing/able to. Again, this is not financial advise.

  2. I want to learn the terms and know which platforms are the most used ... I am willing to risk everything, I have been receiving signs for a long time that I should start investing, a while ago while I was driving uber some passengers talked about buying the dodgecoin that would go up in price .... later I found out on reddit how its value increased by almost 13,700%, I no longer want to lose any more opportunities ... in my country there is an ancient saying that says "no risk .. no winโ€

  3. My first stock is GME and itโ€™s the only stock Iโ€™m hodling and will hodl until u see me and other apes at the moon

  4. Whatever broker you choose, whatever stock you buy, always, always be prepared for loosing everything... So very, very carefully choose what amount of your money are you willing to bet (invest)... This is no longer fair game so you can loose due to broker fuckery, market fuckery, or just fuckery in general... Said an ape that yoloed gme with everything without any regrets ;)

  5. Fidelity is a great broker in my personal experience (not advice, just my experience). I recommend reading up on god-tier DD in this sub and SuperStonk, thereโ€™s a lot of great information about how the markets work.

  6. This is not the place. This is a gme sub only. I like the stock. No one here gives financial advice. IMHO this post should be removed. No one that reads this sub would recommend it to learn about Bcooin. So either you have extremely bad sources or you have Bad intentions. I hope itโ€™s the former.

  7. Open up a Fidelity account and buy and hold GameStop until the price reaches You can buy however many shares and check how much youโ€™re expected to make on!

  8. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป I was lost yesterday but I wake up reading a lot of stuff โ€ฆ sometimes you need a little orientation to find the right path โ€ฆ I know all of you guys start with nothing I just want to be in this revolution when I wake up and see the news you only see the same group of people wining they donโ€™t share the secrets of wealth , in the school they donโ€™t give you financial advices , I need to find other ways to make money I donโ€™t want to be rich just get a ticket out of the rat race

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