Welcome to the Game, retards ! Buckle up and enjoy the full compression of this massive wedge.

  1. Basically, shorts push price down, apes and bulls push price up, it gets squished to a point where there is nowhere else to go than a straight line. Doesn't mean the volatility is gone, it's just under tons of pressure. Then one of the two influences proves itself to be stronger and wins in a spectacular way, releasing the pressure. Here we know apes will not sell and you can't ignore a rising trend of people buying and holding forever. We are at the same lowest point we were at in February.

  2. Just used my blue-red 3D glasses on this. The positive candles change to bright green and looks dope elsewhere too.

  3. it could theoretically just spike to the descending resistance line and keep swinging the larger pendulum as well...Only RC and GME can make an ultra announcement that will break that larger trend line. Come on NFT ...what happened to the 8/17 number in the code? that was just a guess i suppose ?

  4. Of course, we still have the upper resistance. But with each run up, I believe it takes insane funds/counterfeit shares to pull those drops at 350, and the uptrend can't be ignored forever.

  5. Nice post! Conflict soon? Do we need to look for a double bottom W pattern to confirm this floor? Looks like we are in a mini wedge today

  6. Double bottom on the DFV (inclined) has been executed with today's dip. From my calculations we seem to have 2-3 days max to go.

  7. At least until you consider liquidating your portfolio to afford a large beverage and hamburger hahah. Joking, have a good time!

  8. What kind of target prices do you see for the coming uptrend, not counting in possible liquidations and MOASS? And no worries, would never daytrade this stonk, diamond hands. As a smoothbrain just curious to know what your predictions are and what you base them on, since you seem to have quite a good track record on your TA.

  9. Does this mean hedges are going to pull out the dick from the ape butts? Or are they going to wipe it off so it's dry and put it back in with purpose?

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