Has anyone got a job??

  1. apply for mcdonalds, your pretty much certain to get an interview, as far as I'm aware there is only two interviews so its quite simple

  2. looking for one rn, not much about in my area soooo. also my parents r being fussy even though it'll be me working 🫶

  3. Yeah I work at a small local cafe. I'm 16 and get paid £5.16 an hour and pick up quite a few shifts. I turned 16 last December and found the job by luck really

  4. Yep I work at a pub with my mate. Making pure bank at 15 haha nah but im glad to be having an early start with jobs, gonna apply for the army at the end of the month so thats interesting, if anyone is interested I want to be an electrical technician.

  5. yep, I work in a leisure centre, been there for about 6 months, £5 an hour, bit shit but gotta start somewhere. But i also get free membership to the gym, swimming pool, health suit ( jacuzzi, steam room, sauna) as well as to the courts for badminton and to a choice of 60 fitness classes. The only problem is there is this one woman, who to put it frank is a bitch, fitting name too, Karen :( I think she's slightly salty that me and her are in the same position, ( same exact job title) but I arrived 40 yrs younger

  6. Oh wow that sounds worth it for sure. That membership could be ~£40 per month. Check the price- that is your real wage

  7. Haven’t even got my NI number yet.. birthday is on the 23rd of August but they spelt my name wrong and they’re taking forever to fix it

  8. I was hassled during exams to apply by my siblings but am now grateful as there is an abundance of applications now compared to when we were sitting exams/before exams. I got a job at ASDA earning £11 an hour which is alright.

  9. I got one in a fish shop that pays 4.81 an hour and i had to do a 12 hour unpaid trial in order to get that job but hey its better than nothing

  10. I'm starting a volunteer job with a children's summer program once primary schools are out, not the best money at £15 a day for expenses but I'm happy enough with it

  11. nope, they’re near impossible to find where i’m at and the only place that i’d like to work at has awful communication. got a job there before exams but didn’t respond to anything i sent them in regards to training or starting work so🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  12. Hate to be your Mum but I really would call them. It's usually the main line of contact for most businesses, and some places want you to call them as it shows initiative to get started on the job.

  13. Got a waiter job by walking into a Spanish Tapas bar and asking for a job in Spanish. No interview, just a trial shift and now I’m in full swing.

  14. I applied to 8. Got rejected by one and got one interview for one (wish me luck 🤞) and haven’t heard back from rest

  15. Yep I applied in June half term to get a head start on applicants and got a job after maybe 10-15 applications. It's great aswell and I'm super glad I applied earlier because from what I've heard others have been struggling but good luck nonetheless.

  16. Yes I work at my local football club as a waiter. Yet to do a shift since the season hasn't started but I have one at least

  17. i have 2! my first is at the local chinese at £7, and my second is at a local garage at £4.81. crazy amount of hours, currently working full time, so tiring

  18. Yeah. I got a job as a Trainee Pharmacy Advisor at a Boots pharmacy in my city. They pay really well around £360 a week (amazing for 16) and the employee benefits are great. They're doing all the training on the job and I get a qualification from it. Full time for the summer, then part time in September for starting college. Really happy honestly, couldn't have asked for anything better.

  19. Was looking at apprenticeships, but the application requires an "about me" section I just don't know what to put in it (using predicted grades obvi)

  20. Yep. I got one at the RAC in Ashtead in my first interview. Took me 5 minutes to land the job. It’s great pay for a first job at £9.50 but it may be a culture shock working 35 hours a week in August, but I would make £1400 working every available hour

  21. There are 0 vacancies. Not one for 16 year olds when you search on Google. Guess I gonna have to go to home bargains and Morristons and asda online and see if they have vacancies

  22. If you're looking to do work experience then the libraries here are usually accepting of anyone, plus when I did my work experience they had cake every day in the break room which was great lol

  23. I was sat here earlier feeling useless reading these then I remembered I currently have a job as a cat sitter & I am getting paid really well since this is the 2nd time I am doing it for these neighbours. £50 for the week and I only have to feed the cat once a day (sometimes i go twice just in case but someone else is doing the other feeding times).

  24. I work at a cafe as a waitress! Been doing so for just over a year now, and when I'm in sixth form I'll probably pick up more shifts during half days and such. 5 pounds an hour plus tips ♡

  25. yeah man, working at my dads factory (good ole nepotism), as sort of machine maintenance and repairs, learnt loads of skills and decent pay.

  26. I started landscaping on private jobs a few weeks back but now i have sorted a bank account out i can go by the books and I've been landscaping on building sites in Sheffield, Huddersfield, and Wakefield. I was in Doncaster earlier and I'll be in Rotherham tomorrow. Although I only got that job because i live on a farm and have connections

  27. my mum is being extremely pressuring about it because she wants to prove to my dad that im not useless which is kinda selfish but, the first time i ever tried having a job it went so horrible. after my first shift that i never went back. first shift ever, friday, only person behind the counter, still figuring out how and remembering where everything on the till screen to use it to print receipts after like 20 minutes to get used to it the day before. had two panic attacks and accidentally started printing out multiple of the same receipts bc i got overwhelmed and started spamming the print button and the dude was just shouting at me in a mix of mandarin and english 💀

  28. i might in the summer, i applied somewhere but if i don’t get it ill probably either try asda or smth or maybe just do editing for ppl? like freelancing ig

  29. Got a job that I stated a while back a few months before exams. Working in a kitchen at a local pub. Pay is decent and tips on top are insane

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