Anyone know how to fix this ?

  1. As much hate as I might get I had the same problem and bought these fitted carbon fiber stickers and put them on and they look great with black interior, obv they don’t look legit but better then the fading chrome and only costs $20

  2. Good lord bro that is like literally every single G on planet earth 😂 had no clue it was as common as it is. I vote you get a cool carbon fiber replacement for it if they exist.

  3. I sanded painted mine, looks amazing. Used rustoleum soft iron. No primer, No top coat. Paint is strong and bonds well, no chipping or anything. They have a ton of colors to choose from.

  4. Orbital sand and it looks just like it's been brushed, then lay down a few thick coats of clear.

  5. This is off topic. But why don’t Infiniti cars come with floor mats. Does anyone have any advice for a beige interior.

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