Be honest

  1. It’s also on the left side of the screen which if you read left to right, you’re more likely to scan pictures that way too

  2. Who woulda guessed the brain sees a bright, colorful object placed more in the foreground than a dark, dull object in the midground

  3. It is a deleted scene when a white walker manages to enter the crypts of Winterfell and Sansa is wearing some very tight hot-pants trying to seduce it. However, the producers cut the scene off thinking it is highly unrealistic for a walker to enter the crypts from the outside as it is basically unbreachable.

  4. The dead looking person, then the vague outline of the bloke next to him, then the bright shorts on the lady.

  5. It's because it's where the light hits. It called a highlight it draws your attention. It's all about photo composition, nothing to do with being sexually driven. Although I am sure you are like most of us... xD

  6. Not gonna lie, i live beautiful hair... especially Red. That ginger hair is an insane magnet for me 🙏

  7. I mean most of the picture is in shadow and there is a bright ray of light illuminating one part which has the brightest and most vibrant colors, as well as being a point of interest for other reasons.

  8. Red hair on the left it's the brightest part of the image and stands out... Then my eyes slowly gravitated downwards.

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