Hig just wants everyone to have a good morning

  1. Hig has officially decided you are one of his own and he's doing his duty of checking in on you. Hig loves you. You will love Hig

  2. I had a small dog back in the day that would act very similarly. At night, he would check everyone's bedrooms before conking out under my arm, and in the morning, he would individually wake everyone up and get all excited when they finally started walking around.

  3. Hig: Daily round, checking up on my pack, don't know why they don't all live together but I will check in with them all every day even so....

  4. Genuinely love this. A great way for people to know if you are alive and well too. The day he does not stop howling, at hey will check on you for one of two reasons. They care about your well-being or they want to stop that damn howling. Either way, it’s a win win for you ;)

  5. When I was in high school my dog would come up to my room on weekend when I was trying to sleep in and put his head on the bed and stare at me until I woke up. As soon as I was awake he would run back down stairs, mf didn’t even want a pet just to fuck up my day off.

  6. Doesn't matter what you think. Hig has adopted you into the pack and will always do the 'are you alive today' thing. You should be very honoured!

  7. I have a Hig too. Keeps tapping and booping on the gate until I open it. Comes in, trots for a total of 10 seconds around the house and goes away.

  8. We need a Hig service. Just a bunch of Higs and they go door to door checking on their people. I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

  9. Hig. What a guy. So sweet. My aunt and uncle had a lab named Sonny. Very tiny town. He would follow the kids to school and if he stayed too long the principal would call my aunt to come pick him up. Sonny would be on his way if she went up there. The principal eventually would just tell Sonny to go home and he would. Then he’d go back to walk all the kids home. During the day we all knew he would go visit people but didn’t realize so much. People called a few times to let them know that he’d been there. Just like Hig he’d make the rounds. Lunch with a retired guy and he had a lady he’d visit in the morning at 10 am. He would stay for an hour while she watched a show and gave him snacks while she had her coffee. There were other people too. Many stories. Anyway, This dog got hit by cars 7 times. Only once he got injured enough to require serious help. I was walking him once and as he crossed the road he got hit. Literally flew threw the air into a ditch. I freaked out. Car owner got out. Sonny just sat up shook it off and started bopping around again. The best though was when we were all there for New Year’s. My uncle answered the phone. It was the little tavern at the bottom of the hill. They said they were closing and Sonny needed a ride. Turns out he was a regular customer there. Lol. It was awesome. We always wondered about all the other people we didn’t know about who Sonny hung out with. I liked thinking he touched many lives with his friendliness and love. Loved that guy. RIP Sonny💜

  10. Hig would be getting the full brunt of my garden hose…jigs owners would also get warned that abominable control will come next time.

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