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  1. It's really weird how intensely she feels the need to impose a hierarchy. It doesn't matter how other people feel about their pets. It would be messed up if someone chose to have a child and then treated the child worse than a pet, but that's a preposterous strawman, and the problem would be the poor treatment of the child rather than the relative treatment of the pet.

  2. Well, my grandmother fired a maid after she hit one of her dogs. Completely fair right, but the way she said it was " you can hit my kids but you are never allowed to touch my dogs". Its been over 40 years and the kids still remember this and bring it up when relevant.

  3. Fundies are big on putting a hierarchy to love. Women are explicitly supposed to put god first, then their husband, then their kids. It’s like there’s a finite amount of love and so they have to rank who they prioritize to get the most of it.

  4. Fundies are ALLLL about hierarchy and authority. Church over man. Man over woman. Woman over children. Humans over animals. Married over single. White over POC. They derive comfort from believing there is a strict social hierarchy, and anything/anyone that breaks or questions that structure is inherently evil. That’s also why there’s a proven strong correlation between religious belief and conservative political values (pro-police, pro-military, anti-civil rights)

  5. we fucking get it already lmao shut UP, why are you online raging about how and what people show affection to? for days on end???? like, if ur so concerned with everyone procreating… go do your part and leave everyone else the hell alone maybe

  6. Didn’t her husband just crash recently with his crypto-scam? Might be spiraling down and therefor doubling down on the bitterness. She looks and sounds like she has a hard time finding company for her self-inflicted misery.

  7. Seriously my sister does not really care for pets, but she does not spend all her time trying to persuade me to her perspective because she realizes that people are different and that would be stupid!

  8. Exactly! These tweets are showing how ppl like her do not believe animals can show emotions, experience pain, and consider them inherently “less valuable” than human life. IMO humans are much worse than animals, we are the ones destroying our planet and the environment, not the animals. Animals are innocent.

  9. I’m back. Just looked at her twitter acct. her bio says she’s 23. Nothing like a child who thinks she’s an adult bc she’s in her 20s and married spout off on how life should be for the rest of humanity.

  10. 23? Oh Lord, she's just a baby married or not and doesn't have a clue about life. 🤣. Hopefully she grows up enough to look back and be mortified at herself. She seems so unhappy for one so young, she probably should have waited to get married, maybe then she wouldn't be so miserable with the man she has tied herself to. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. How sad to be this bitter and angry at 23! I adopted my first fur baby at 23 and she was my soulmate animal. She was with me through all my major growing into an adult milestones and was just the absolute best.

  12. My favorite thing is that she said she “never had to uproot an established life.” What established life could you possibly have proudly rejected? You’re in your low-20’s! You were married at 20, lol

  13. Her intense dislike of animals is creepy. It’s like there’s been a rise of fundies who hate anything people pour love into without expecting to gain any benefit, unlike fundies relationships with their children for the sole purpose of raising “soldiers” and alt-right voters.

  14. I agree! Not wanting to adopt a pet is fine. But being this mad, for several days, that people treat animals with love? Why? Just… get a hobby?

  15. Just because people love their dogs doesn’t mean we all consider them human. Maybe she needs to come up with a “do” and “don’t” list for us all so we know what’s acceptable and what isnt. 🙄

  16. I am probably the exact type of person she’s complaining about in her post: I’m half of a DINK couple with a very spoiled dog whom I adore. He’s not a child, and that’s kind of the point. Solie doesn’t like that people like me can be happy when we’re not living the lives she wants us to live.

  17. Someone else mentioned that fundies don’t consider children fully human so it makes sense that showing basic love and respect to animals feels like “putting them above babies” to her.

  18. I keep laughing at trying to figure out exactly what she thinks the problem that is negatively effecting her is. What is “putting dogs and humans on the same playing field?”

  19. I love my cats. But when my wife was pregnant, we were ready to rehome them if there was a reason to do so. (And by “reason” I mean things like life threatening allergies and the like) Because our child was going to come first.

  20. Why does it matter so much? How does some loving their pets affect her? I really hate so-called Christians who always assume they're right and everyone else is wrong! I'm a Christian and now other Christians who - gasp - love their pets and treat them like family. Sorry the rest of us didn't marry the first guy who came along . She must be so bored to keep posting about this.

  21. Idk, dogs have spent many thousands of years (I know she does not believe in this anyway...) evolving to be the ultimate companion for a human. Dogs have evolved to look more like human babies to trigger our instinct to protect and nurture them. It's wild to discredit that. Unconditional love? Someone who is always happy to see you? I know she does not believe in science, but girl, look at the science! There's a reason why babies are not brought to hospitals to comfort sick people. Babies and dogs can both be awesome.

  22. God, I'm dying at the thought of people bringing babies to hospitals to comfort sick people. A baby just screaming and crying it's lungs out because dying strangers are pinching their cheeks isn't nearly as wholesome as giving a well behaved dog a skritch or two.

  23. But WHY does she have a problem? She doesn’t have to do it. No one is going to force a pet on her and make her say she loves it like her baby.

  24. This whole "people who don't want babies put animals at/above humans hate people" thing is so dumb. It's like telling someone who likes pepperoni pizza they hate all other kinds of pizza. I don't like humans less, I just prefer animals.

  25. And it's not something that occurred recently. History is full of people loving their fur , feathered or scaled companions and yet Solie is treating it like it's a modern thing that happened out of nowhere.

  26. It’s also not even a big deal. When I was in my 20s, and even into my 30s, I would have definitely chosen (and did choose) having animals over kids. I was not ready to accept the responsibility of children.

  27. It must be exhausting to be so hateful. I can’t imagine what life must be like being so upset and angry about things that don’t have any bearing on your life. Let people live, Solie. What a weird thing to be hung up on.

  28. My partner and I have been planning on getting a cat, so we put together a list of everything we needed and whenever we ordered something online, we took turns ordering 1 thing off the cat list. Our plan has always been to adopt the cat after the Christmas/holiday traveling season, but we figured for budgets sake, and to work how much space cat stuff will take up into our lives, we'd have everything in the places we were planning on putting it. And if we find a stray or come across a cat that needs a home before then, we'll be set!!

  29. My mom would absolutely riot if I were you. Lmao. She would lose her damn mind and get me a whole litter of kittens because I need "babies" for all those toys.

  30. I treat my dogs better than she treats literally any human so…maybe she should just treat people and animals better?

  31. Maybe Solie wanted to get a dog and because Andre didn't let her to get one she started to hate post about dogs. If she is miserable, then everyone having dogs has to be miserable too. /jk

  32. But that’s just her perception. And even if for some people they did love their dogs as much as people, who cares? Why is she ranting about it for days now? This is such a weird thing for her to be upset about. She chooses babies over animals and some people choose animals over babies. Different people have different preferences and make different life choices. It’s not that big of a deal. She’s getting so upset about something that literally hurts no one and isn’t against Christianity. It’s so ridiculous and selfish. And the fact that she hates animals like this is genuinely concerning. When people have a specific distaste for animals like this I see it as a big red flag.

  33. This sounds like it started as a standard “Omg my pet peeve is when people call dogs fur babies” rant, which is fine, dog people deserve it (note: THIS IS JOKES), but she took any response to that way too seriously, and now her whole personality is based on it. It’s very weird.

  34. You know what? Fuck her. My Malinois/Shepherd mix would literally give her life for me. We don’t deserve dogs and the gentle love and compassion they show us daily. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for both my kids and dogs.

  35. If people want to treat their animals like humans, what effect does it have on her. None. I don’t like animals and I’m absolutely terrified of dogs.

  36. These folks literally make up problems in their head. Nobody is putting them on the same playing field as humans?? Nobody’s suggesting you put down grandma when she starts to get old, you rehome your bratty kid, or you put down your aggressive kid!!

  37. Here's the thing, if there were a fire and I could either save my nephew or my cat, I'd save my nephew. That doesn't take away the fact I love my cat very much. These are the questions they like to pose. Who do you love more? Who would you save? Which life matters more? I'm not facing situations everyday where I have to choose. The fact I love my cat as much as I do, doesn't take away from any other love in my life and it doesn't need to compete with the love parents have for their kids. Having a pet doesn't stand in the way of me having a kid. If I wanted one (and could have one) then me having a cat wouldn't change that.

  38. I don’t like my dogs better than my kids or husband, but I like my dogs better than a lot of the rest of my family 😅

  39. Weird hill for a so-called Christian to die on. "Hey everyone, you should love God's creations LESS. There's too much love in this world." Unhinged.

  40. If being a wife and mother is so fulfilling for her, why is she spending so much time dumping on others on social media? Shouldn't she be with her husband and kids?

  41. I’m TTC and not having any success. My dog is my biggest source of comfort. Fuck this hateful woman.

  42. I don’t like dogs and don’t want to be around them but I really don’t care what other people do as long as it doesn’t affect me.

  43. I forgot about this chick! I got blocked by her on Instagram a while ago for pointing out her hypocrisy over something or another. This was before I knew about not touching the poo.

  44. We call our dog “our dog-ter” and I have a framed picture of her on my desk at work. We absolutely baby her while still holding reasonable expectations and celebrating her dog qualities. Also we fully acknowledge that she’s helping us practice habits we’ll need when we have an actual human baby, like sharing financial responsibilities. Something she probablyyyy didn’t get practice in…

  45. I call my dogs kiddos when I’m walking them. I also have 2 kids and they don’t seem to mind. We all baby our animals no matter what age we are in this family. She can just go on being upset because people do things different than her. She should take it as a blessing as all us heathens either limit the amount of children we have, have none or choose pets instead. If the cards keep playing that way her Uber religious views will flourish since they are the ones that apparently procreate correctly and with mass efficiency and the rest of us losers will just die off /s/

  46. The strict hierarchy of humans at the top, every other creature below, is based in Christianity (and several other religions). This isn’t coming out of nowhere; it’s called the great chain of being, which was the dominant social fact within medieval Christian Europe. The great chain of being was the idea that every species has its predetermined place in the world, with humans at the top. Humans were further divided by class and gender, the king directly below angels and god and the lower classes closest to the bottom of the human chain. To challenge the hierarchy is to challenge god and the “natural order of things.” Just a little history fact that may shed light on the bitter opposition that fundies have to any perceived slight against “the natural order of things,” which places animals below people. They, directly or subconsciously, believe that to challenge the great chain of being is to challenge god and Christianity itself.

  47. No one is saying to not be humane to people but there’s literally nothing wrong with someone loving their pets. That’s all we’re saying. Just because you can’t understand why people love pets so much doesn’t make you right and for you to agree with her hateful crap is weird.

  48. Except people on other sub reddits wishing ill on mothers who harm their children had nothing to do with Soleis screeching and whining.

  49. I can’t imagine walking through life constantly thinking so negatively of other people. Imagine going every single place and finding something wrong with every person or place you encounter.

  50. She’s mad people are putting animals over hypothetical humans that may never exist.. this is the funniest thing to happen on this sub in a while

  51. But then how will she feel superior if someone can just walk into a shelter and adopt the same number of dogs as kids she has/could possibly have?

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