Bethany's over at the house, cleaning, but takes the time to brag about what great budgeters she and Dave have been, their "financial freedom", and how well-prepared they've been for their future. This is not supported by their desperate scramble to find a house before their lease expired, but OK!

  1. After she delivered her 8th-grade-level pep talk on the importance of keeping track of your money, she then went on to basically say the problem everybody else has, and why people are so stressed-out about money, is they just don't know how to budget and don't do it right--like she and Dave have done. I'm so grateful to her for solving the problem of the economy in America today.

  2. I don't believe Bethy when she said that she and Dav are not stressed out about money. All the budgeting in the world won't help if their expenses exceed money coming in. If they have no money problems, Bethy wouldn't have a need to constantly sell her PDFs, course on courses, single girls course, her clothes, and GD books and beg for free things for their new baby like there's no tomorrow. Dav wouldn't have to take extra freelance work. It's so apparent, IMO, that they're hurting for money. I would feel bad for them, if they both weren't so smug.

  3. This makes me so angry. I’m stressed about money because my medications are expensive and insurance barely covers them. I’m stressed about money because I can’t afford to buy groceries. I’m stressed about money because my job doesn’t pay me enough. It doesn’t matter if I budget, I literally do not make enough money to live, which is why I’m getting a second job. Her bullshit budgeting advice isn’t helpful at all.

  4. No one is better at budgeting than poor people. When every dollar truly counts, you know exactly where it is and where it’s going

  5. Why is everything testimony? I genuinely don't understand this concept, you're just announcing you use a budget, there is nothing faith based about this.

  6. Could be she's unaware that it's religious vocabulary. When all the social interaction one has had growing up is one's own family and going to church, one could easily assume that that is just how people talk. Someone gets up to share some personal life stuff in a church, and that's called a testimony. She might just genuinely not know that making a random announcement about how you're living your life isn't called a testimony outside of church.

  7. She really needs to realize she has a built in safety net that most people do not have. The “just don’t go to Starbucks” attitude is the height of privilege and those working their butts off and still not able to save a down payment work way harder than she does and ever will. Ffff off Bethy

  8. I’ll start the bet at $11 that she’s going to try to convert budgeting tips into either another “e-book” or another course. She really does think of herself as an expert on everything.

  9. There is absolutely going to be a 'someone else asked this, honest' question in her reels soon saying can she pleeeeeaaase teach a course or write an ebook on budgeting 🙄

  10. I think her sister, Rebekah (Aka Curly Baird) might beat Bethy to it. That post about how gasp buying in bulk actually costs less, was absolutely mind blowing! /s

  11. They are a two income family that couldn't qualify for a conventional mortgage. I was able to qualify for a mortgage as a woman with one income. Think I will pass on Bethaniche's financial advice

  12. My husband and I qualified for a conventional mortgage on one modest income since I'm a SAHM. We also had student loans and a car loan that had to be accounted for. I know the housing market is different everywhere, but somehow I don't buy Buget-y's bullshit of financial wellness

  13. She wants to lecture about budgeting and at the same she’s trying to sell a ridiculously overpriced course? Does she hear herself?

  14. Seriously. Be faithful to a tight budget! but also spend a minimum of $697 on my course course with zero guarantee of recouping that expenditure.

  15. And routinely begs for money this time of year to make up for budget shortfalls at GirlDefined. Seems like a financial expert to me.

  16. And sending you housekeepers for free... I fell like most Biz Besties would use that saved time to get shit done instead of complaining that they have to tidy up before the housekeeper can even start work because they're so filthy !

  17. Wealth inequality, generational wealth and the prioritization(status and pay wise) of some jobs over others is a truth that many don't want to discuss. They truly think hard work = success. Yet the hardest working people often can't build wealth.

  18. It’s really telling that she openly admits she didnt use a budget for all of her 20s when she was single and they only created one when she got married. I guess the bank of mom and dad didn’t care how much money she was spending on frivolous shit.

  19. Some other snarkers have said she was getting about $30k salary during her peak GD years when she didn't have college or rent so wtf did it all go !?

  20. When I was in my early 20s, I was recording my spending down to the damn penny. And if I overspent one month to visit family, etc, I scoured previous months to see if I had been under enough or if I had to mentally take it out of the next month. My parents would have and occasionally did help, but I wanted it to be on me to support myself! I can't imagine being a healthy adult and not caring that someone else had to pay for me

  21. Influencer money is some of the most unreliable money. Same with any kind of self-employed work because you are at the mercy of your customers and sales. How can she preach about having this perfectly balanced budget when her side of their income is so inconsistent? This is what I hate the most about her mlm-lite business preaching. There is no consistency when you launch your own business and you have to work very hard to make that money consistent.

  22. I follow a women on YouTube who is a SAHM and her husband does finance. They’ve been building a house and she said their bank wouldn’t use her income because of how unpredictable it is so their loan only uses his income.

  23. Within their first month of using that app she and Dav were buying themselves coffee with their "gifts for others" money lol. These two can't budget for shit. Plus you'd think living at home until 30 would give someone a head start on savings.

  24. This is on the level of Curly's mind being blown re: bulk buying at the grocery store being cheaper. Like congratulations on learning about an incredibly basic adult thing by the tender age of...34?

  25. uh yeah its called setting aside enough money to pay your bills each month and not spending frivolously. bullshit courses fall into the frivolous category.

  26. That filter has got to go. Porridge Face is that the name of it? Who thinks it's a good thing for a portrait photo?

  27. I’m honestly not surprised that she thinks “making a budget” is groundbreaking advice. This is a woman who stayed at home for 30 years fully funded by her decently well-off parents. Parents who obviously missed teaching her financial literacy or even adult = responsibilities.

  28. I don’t think that this is true. I think she wants to have money and spends money like she’s got plenty to go around, but they really don’t seem to have a lot of “financial freedom”

  29. If they’re so god damn financially free why did they have to dip into their gift money (and not their overflowing grift money 😉) to buy a simple fuckin cup of coffee or two?

  30. I am not convinced they will qualify for a mortgage for this house…FHA won’t take a lot of older houses that need work. I’ve said it before, a lot of Birthy’s ‘income’ won’t pass muster because they don’t have enough history of it. Like they paid 75k or so more for this house than I did for mine and my income is higher than Däv and basically what I was approved for was 320k at a stretch. If they worked with a moderate income program they might get some help but man…there are a lot of steps to get them (I know, I had to take a class ans do a shitton of stuff to try and get one and then my income was 1k too high to qualify 😢). She swears she’s a budget queen and so good at all this but…hoo boy idk.

  31. Yes, be sure to stick to a super strict budget, followers of Beggy. Then, light $900 of it on fire by paying for more of her super smart bIZ advice. Great plan. 👍🏼

  32. I’m honestly a little shocked that she can even understand YNAB. It’s not very intuitive and she’s not super well-educated.

  33. I can never understand what snarkers talk about when they say Bethany can't control her tongue when talking. Pic 5 is the first time I can see it

  34. Idk I got married a couple of months before her (and about 8 years younger) and my husband and I have managed to travel to Europe (on our dime), enjoy our lives, AND qualified for a conventional mortgage back when interest rates were low. We don’t use youneedabudget (sponsored by being adults and having actual jobs).

  35. All this financial freedom and she doesn’t even technically own the house that she is cleaning and renovating on her own dime right now 🤷‍♀️.

  36. The fact that Borthy refers to developing an online course (or pdfs or whatever other bs) and constantly promoting it as "passive income" shows me that she has no idea as to what financial freedom actually is.

  37. I don't think Bethany understands what "financial freedom" means because it certainly doesn't mean adhering to a strict budget to get by nor does it mean a mortgage...

  38. Didn’t she have a bunch of reels about her laughing at people telling to cut back on her lifestyle? Like this was her business account I feel like where it seemed obvious she just didn’t like being constrained to a budget but instead reframed it as her being some smarter braver entrepreneur who doesn’t need to listen to anyone.

  39. This is the worst I've ever seen her look. She looks tired, dirty, and full of grease. Pregnancy and "I'm cleaning" do not account for the grease and dirt visible in this picture, it's from lack of hygiene.

  40. I hate people who say that all you need to do is budget and you won't have money problems. If you don't have enough coming in no amount of budgeting will be enough to help.

  41. This is a bit mean but I'd love to see what would happen if Daaaaaaaaaav lost his job. Budget your way out of that B with all your vast GD and course income.

  42. My guess is at best Dav knows where their money is going and Bethy's responsibility is spending it all and begged Dav for a house because yeeaaahhh their homebuying process is not how someone financial savvy does things. 🙄

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