I just saw FMA:B for the first time ever in 2022 (yes, without having it spoiled for me), and here's my "review" with what I believe to be the most important points.

  1. Bradley isn't revealed in the manga to be a homunculus until he fights Greed, so Episode 14 in Brotherhood. The episode at the beginning is filler & presumably spoils it because it was made famous in 03. In that version, we don't find out until Episode 40, about 80% through the show.

  2. Damn, is that so? What a shame, that sounds cool. But then I guess they adapted as well as they could at leasy.

  3. When you said your favorite character is Armstrong, which one did you mean? I agree with your assessment of the characters, which is one of the things I liked most about the show.

  4. The strong one! (Oh wait) I was talking about Alex Louis. And yeah, you are right about the pacing: in retrospective, most of my problems with the lack of action are there because of my expectatives about the show. And the hole final arc is like an extended season finale. Having said that, I still find some episodes on themselves a little bit slow, and in the few cases that action comes by it gets affected by that... but I guess that's mostly because of being an anime.

  5. I really felt the “yes without having it spoiled for me” bc I finished it (brotherhood) in winter 2021 spoiler free ONLY bc my brother introduced it to me when I was 14 and I quit after ep. 4 and was so traumatized by it i scrubbed it from any and all social media algorithms possible the second it was suggested to me 😂😂 I love it now tho!

  6. Yeah I feel you. Even with all the things that happen, I feel like ep4 might just be the darkest moment in the whole show

  7. Great review. Now on to FMA! The show handles things differently and is absolutely worth a watch.

  8. The dub for fmab is really good. It honestly might even be better than the sub. Their choice of VAs was very fitting, especially considering the western inspirations for locations and characters.

  9. I know there are plot reasons as to why Kimbley never gets uncontrolled again, and I even kind of like that his most destructive moment was during Ishvan War, but that's kind of point: the author created a ticking bomb (literally), and despite his ending being satisfactory, I would have simply liked to see that bomb detonate first.

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