Bus Karen

  1. I wish we could shame ppl for being ignorant and stupid by the order of the court. Like, a judge will sentence them to a year of being village idiot.

  2. Literally this is another peak of stupidity. Telling a blind woman that her beloved dog is wrong color is just... What the fucking flying fuck?!

  3. Most cities and or towns would be comprised of half or more than half, idiots, AND half of them would be in office. LOL

  4. An office I once visited had the wall of shame at work. If you parked badly, a photo was taken & printed out, and added to the wall!

  5. I also wish we could shame ppl for being ignorant and stupid but they are somehow immune to it computing.

  6. They did used to do that. Then they found all the village idiots were the uneducated poor people and they claimed discrimination. Now we are all the village idiots for letting the real village idiots procreate to say this stupid shit on the post.

  7. Would be awesome if her reply would be “What do you mean black, they’ve told me it was yellow”.

  8. Your comment reminds me of this old joke. So two friends ran into each other while walking their dogs. They decided to catch up at the bar, but they had their dogs with them…..

  9. i was just thinking how funny it would be if she said something like this or "oh really?? i wouldn't know. IM BLIND."

  10. I used to get this or similar quite a bit back in the US. I have epilepsy, my seizure dog is a Welsh Terrier. I don’t need a super compliant sleepy dog. I need one who’s tireless with incredible instincts. Little dude sleeps with one eye open. Born hunter who’s always ready. (He is very well behaved and professionally trained but he’s still a terrier)

  11. Yellow is the feeling of stepping into sunlight on a cold winter’s day. It's hugging a close friend or relative. The smell of sweet vanilla cookies. The sound of a gentle lullaby.

  12. Depends on the bus company - many require them to be in a carrier, and good luck getting a newfoundland into a purse.

  13. No, bus driver here, all non service animals are forbidden from the bus. But i am legally not allowed to ask any questions about your service animal. I can ask if it is a service animal, if you say yes I can't ask why you have it, what it is trained for, or to see proof. All of this is moot because i like dogs and the most i ask is please don't let them pee on my bus.

  14. I 100% believe this happened. There was a time when I'd have been sceptical, maybe moderated my belief some. But extensive experience with this goddamn fucking bullshit timeline has updated my priors...

  15. Going on the number plates behind her, this is in the UK. As far as I’m aware most bus companies allow any and all dogs not just assistance dogs.

  16. This is why I love my resting 'I wish a MFer would' face. Keeps people like that from approaching me like 90% of the time.

  17. Everyday the size of the biggest Karen cunt in the world expands exponentially. We need a mathematical law for this akin to Moore’s Law for chips.

  18. It’s very obvious when a dog is a real service dog and not one of those BS “emotional support animals.” When they’re on duty, they act like it. Those dogs are very well trained and take their work seriously. I know not to touch or distract a service dog when it’s working, but I want so badly to tell them they’re very good boys and girls doing a good job!

  19. I believe this happened because there was once a lady in CT who cussed out a Navy Sailor because she didn't know they had different colored uniforms...

  20. Excuse me even if that dog wasn’t a guide dog I’d much rather have him on public transit than some shrill harpy

  21. It really astounds me seeing how many people were born without the gene to have a basic general knowledge of the world and also mind their own fucking business

  22. Normally (not saying it works, but in theory) they prefer having dogs be black or have black faces for intimidation so people don’t have the urge to pet them or get in the way of them working. Of course, when you see a cute dog no matter the color, you still would want to pet it.

  23. Blind person: "Aw, gee. I had no idea about that rule. Someone must've duped me on account of I CAN'T SEE. Guide dog, lead me to the people I must consult about this at once!" (Does not get out of seat)

  24. My mom had two different guide dogs in her life. The first one was light blond, almost white, and the second one was black.

  25. My Dad is blind and has had a myriad of guide dogs, all of which have been German Shepards. I actually didn't know labs were trained as guide dogs until I was a teenager and saw one. My reaction was to think "huh, would you look at that? Some guide dogs are labs" and go about my own business.

  26. The blind girl should have started freaking out about how she was swindled and someone gave her a black lab - she's blind, she didn't know any better!

  27. In Norway you can buy a child ticket for your dog, and it's considered a passenger, on weekends you can travel with up to 4 children or dogs for free with an adult ticket.

  28. Looks like this was here in the UK which is weird because any dogs are allowed on the bus here as long as they are well behaved and the driver is comfortable with it

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