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  1. Assuming this ends up getting comments from both sides, please don't downvote somebody you disagree with without merit. It discourages discussion and isn't going to get a point across.

  2. I just wish it had its own flair so I could filter it out if I don't want to see it anymore. Maybe a flair like 'dodgy' or 'low quality' or something.

  3. I’ve never personally used it but I don’t see why it should be banned. It’s not hard to scroll past a post if if you see it’s from there, just ignore it if you simply refuse to try it.

  4. note that "Complimentary reviewer package" is not the name of any specific game/package, rather a generic name to keys generated by devs to hand out to reviewers.

  5. im just not a fan of giving dodgy sites exposure that mostly distribute shovelware/ games only existing to game the system

  6. I honestly just ignore it. I can usually tell just from the title that it is from this website, but if I see Givekey, I just ignore that post and move on with my day. I know at this point that the website most likely will not work, as I have never gotten it to work in the past. I completely understand everyone's stance on it, though.

  7. For me, givekey.ru giveaway posts are way more useful than the high level gated alienware giveaways.

  8. I previously got a lot of keys from the sites people here dislike. I've tried different subreddits but they have started banning websites and I hope this subreddit does something different instead. While I do enable these websites that create subpar GAs with tedious tasks and all, it is still a +1 at the end of the day which is what some people like me want when doing those tasks.

  9. I think it would be easy to ignore that posts (for the ones that don't like givekey) if the rule about the format would allow to write that contain a link to the website.

  10. There is no reason why they can't bookmark their site and IFTTT their reddit group like this one as I do to get notified of a new giveaway. Allowing sites that put no effort into their site or giveaways gives other explotitive sites to put no effort and spam this forum with their crappy site here. There has be a standard set or this site will get a bad rep and it will fail.

  11. I don’t get it. If you don’t like the site then just don’t use it. It seems a percentage of users are still willing to go through all the hassles to claim their game so let them.

  12. Why not just add a flair to gamehag/givekey.ru and have the ability to filter out those tags? Similar to how

  13. If you let users think they have the power to get sites banned the screeching will only get worse for the next site.... and then the next.... and then the next....

  14. i think u should only ban it if vast majority will vote for it, which i would account at least 70% of the voters.

  15. That’s basically a classic two thirds majority so I think thats a smart and fair way to do it. One option is actually removing a fair amount of content, while the other option is keeping something that’s barely a mild inconvenience at worst to those who don’t like it.

  16. Gamehag houses 1 giveaway each day at the (mostly) exact same time. If someone want to get it they just need to set an alarm clock or something. Don't think you need to unban it.

  17. New member of FGF won't be guaranteed to know anything like that. It could be worthwhile to have posts like that.

  18. I personally never had any problems with the site. After a while of using it, you know what you need to do to complete the tasks. It usually is 1-2 tasks about wishlisting games, 2-3 tasks about joining groups, 2-3 more about following curators, and then 2 tasks that are just for visiting websites.

  19. sites that is questionable in nature. like keys given out is used and usually revoke later in time plus the fact we given out some of our info like e-mail and such. means they could just be collecting e-mail address illegitimately.

  20. As I read somewhere in the comment section, 1 big thread for all the crappy sites should be enough to keep everyone happy, the ones who like to keep the site and the ones who hate it.their spam at my eyes so this should make everyone happy.

  21. I haven't been able to get anything from there for a while because there's always bugs where it says I haven't wishlisted the games. Maybe if I try 500 times I could get a key but ain't nobody got time for that, I just don't click on it anymore, I'd say keep it for whoever has the patience to deal with it, it doesn't bother me if it exists, I can just not click on it.

  22. If they want to use the site I think they should check daily. That’s what I was doing before I found this sub and it really was the only method for me to get games because I didn’t know there was subreddits for free games.

  23. Good comment ,sick to the back teeth of people on the internet thinking they can scream and scream and stamp their feet and the world will bow to them.

  24. If the website doesn't work and is constantly broken and doesn't give the key ban it. There is no point leaving broken websites on this sub. If you don't want to see posts from users install RES mouse over the posters name and click ignore.

  25. Youtube and reddit tasks cant be done in this site i think. They have some technical problems in extension

  26. I've already blocked the people who post this site but I don't think it's really fair to call their giveaways free when you have to do tasks

  27. I think tasks for giveaways are fine and dandy but I specifically dislike the extensiveness of .ru and the frequency that games are revoked. Free means without cost but I think it is a little wasteful to say a giveaway cannot cost time because then nothing would ever really be free

  28. Wait: So you are saying as long as you have "to do tasks" it should not be posted here because it is not free?

  29. People want to ban it because there are too many tasks too complete and sometimes the tasks don't work. Nevertheless I prefer keeping givekey.ru because it works most of the time for me and I don't feel it's necessary to ban it because those who don't want to use givekey can just avoid their giveaway. Banning this site would mean those who use this site would lose the chance to get receive giveaways from this site.

  30. Too many tasks? I couldn't care less about that. The problem is completing all the tasks and not receiving a key, or when you do get a key chances at duplicates. On top of that there are revoked keys..tasks have nothing to do with it.

  31. I too have no problem getting my key but the comments within the thread says otherwise. It's a weird issue for many with the website for sure.

  32. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for everyone. You can just ignore the givekey.ru giveaways if you don't want to use it. At least keep it for those who use this site.

  33. As long as it works for someone, then keep it. Givekey has never worked for me and I'm always dissapointed with it, but it seems to work for some people, which means it's worth keeping here.

  34. Do not like the site because it 1.has issues. 2. i do not trust it. 3. it asks for things that are just too much to give. 4. i just do not trust it its .RU.

  35. People are going to vote to ban it, but for me it works. I get my keys no issues, so I'm not too sure what issue everyone else is having.

  36. A thread idea like that isn't too bad, might be a plausible choice. Only issue there though is that we basically put it on display. Draws attention to something not worth drawing attention to I feel.

  37. I understand your point but since is very buggy and sometimes (often i would say) you can't claim the key because the quests are bugged, it feels like a waste of time.

  38. As a Russian, I do not have any problems with Russian sites on principle. If there was a Russian giveaway site, the very best in the world at that, I would be only too happy. Unfortunately,

  39. Site is surely bugged time to time, but as for me it works every time in the end, atleast if I was hurry to join giveaway before it's end. On the other hand all games from it is surely crap ones, so not big deal either way, but I vote for keep it going for stupid game collectioners like i'm.

  40. I would like to know the reason everybody hates it. It seemed to be only that most of the time it does not work (which to me it means that, on occasion, it might work and you’ll get a free game, which is the purpose of this sub).

  41. I think a lot of people do suspect that. That .ru is sketchy to some but not specifically to me. What I am more worried about it the times that the .ru bundle comes around and you open it up to see what comes with it and they are all poorly disguised shovelware with names like "war crime simulator," "terrorist simulator," and many other awful games I and a lot of people don't see how anyone would play. This is almost as bad as the whole scandal with Steam and their sexual assault simulators except this is all the .ru offers.

  42. hi i am a dev and these are my two cents. .ru means russia, just like you can find .co or .us. prefex does not change anything relted to sequrity. that being said, givekey seems VERY low quality, And i have no dought that if I wanted to i could hack em.

  43. I've personally been ignoring this site, but it pains me to think that there's new people coming here that put up with its nonsense. I tried it twice and the final checks always fail no matter how often you try. Some people in the comments claim it works for them which I kinda doubt. Even so, the games they offer all seem to be terrible ones that no one would buy anyway. It's too much work having to join groups, follow and wishlist games only to undo that afterwards for a game I'm clearly never going to play anyways.

  44. Hello! I am a bit late, but i am a part time web dev. I wanted to clear some things up. please note that my stance is anti givekey, however te goal of this post is to inform.

  45. Let's be real, except Humble, Steam, Alienware and steel series we need more options to get free games. It's just like any other website, do some tasks and take the key! If you don't want it just ignore, the ga games weren't that great either but atleast they weren't shitty beta keys. Please KEEP IT!

  46. It's so boring that we have banks, funds, stocks to invest our money into. Let's allow Ponzi scheme companies to operate freely too! If you do not like such companies, just ignore them! That's basically your logic.

  47. The problem with givekey is that it is very buggy and often fails to verify that you completed tasks even though you did. Let me explain.

  48. I agree, though it's not working for many people, that doesn't mean it's harming anyone. It's not a malicious site and people can either ignore it or filter it.

  49. While it's true that one can ignore something like this (which I do) provided it's not being spammed, I also feel as though in an institution such as this sub it would be best if it also represented the interests of the majority.

  50. However, I don't think posts from this site breaks any rules in this subreddit. And also those who don't want to ban it must be users who use this site. Banning this site would mean these users will lose the chance to get the keys. And from the poll we can make it even though majority of the users don't use this site, there's a good number of users who do.

  51. I understand there's people who want just about anything and everything to be allowed here, but givekey stands out.

  52. I mean, the problem isn't even the website working or not. Like giveaway . su and similars, they all seem to be shady and seems like the whole website is designed to be used for money laundering, personal info stealing or something along those lines. The quality of those games doesn't justify the cost that they ask, which is to potentially compromise your PC. Let's not forget about them being russian, on top of that and asking for VK, that had even worse data leaks than Facebook.

  53. So I would have agreed with you if a vast majority of users were not happy with the site. However the polls show that 40% of the users don't want it to be banned. That's a significant amount of users despite being the minority.

  54. After receiving duplicate keys or not receiving any key after completing the tasks and finally having keys revoked, I'm all for a ban.

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