Frasier had some of the most subtle erotic jokes of any series

  1. I know its not the same vein, but I love Roz and Frasier interactions. Like Roz telling Fraiser, "I dont blame you, I blame the people at Mantastic!"

  2. Well, I’ve watched this episode countless times and I only just got the joke now. This may all say more about me than the writing, but I always loved this about Frasier: it has so many clever jokes that rewatch after rewatch I’m still discovering new ones.

  3. This one aired when I was in high school or just out of ... I still didn't get it until my mid-late 20s. ^^;

  4. Roz to Frasier as Niles walks into the room: "One minute, he's lying in the bed, smiling and happy...ten seconds later, it's over." Frasier comforts Roz.

  5. Just watched this very episode today, hehe. It has one of my favourite guest star appearances too

  6. I’m not sure if this counts as a line, but the scene when Daphne gets Niles all turned on while he’s sitting at the piano and he can’t get up and get the door always makes me laugh.

  7. The entire scene where Mrs Wajudubokowski is in the apartment and Niles/Daphne/Frasier keep accidentally making sexual references.

  8. I sometimes wonder how many of the writers were gay, and, regardless, if any reboot would be successful without the insights into gay culture, iconography, idioms, mannerisms that must have contributed to the original series' success. I'm assuming that none of the gay actors contributed significantly to the scripts, though they could have contributed to their expression of course.

  9. “All right. You're right. It was a shallow, knee-jerk assumption, and unworthy of us, both as psychiatrists and men about town.”

  10. i always liked the one where daphne and niles were making out while he was sat at the piano and someone knocks on the door and niles is like “um… why don’t you get that” and remains seated for another moment 😏

  11. Yes. You need the context of the episode to really put it together. Frasier is getting very close to a man and he's been denying that the man has romantic feelings for him, but at a party he kisses Frasier and mentions sex. At this party it was said a member from the opera board was "giving up his seat on the board" and Niles delivers the line "looks like he won't be the only one giving up his seat tonight." Implying Frasier would have sex with the man as a joke

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