Are there many UK based Frasier fans on here? Its runs all year round on a loop, I've lost count if how many times I've watched the whole run.

  1. Yes. Have watched the show sooo many times, however I have never ever seen the one episode where Martin eats the pot brownies instead of Niles. Sea bass and an aggressive zinfandel will forever elude me.

  2. You’ve never seen it? It’s a classic! It’s also on the All 4 app. Doesn’t work on Sky for me, but I can get it on my phone. Scrub that yes it does. Season 11, ep 11 :)

  3. Look, I know everyone is telling you how to watch it using technology but the only appropriate solution here is for us to all pool our money to fly you to the US, buy you a Paramount subscription, and then all huddle around to watch you take in this absolute pinnacle of an episode.

  4. UK fan here! My fiance gripes that half the space on the SKY box is filled with Frasier - thank you channel 4 lol

  5. First time I watched the episode with the How Green Was My Valley reference actually had to rewind to check I heard them say Wales, nice that our country got a mention

  6. Ah yes - the days the final episode is folllowed immediately by s1 e1 is known as the Frasier Equinox. Last Friday was the most recent equinox - a special day!

  7. I saw that one, always enjoy that context. Someone pointed out recently that the guy who picks up martins chair in the final episode is that same guy that delivers it.

  8. I watch it everywhere really, I even have a full boxset. It's more convenient to watch it on like Channel 4 or Paramount+, but they both have cut scenes.

  9. Yeah channel 4 always had it playing in the morning if you have time to catch it. Its one of those shows that whatever episode is on you can just jump back in.

  10. Me. Loved it as a teen but only recently actually binged it (on season 11 atm) for the first time. I'm surprised it has held up as well as it has.

  11. Same, must have seen 75% of the episodes over the years but decided to fill in the gaps this year, currently on S9 E2 Don Juan In Hell p2, another 60 odd to go!

  12. Yep! Watched it every day growing up, got my wife into it as an adult, and it’s now one of top comfort rewatch series.

  13. Yep! I still watch it if I happen to turn to a Chanel that has it on. I used to watch it every morning before school a long time ago.

  14. I think Im currently on my 4th loop. Im behind as Im recording it on channel 4 sky series link and only have time to watch 1 or 2 eps every other day. But noticed this morning that they skipped about 6 episodes in season 10? My only assumption is that they took a break during the "National Mourning Period" and just missed those out instead of picking up where they left off. Anyone else notice that or has my skybox just missed them somehow?

  15. Me! The Channel 4 triple bill of a morning is a blissful anchor of sanity in an increasingly insane world. If they ever put it on Netflix here I’d just run it in the background all day.

  16. I had a series link record on them all but now stream it off Paramount+. Frasier is one of the few things that app has going for it

  17. Yup, though I haven’t been watching much lately as work has been busy (mornings on C4 are my background noise when working from home)

  18. UK here! I can remember getting ready for secondary school and leaving just as Frasier came on. Im now 37 and leave for work every morning just as it’s coming on. IT NEVER ENDS!

  19. Reporting in. The past the past year has brought me the two best gifts in my lifetimr; my newborn baby son, and Frasier coming to All4.

  20. I’ve seen it countless times! I’ve gotten be dad box set. When I got rid of my dvd player I Used to have to record the daily showings on my sky box, thank goodness it’s come to Paramount + so I can binge more easily 😂 I’ve been watching this show since the late 90s when I was in my early teens.

  21. First discovered Frasier with the Channel 4 re-runs and now she got me the DVD box set for my birthday the other week! So great to finally watch in order for once!

  22. I first saw the show at my nans on a Friday night on ch4 I was around 10 years old, it's still my favourite now, I'm 36.

  23. I’m UK 😀 Fraisier has been my comfort TV for more years than I care to remember, I camembert to be without it!

  24. Me! I don’t have the regular tv anymore cause I couldn’t be bothered to get a long enough cable to fit my living room, but I fondly remember watching it all on a continuous loop on channel 4

  25. Of course! I prefer to watch the DVD version of the show tho rather than Channel 4 as they slightly edit/cut the episodes and we miss out some of the "ruder" jokes as it's daytime TV.

  26. Me, hi!! 33 and I've been watching it most of my life. It's my comfort programme. Currently watching s5ep1 Frasier's Imaginary Friend. Not many things make me laugh out loud and this still does no matter how many times I've seen it.

  27. First started watching through Channel 4 back when I was in high school, many years later and still watch when I can before work. Also like that they started showing some Cheers (think they swapped it out of schedule for now), was able to catch a lot of the Diane era.

  28. Me! I series linked the daily channel 4 episodes until I had every single one. Now just keep cycling through them.

  29. Yep, despite having a sealed dvd box set, latest watch was on Paramount streaming, as All 4 edited out the odd swear word and has random episodes missing. Just finished one round. May skip for a while before I do another random rewatch

  30. yup, i have the episodes on google drive on a spare phone and fall asleep to random episodes most nights or when i’m cooking

  31. Me! I’ve always loved it, grew up with it on, and in recent years I’ve watched it all the way through 2-3 times whilst on maternity leave. Even watched all of Cheers on my recent mat leave to get the deep Frasier lore 😂

  32. Yep every morning at 9am, channel 4 with my coffee and toast. Perfect start to my day. Funny thing is I have the All4 app on my tv and every episode of Frasier on dvd but watching it in the morning is my ritual lol.

  33. Not UK based anymore, but I loved Frasier from being on C4 when I was growing up and I rediscovered from being home and watching in the mornings. One of the few American sitcoms that really resonates with British audiences imo.

  34. Yes. Relied on Channel 4 reruns for years. Finally bought the whole show I’m DVD to avoid the horrible edits and cuts made so it can be shown at 8:30am

  35. Another UK fan! Since Fridays 9.30pm on C4 in the 90s, now watching the box set I gifted my husband our first Christmas together (where they're from, it wasn't a thing). It's taken us so long to get to season 11 because we keep getting sidetracked with other shows, but they also love it.

  36. Me! Used to watch it in the mornings before school, Friday nights at 10pm too. My late father would watch them on Fridays with me if he was home. Fond memories. I've watched it so much for 25+ years. Love the show. My siblings also love and watch it regularly.

  37. Used to love getting a day off from school because it would be on channel 4. So glad I came back to it as an adult, a lot of the humour went over my head as a kid

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