Comments about a black actress being cast as the new Little Mermaid 🙂🙃

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  2. Weren't mermaids based on some drunk sailor seeing a Manatee? That means grey skin is the historically accurate tone. These people need hobbies.

  3. Sort of. The Little Mermaid was originally written by a Danish author and some suggest it's base off Danish folklore. Copenhagen even has a statue in the water of a mermaid.

  4. Can’t wait till they realize the original story was a gay allegory about a man Anderson was in love with who didn’t return his affections.

  5. The original story was highly religious in nature. The little mermaid, who doesn't even have a name, sells her voice to become human as much because she wants a soul (mermaids don't have souls, which is part of the mermaid myth that Andersen didn't invent, and disappear at death) as because she fell in love with a human prince that she rescued.

  6. Aww, that's so cool! My grandmother's favorite movie is the little mermaid because she's a red-head, and it made her feel pretty about it. I'm so happy for your goddaughter to get a movie where she gets to feel pretty and princess-like for who she is!!

  7. The funniest argument is “well the story was written by a Danish author so the little mermaid is probably ethnically Danish, it’s not realistic to make her Black”

  8. Oh and the part that a danish person couldn’t possibly write or create a “black” character is impossible lol. Haha. I can’t with these people.

  9. Also why wouldnt a Danish sailor see a black mermaid? It's the ocean... not hard to explain mermaid migration patterns... plus they're mermaid migration patterns. It's all made up anyway! Magical royal princess mermaids can live anywhere in the ocean they want

  10. Why are people mad at Gods of Egypt when they cast white dudes? Those gods are mythical beings too, right? Those gods just talk and randomly break into fights. haha

  11. They think it’s White Culture because a Danish man wrote the original story during a time where it was common to see Black People as animals and not protagonists and they want to keep it that way because ‘it’s true to the source material’

  12. The way “if black panther was white y’all would be tripping” made it to the front page💀 Like I got suspended for reporting racist content on here, then that? Yeah y’all are racist lol

  13. I love Indiana Jones. As a kid, he was who I wanted to grow up to be. I even enjoyed the last movie, which was objectively awful. And I would watch the absolute shit out of Idris Elba playing him. That man is a great actor who can bring any character alive.

  14. They screech and whine like their asses are on fire ever single time it happens. But they're total fucking clowns so their opinions are as worthless as they are predictable.

  15. I HATE the Disney live action remakes but her design and look is stunning as well as her voice. I might actually give it a chance because of the fantastic actress they picked.

  16. This is why Zelda has the best mermaids. Not only are they full on fish, but have differents skin scale tones themselves. TOTALLY not a thing real fish of different species have no way that's unrealistic.

  17. I saw a lot of people mention him during the whole Little Mermaid controversy so I looked him up. Turns out he’s “half black” lol so still kinda black.

  18. I saw a lot of people mention him during the whole Little Mermaid controversy so I looked him up. Turns out he’s “half black” lol so still kinda black.

  19. What's next: a blue-eye, blonde hair man migrating out of 60,000 BCE Zimbabwe? A Caucasian male whose surname is Lynch? "Mamma Mia" performed by ABBA live as the official NFL theme song on NBC? Matt Damon as the lead actor in a movie with a Chinese-dominant cast about a monster attacking the Great Wall?

  20. Will her hair stay red? That’s literally all I care about. And if not, like, oh well, I just remember loving her red hair as a kid and feeling better about my own hair

  21. Mermaid sightings are still a thing in African countries like Gabon and the Carribean Islands. Brown skinned mermaids are a matter of course and a red haired blue eyed mermaid would be the anomaly if ANY of this was taken seriously. It's just a fairy tale and little brown girls deserve representation too.

  22. Why isn’t everything for me? Why isn’t everything presented in the way I want it? Why wouldn’t every industry cater to my desires and no one else’s?

  23. When a cast member or Disney eventually makes a statement calling out the racism these same dudes will be the first ones in the replies going "what racism?!"

  24. Why do people even pretend to care about these live action Disney remakes anyway like regardless of who they cast these people are gonna complain about it anyway because it wasn’t good or something

  25. I love this idea people call things woke and political the moment they add a group other than the standard high profile actor. Like no, this person has skills and this role doesn’t need a specific race as it’s not some historical recount so they were picked - they weren’t picked to be a token or some propaganda piece. Anyhow no matter what I think this movies going to be garbage like every other Disney live action, I just want some OC and not remakes.

  26. The creators could troll racists by officially declaring that SpongeBob is black without changing anything about the character. Just make his blackness canon without any physical changes.

  27. I got into a discussion with a famous (and famously right of center) comic book author who said the world would be up in arms if there was a white Black Panther. I pointed out that he wrote several issues of The Phantom, about a white superhero from Africa. I got no reply.

  28. They scream this like there isn't literally a complete over abundance of lily white movie actors who star in every box office movie even in the place where people of color should be (i.e. Dr. Strange, Ghost in the Shell, Avatar the Last Airbender..the list goes on)

  29. I’m interested for what they’re going to do when she’s on land. In the photos we’ve gotten so far it looks like her hair is “looser.” Idk what the word for it would be but maybe they’re going to go for some different styles while she’s on land.

  30. I mean I’m white and i wish she was white simply for that reason on a purely selfish level- because she’s my absolutely favorite Disney character and I recognize that- I don’t think it’s racist to admit, MY preference of COURSE is I want her to be white, I don’t want her to be any other race, don’t care which one it is but I’m not mad nor do I care that she’s not white!!

  31. When The Little Mermaid trailer hit my news feed, I thought it was a bold move to have Halle Berry play a 16 year old. Later realized it was Halle Bailey.

  32. Opinion of... Eh... wait, let me check the definition... Yeah! It fits! Opinion of a Fragile White Redditor:

  33. Why isnt she played by a real green skinned mermaid? Thats what I want to know....first they cast a human as Dracula, and now this?

  34. The reaction to a white black panther would be overwhelmingly negative obviously. I hope you’re not asking because you think that’s comparable to this little mermaid situation though

  35. Her hair is still red and nice forehead? What are you talking about? Just say you're mad because she's black and you think black actresses can't possibly be worthy of casting unless it's for the sake of political correctness. I would respect you more if you were honest

  36. The difference between taking a black character and casting them as white is that there are very few black characters in general, so making them white would be actively removing what little representation is left in culture. Just think for a second about who you would have to choose from if you were a black cosplayer if you didn't want to dress as a white character. It's barely anyone.

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