How much is my ‘92 hatch worth?

  1. $2500 based on the shitty pics and limited info. A Saturday's worth of elbow grease and $50-150 could increase this by $1000-1500

  2. I’ll try keeping this as short as possible, it’s worth what someone’s willing to pay. Most people interested in foxes are looking for a clean example, weekend cruiser, project build, race/drag car. Some people daily their fox, but realistically I think we can all agree that number is lower than all the other reasons I just mentioned above.

  3. I really appreciate the detailed response. So here’s my problem in regards of the miles. Carfax says 2019 it was last documented to have 92k miles. Fast forward to today, the miles on the dash look rolled over? It shows “500,xxx” which I know my grandmother probably only drove the mustang for maybe another 10k miles the most since she had other cars.

  4. I’m definitely going to detail it more to the tea. I’m thinking on even investing a couple $$$ to get OEM style headlights. These were the only pictures I had. I’ll be updating everyone on newer pics soon.

  5. Roughly over 100k miles. All original parts. Paint starting to rust. Front driver Corner got hit in parking lot. Engine runs no problem. Cosmetically could use some TLC and interior in okay shape. This roughly needs to go and was wondering how much this is worth to sell? I wish I can keep it and learn about it.

  6. Yes we have to sell it. It’s unmolested and needs some TLC but no engine problems that I’m aware of. Located in SFV

  7. Replace the lights, those ones look like shiiiiit, and the one is busted. Magic Eraser or Super Clean and a scuff pad to remove the black marks from the fender, Super Clean and a scrub brush to clean the wheels up. Same shit for the carpet, Super Clean, a scrub brush, and a shop vac to the carpet will clean it nice. Do the seats too. Throw away those busted ass seat covers, clean the corona face condoms out of it, ditch that stupid steering wheel cover. Wash the windows. Wash the outside. Watch 15 minutes worth of YouTube on how to do a basic interior clean and car wash. Watch 15 more minutes of basic phone photography. Go to a park and take some decent pics.

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