Just got this bad boy about 4 months ago. We're currently sanding it for a new paint job. I'm 17 and this is my first actual hands-on car. I have no knowledge on cars at all and It is Manuel so I'm gonna be learning that soon. Amy suggestions or just overall tips?

  1. I’ve heard someone on Reddit put it well. When starting from a stop, treat the clutch and gas like you’re Indians jones. The clutch is the treasure and the gas is sand bag your replacing it with. It’s all a balancing act.

  2. Thank you so much! This genuinely tought me a lot. The whole Indiana Jones thing made total sense. Also, I never really knew you had to slowly release the clutch or at least slow enough, all "tutorials" just give basic structure on what to do. Again, thank you.

  3. Respect the power, it’s fun and raw but can go sideways quick. I owned 3 in the last 25 years and almost died in each one. sometimes being stupid and sometimes a random failure while I was doing something stupid(and an unseen oil patch.) Rear wheel cars that are so light in the rear with that much power takes a little time getting used to. Take it easy get to know the car then have fun!

  4. I am aware of the mustang being the car to point fingers at for being "crowd killer" or just an easy to wreck vehicle due to its price to horsepower ratio. I swore to myself to not push the boundaries of what I can do. I've always loved drifting ever since I played forza horizon 2 a while back. Growing up watching JackUltraMotive and just recently seeing his improvement of drifting irl made me start thinking about that as a hobby. Definitely not in my first car though, need a bit more time until I can start learning that stuff lol.

  5. I bought my fox at 17 too (im 20) and so far its been great. I learned manual in mine as well. Id suggest buying a haynes manual or similar repair manual. They were reasonably priced when I got mine and have lots of good information. Trust me, the maintenance of a 30+ year old car will creep up on you and bite you in the ass. Ask me how I know 😅

  6. When I made up my mind on what I wanted, I knew it would be a pain to maintain. It's age and just overall needs is a lot to take in, but I want to challenge myself. I want to feel proud of my car whilst learning a ton. With that being said, a repair manual is a must have.

  7. Good shit man it looks amazing. I'm saving up for mine right now at 19. How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking?

  8. Well, my dad actually spotted it driving around with a for sale sign on it.he ended up just trading one of his decent trucks for it. We had already got our hands on an 88 mustang but the owner never gave a title and sadly the car was jerry-rigged into oblivion.

  9. Are you repainting it purple? Thats a crazy cool color, I've never seen a purple fox but with the tinted windows and black rims it just...works.

  10. We're sanding the purple off because of the way it was settled, it just looked terrible up close. As for repainting, I was thinking a black and white colored scheme. Like, black on the bottom and white on top.

  11. Rear end is light for the power, even for a stock 5.0. When you turn, take it slow or you'll fish tail into the other lane or a ditch. It gets worse if the road is wet. I learned the hard way and I wasn't even accelerating that hard.

  12. Looks pretty cool! Im 16 and just got a 93 to work on. Quickly discovered forums, reddit, and even late model restoration are pretty helpful, though im almost exclusively using upgraded parts. Lucky you got a manual too, i couldnt find any cheap

  13. Yeah. It's a pretty nice hunk of machinery. I never really thought of how hard it must be to get a manual one of these. I guess all my peices just fell into place. It kind of sucks because I wanted to drive it immediately but I do know that stick is wayyyyyy better than automatic and I'm well down to learn.

  14. Hey man good luck. I’m 18 and my fox is my first car and I just learned manual in it as well. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it quickly. And like how everyone is saying respect the power of it, because it’s scary the first couple of times when you dump the clutch and the car takes off on you.

  15. Congrats and have fun. There are so many resources available for these. I don’t know a bunch about cars either, but i was able to troubleshoot and fix a problem with the computer using a forum search as guidance, and replaced the transmission after watching a YouTube video.

  16. I've already had a close call in the rain with my mother's car so I'm already on edge during rainy days lol. I'm not gonna let my pride drive me into a ditch because of some precipitation.

  17. Unfortunately, my Facebook was hacked and is just not worth getting back so I can't really do that. But I will definitely seek out knowledge through other means.

  18. Go to flat parking lot put it in first gear dont give it any gas and VERY slowly let off the clutch at some point youll feel the car start pulling itself thats where your grabbing point is once you figure that out work on getting faster by giving it a little gas at the grabbing point. Soon it becomes muscle memory and youll get faster. Some advice i give to every one is once you get the basics down and can drive around like a normal person learn rev match down shifting, it makes you a better driver and it makes the manual experience better as a whole.

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