Bland 6-shot Howdah pistol

  1. I was interested in what this was chambered in, but after a lazy web search I could only find the below listing that notes it being "8mm cal" Anyone have any more info?

  2. I keep seeing the term but never thought to ask, what does Howdah mean anyways? sounds like trying to say Howdy when a but drunk or tired

  3. The Howdah is the platform/saddle that is put on top of an elephant. Originally Howdah pistols saw use from colonial agents in India, traveling through areas where tigers/bandits presented a real threat of climbing up the entire elephant in a hurry. That’s why a lot of these are high caliber or use shotgun shells, it’s for “oh fuck that tiger is 2 feet away from my face” situations.

  4. I’m really sick of seeing people write “tryna”. That’s not a word, it sounds more like a woman’s name.

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