I just wanna know...📡

  1. Tickling was actually one of the first foot related activities I fell in love with! I just love watching women’s feet wiggle around while hearing them giggle. It’s very exciting haha

  2. Yep, same here! Its how it all started.Tickling, especially beautiful feet, is just so incredibly exciting! Nothing like eliciting that perfect laughter from running my fingers over some soft soles!

  3. Most definitely, I think I’m a bit of a sadist because I love hard tickling videos very much and they’re so hard to find.

  4. There's more than an insignificant amount of us that do. Surprisingly enough a lot tickle kinksters (though certainly not all) have a foot fetish that goes along with their tickle fetish. Though I'd say on the other side the ratio of foot fetishists with a tickle kink is a lot lower.

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