What do you love about feet?

  1. I was with my gf for a while, one day she said, thanks for finally kissing me! I had been so focused on her feet. It made me think I need to pay attention to all of her.

  2. I loved reading that. I’ve always thought of feet as art! They can make such beautiful, sensual, and sexy lines and suggestions. ♥️

  3. A nice clean pedicure, when the heel has nice curvature, like a nice ball heel, deep extreme arches, especially when in a pair of stilettos and the inner arch/instep sticks out and defies the arch of the shoe lol. I love arches so high they could be an obstacle at a put-put golf course 😆 and I'm not a dirty feet guy, and won't shame those who love them of the smell, but I need them nice and clean lol. AND smell isn't a turn off or deal breaker by any means! I am just not gonna worship your feet if your soles are darker than my soul 😌

  4. Wow I can't imagine (being a lil younger) being an adult with a foot fetish in a time with little to no internet! 😳 thats a very interesting perspective!

  5. Aside from tangibles like shape, size etc. there is something intangible, a magnetic draw which goes beyond merely aesthetics and feel (not into scent).

  6. Loving the white toes on a somewhat long skinny foot(naomi swann's feet are alike with my type) with an oily pale yellow appearance on the soles.I adore the sole-toes combo,the arch,absolutely in love with the smell,especially after a long workout or exhausting day/night.Mainly I love all of the sole part of the foot,not really the upper part.

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