I desperately want someone to worship my feet

  1. Honestly I've been dying to worship someone's feet for a while, and there's like really no way to advertise that I feel. I think it'd be interesting if a foot fetish service or even a kink app was created. I always thought of starting my own at some point haha

  2. I guess I've never really thought about it from the worshippee's side. I think a good idea might be to check fetlife for folks in your area who might be into it and then message them. The problem with advertising yourself as a woman who wants her feet worshipped is you might attract some genuine creeps so I feel like you initiating that contact would probably work best for you!

  3. I'm nowhere near Florida but for the sake of conversation how open would you be to a FWFB (friends with foot benefits lol) situation? What would your ideal relationship look like?

  4. I'd start with Fetlife. They have a foot fetish personals group and very probably groups specific to Florida.

  5. There should be some inconspicuous way to flag yourself as a ff person when you're out in public so those that know what's up...know whats up lol. I don't know what it should be or what action to take but like idk if you see me in the store with an empty hanger hanging off the side of my shopping cart I like feet! Lol. Just random thoughts.😄

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