The time my FF prevented me from getting a job

  1. Nothing worth mentioning, she was just - to the outrage of the rest of the employees and my enjoyment - not wearing socks, not even in winter. Or maybe she had ped socks, who knows, but I've never seen them popping out of the shoes

  2. Interesting that they're so obsessed with socks, do the girls still wear sandals often in summer? Or do they wear shoes instead so that they can wear socks? That would be a shame

  3. Of course they wear sandals, people only ask if you're wearing closed shoes with no socks in sight. For example, last March I was in Italy, and it was hot enough to go without socks. My gf brought some flats, I had some Sperry. Everyone we visited asked if we were wearing socks or not, and reacted funnily when we told them we weren't

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