Are you guys liking the recent shoe trends?

  1. Oh how interesting, that was a trend like a couple of years ago for me. And yea I agree, love them. Especially if it’s sockless (or no show socks)

  2. I don't like mules, they look kinda clumsy and often have closed toes. I much prefer flat sandals (which fortunately are timeless, even if they're not as popular as when gladiator sandals were super trendy)

  3. Actually I agree I only like mules that are open toe. When you say flat sandals are you referring to gladiators then?

  4. OP, you should move to Spain. I haven't seen a single person with Crocs here; flats are still a big trend and are worn from March to November, and summer is sandals season. We have a big trend of "friulane" or "furlane", Italian velvet slippers. Check them out, they're pretty hot. Unfortunately sneakers are slowly taking over... But still zero Crocs here (and in most of Europe)! Can you give some example of MaryJanes which are a trend in the US?

  5. sneakers? Most of the sneakers have no holes type of things to let all the air out so that means more stinky and sweaty feet

  6. LOL I’m international, but I’m more biased to fashion from Europe and Asia (who copies European fashion)

  7. I have to admit i have never worn crocs myself, but they don't even look very comfortable. How did they ever get popular considering they are the ugliest shoes ever made?

  8. I don't really like any of the things above except some slides. Loafers look masculine, crocs look unsexy af, mules and slides look incomplete (I like ankle straps a lot) . I prefer seeing flat or heeled strappy sandals or cute close toed flats. Not a sneakers guy at all, sadly most girls here wear them

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